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    404 Jeffrey and H&H Rifle Ammo price drop

    375 would make a great all around AZ rifle. Love my older Model 70.

    COVID Vaccine Info

    My son had a pacemaker put in back in 2016 when he was 26. AFIB dropped him on the spot while working out at the gym. Thank God they were able to shock him there and Mesa FD was there likety split. By the time he got to Banner Desert they probably shocked him half a dozen times. I was in Sonora Turkey hunting and didn't know until I crossed the border a couple of days later. He spent about 4-5 days in an induced coma before the slowly brought him out of it and a few weeks in the hospital. His heart function has improved from 32 to 37% and I am hoping he can get the vaccine soon.He is 6'2 and 175 and you would never know looking at him he has a heart condition. I am 68 and had the first shot last month and get #2 on Tuesday. Like Creed I never get sick but have some palpatations sometimes at night a couple of times a year. 5'9 195 and drink too much. Kudos to you guys on the wagon. It still amazes me that at this point in time, 12 months after Covid reared it's ugly head, that there are people out there adhearing to conspircey theories and taking it lightly.

    Wife’s 2021 javelina

    Great picture. One of my favorite things to hunt, next to doves.

    A couple AR-10s 4 sale 7.62

    Tim, Are you going to put on a different flash hider?

    Elk archery setup

    Consider this. Oxygen % at Sea Level is 20.1%. At 2000' above Sea Level it is 19.4% and at 10,000' it is 14.3%. Best to try to acclimate yourself once you are up there that high for a day or so before exerting yourself and then have a plan for evacuation if you feel hypoxia coming on.

    Shotgun ammo

    At 50% off it would make it everyday Walmart prices at the time.

    Digital Calipers?

    https://www.msi-viking.com/Mitutoyo_500-196-30_6-Inch_Absolute_Digital_Caliper?gclid=Cj0KCQiAvbiBBhD-ARIsAGM48byqLOdPyiD38SFpLXpMKu3faTACB1SHerW9V12U0u6ABhaKslhkCX0aAgbIEALw_wcB https://www.msi-viking.com/Starrett-EC799A-6150-Electronic-Caliper-0-6-150mm-no-output_p_27151.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAvbiBBhD-ARIsAGM48bwCHgc02jADxb-0LZPj6V-FwrTtWZMo9mhDMbCYu2mF1o4too9QShAaAr7GEALw_wcB

    Shotgun ammo

    Federals have been $5.69 a box forever at Wally world, plus tax.

    Fish habitat plants

    https://buceplant.com/products/najas-indica?variant=305041244173 Check with AZGFD to make sure it isn't considered invasive.
  10. Is Honda still the gold standard?
  11. PRDATR

    Looking for a Rem 700 Magnum action/rifle

    Can you post a picture? How old is "Older".
  12. PRDATR

    Swarovski SLC 8x56B

    Man those are super popular over in Germany and Austria for low light hunting. They gather a ton of light good luck with the sale.
  13. PRDATR


    I think I remember hearing Lance he anneals everytime.
  14. PRDATR

    223 AR

    Classified Ads Follow 79 If you have an item you wish to sell or find related to coues deer hunting, you may post that message here. This forum is not for commercial dealers.
  15. PRDATR

    1st Owner Looking to buy a new 4 Wheeler

    Thanks but I definitley want a Honda.
  16. I would do a head shot using FMJ's but if you shoot it in the chest the hole will be small and easily sewn up while it's green.
  17. PRDATR

    Javelina 20A

    Welcome. I'm not familiar with the area. Are you seeing any tracks? They like to bed under Palo Verde trees especially on ridge tops.
  18. PRDATR

    Aoudad 2021

    How much per pound did they charge you?
  19. PRDATR


    Are you the original owner? If so how long ago did you purchase it?
  20. PRDATR

    1st Owner Looking to buy a new 4 Wheeler

    Thanks for all the input. I am going to get a new one and probably a trailer too. It will be used mostly for hunting at this point but I will probably do some trail riding and figure my son will probably get some use out of it too.
  21. PRDATR

    Anybody work in canopy shade field

    Same here.
  22. PRDATR


    They are a lot of fun to shoot.
  23. PRDATR

    Which Dog Boots?

  24. PRDATR

    ? About les baer

    Is his website still active?