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    Savage 24

    call savage it should fire factory ammo just fine.
  2. roninflag

    Reloading 300 win mag

    the 300 win is one of themost forgiving easy to get accurate load for cartidges. only the .222 and 308 have i found easier. use your 4350 and either wlrm or cci 250 rpimers. try a 168 berger, 168 combined tech balistic tip or some 165 balistictip.
  3. roninflag

    Considering bullet change

    what kind of .257 wm do you shoot?? shoot what ever groups the best at that distance
  4. roninflag

    Feral hogs in Arizona

    if thE HOGS dew so much damage the AZGFD needs to get the word out where they are so they can be harvested. I would like to get one of those under the skinning knife. also with the predators and number of hunters i would think they would be eradicated in short order
  5. roninflag


    very few hunters have taken a bighorn . plenty have bagged a coues.
  6. 69.5 of h-4831 ( lc) 139 horn, nosler brass. 9 1/2 m, cci 250 or wlrm primer. 3200fps. with 140 accu bond drop .1 grain same velocity. use a 215 drop .2 grain of powder
  7. you don't say the model .257. i would use primers other than the 215 if i was not shooting in belwow zero temps. a rem 9 1/2 m or a wlrm cci250. i would use h-4831 and 115 bergers or bal tips.
  8. put a vais on it. wear muffs and puffs.
  9. roninflag

    Opinions needed...New rifle

    i would get a 10 twist kreiger on the 700 . i have one jewell trigger and three shilen triggers. i like the shilen better. the only advantage to the accumark is you can buy one today, no gunsmithing wait.
  10. roninflag

    December Coues Hunt

    real nice buck. what gun and loadink??
  11. i know there are different methods to do well with long shots. one thing that has helped me is shooting in f-class matches. if you go to desertsharpshooters.com there is a schedule. you get to shoot more than one round per year.
  12. roninflag

    Three in December

    loooks like a model 70 featherweight witha lleup scope. 270?
  13. roninflag


    do you have a favorite load for the .284? drive safe.
  14. roninflag

    A great Northern AZ buck

    great buck!! 625 yards is a long shot. what caliber /loading??
  15. you like her better in a swaros and camo underamor than a thong bikini
  16. roninflag

    Need some info Pinetop

    i would think they would be lower. like near vernon
  17. roninflag


    add a muzzle break, trigger job, get a remington senderoadd a leup 6.5X20
  18. roninflag

    New Rifle!!!

    way better off with a 25-06 264 or 7mm rem sendero. a vanguard moa or a weatherby accumark. accuracy , accuracy, accuracy= coues rifle
  19. roninflag

    My December Buck

    what a great buck; great memories ( now), and great friends. what gun and load ? i am curious. thanks roninflag
  20. roninflag

    roninflag's sheep pictures

    DOUG- the 168 was not my first choice, tried 139 horn, 140 part, 14o accubond. they were all good. but not great accuracy. the 168 shot real good groups. had never shot anything but paper with them. but i confidence the bergers would shoot all the way as far as the kenton knobb would go. i had a dead rest on a rock. the ram was in a herd of 40 milling in some trees. quartering away i shot behind the right rib. it went forward and ended up between the left front shoulder and the neck. it did not exit . we did not open the the chest . my impression is you may want to go up a weight with them..... i.e. if you normally to shoot 150"s you may want to shoot 168"s. one shot on a 300 pound ram is a small statistical sample but i am pleased .roninflag
  21. roninflag

    roninflag's sheep pictures

    thanks to bryce for posting the pics. i had my son; DOC PETERS( see the az trophy book he has numerous bear and lion) and jerry herman helping on the scouting and hunt. this came on the heels of 10 days in 12aw. i have done really any "backpacking for 15-20 years .. ....jerry had one pegged the day before the hunt when my son and i went in. he was no where to be found dec1. doctor peters glassed this one updec 1 opening morning; and it took ryan and i 5 plus hours to get there. ryan and fred got some great footage of the hunt and bighorns. i made a good shot 298 yards with a 7mm at around 3 pm opening day.. he went about 10 yards . 168 berger at 2920. had he gone 10 more yards he might have gone like 5-600 down it is vertical and then steep where they live. i can not say enough for fred ryan and jerryand all they did . roninflag
  22. while i know that hunters make everything from a 22-250 to 300 rum work; it seems to me a 257 weatherby accumark with a 6.5Xto20 leup would be optimal for coues. see the cover of the regs with the hunter with the big buck and an accumark. roninflag
  23. roninflag

    dedicated whitetail rifle

    i would like to say i am so "humble" as to have not mentioned the sheep . but i am not sure how to do the pics. pm your e-mailer and i can send some pics. thanks ron
  24. roninflag

    dedicated whitetail rifle

    red rabitt you are in flag?? you shoot a 6.5 wsm?? when i started the post i was thinking of a ready made factory gun. i own and shoot a couple of 6.5-284s but i was thinking that a 6.5 rsum would be interesting especially on a rem 700 titanium action and a krieger barrel. you have virtually what i was thinking of.