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  1. Hey Doug, We are donating a HuntMap for any AZ unit and 2 of our "got Coues?" T-Shirts. I need to send you the gift certificates for these items. What is your mailing address? I will PM you on this too? Thanks again for spearheading this. Its a lot of fun!
  2. huntscout

    X-Mas 2006

    The FX3 Rocks! Make sure you get the rechargeable batteries and they even make a big battery that you can use as an accessory that will get you a lot longer life.... You can usually find a lot better deal on the FX3's on eBay if you are shopping around... Have fun!
  3. huntscout

    2006 Buck

    That is one heck of a buck! Congrats!
  4. huntscout

    Results are posted

    Unit 27 Muzzleloader WT and a Unit 13 Archery Antelope Tag.... I am on cloud nine... this will definitely make waiting for AZ results so much easier....
  5. huntscout

    San Carlos: November hunt

    I will be hunting C on the November hunt so shoot me an email in December and I can fill you in on how it went.... byorksmith@huntscout.com
  6. huntscout

    draw results?

    $270 hit this morning..... I assume that is antelope.... Am I correct? A deer hit would only be $6 and then you buy the license later I believe.... Either way, I have a tag. This will make my AZ results of Not Successful across the board much easier to take.... Good luck to everyone else....
  7. Last year, NM had some muzz hunt tags leftover after the general draw for deer. There still might be time to pick one up this year over there....
  8. huntscout

    Were is hunting going next

    Catch and Release..... Hmmmm! Wonder if they will start a new record book for that? Just when you think you have heard it all, someone comes up with a new one.... Can you picture it? Chuck Adams vs. Cameron Haines in an all out blowout for $100K.... Should be interesting to see how people react to this one...
  9. Bonus Points in CO and waiting on some charges for NV.... Its always fun to hope.......
  10. huntscout

    Arizona bonus points

    Deer - 5 Antelope - 4 Elk - 5 Sheep - 11 Buffalo - 10
  11. huntscout

    Unit 1 Turkey

    Last year the Kettle Holes right above Black River was awesome!
  12. huntscout

    Coues Camps

    2005 Elk Camp..... Same camp we use for Coues Hunting....
  13. huntscout

    Mexico Wood Pile Buck

    I just took the one shot. Should have taken more, but I was too busy thinking about turkeys...
  14. Just got back from Mexico on a Gould's Turkey Hunt. The Vaquero that ran the cattle on the ranch we were hunting had this little ol' rack laying on his wood pile. Neat looking buck. The main beams were practically touching..... Got to love Mexico.....
  15. huntscout

    Mexico Wood Pile Buck

    We were in Sonora, about 5 hours east of Hermosillo. Not sure what he would score exactly, non-typicals are so hard to judge, but I bet he grosses over 130. I am sure the rancher would of sold the rack, but we couldn't legally bring it back across the border so we just had to shoot some pictures and enjoy holding it...
  16. huntscout

    Mexico Wood Pile Buck

    It was tough. There seemed to be only one flock of turkeys on the ranch we were hunting. We worked them hard though and finally connected. I think they were the only two toms that were on the ranch. The neighboring ranches had birds, but we couldn't hunt those.... Once in a lifetime hunt for me. It was a blast.
  17. huntscout

    Big 122" NT buck from 22

    What a buck! Here is a couple live shots of that buck the day it was shot. Glassed him up and snapped a few shots before the rifle hunter made a great shot across the canyon. I had a bow in my hand and a tag in my pocket, but just couldn't compete with that long range thunder stick! Awesome sight though.... better than watching the outdoor channel....
  18. huntscout

    Unit 27

    Scott, I have gotta say... this is the best post I have ever read. ITS BETTER THAN WATCHING THE OUTDOOR CHANNEL! We have seen bucks, does, bears, lions..... whats next? I can't wait.... Looking forward to the conclusion..... Bryan
  19. huntscout

    Whats the San Carlos Scoop?

    Thanks for all the comments... Guess I will just keep saving up for a Mexico hunt... Not sure if I want to play all those games with lines and stuff. ..
  20. So I see on their website that tags will be available on Dec. 29th. Anyone here buy a tag before? Is it a madhouse on that day? Do all the tags sell that morning? I am thinking about doing it and I have heard that this year it will be first-come-first-served like years past and people will be limited to buying 2 tags each. Whats the scoop?
  21. Has anyone heard about a new NT World Record Coues that was accepted by B&C recently? A friend of mine said he talked to a measurer that returned from the panel judging and they just finished scoring a 190+ net buck. I would really like to see the picts of that one...... Just wondering if anyone has heard or seen anything?
  22. Does anyone know what unit the new P&Y World Record was shot in? Harvested by Sergio Orozco in 2001 in Santa Cruz County. Scored 130 1/8 P&Y. Just curious.......
  23. huntscout

    Scout Cameras for Coues?

    Thanks! Awesome site........
  24. Can anyone recommend a good scout camera for Arizona? I have used the Buckshot Tracker over the last year and it doesn't seem to work to well in the heat. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.......
  25. huntscout


    Thanks for the info Arizona Griz. I had heard that it was unit 36a, but that was just a rumor.... I haven't hunted the Patagonias before. Is it good bowhunting country?