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    Docter 15X60

    Have a pair of Docter 15X60 B/GA Nobilem Binoculars for sale. These were my first pair of quality optics. I passed them down to Jr, when I got a pair of Swarovski's, and now he too has some, so we just don't need them anymore. There are no scratches on the glass, or any problems with the binoculars. Only issue would be we used with eye cups folded down,. so if extended back up, theres cracks in them. Package comes with lens cover, tripod mount, carrycase, and manual. Asking $500 for the package.
  2. smerky

    Docter 15X60

  3. smerky

    Docter 15X60

    I purchased it at the same time I bought the optics. Never been off since.
  4. smerky

    better news

    What's the point? That's nature, it's been going on for millions of years. Point is, don't want 'em, don't need 'em, so quit shoving 'em down our throats!
  5. smerky

    Son's 1st X 3

    When they are born, you can't wait to take them out hunting. It starts with Rabbits, then Squirels, then Quail & Dove. On to bigger game such as Coyotes and then their 1st permit. It's finally here. A big game hunt. How did it get here so quick? How is it going by even faster? Enjoy them while you can !!!!! Here's where it starts. This is Frankie with his 1st Coues from the December hunt of last year. This is his first Javelina (Archery) from January of this year. And this is the most recent. His first Elk.
  6. smerky

    New Coues Addict!!

    Congrats!!! That's a nice Buck too. Hopefully he never loses that feeling.
  7. smerky

    First deer hunt a success!!

    Congratulations!!! There really is no better feeling than to be there with your child as they are successfull in their 1st hunt. I know exactly how proud you feel of him and I hope you are there to share in the many more to come.
  8. smerky

    Son's 1st X 3

    Thanks everyone for your positive replys. He's a good kid and is way farther ahead than I was at his age (11). But he's earned everyone of his results. He's right there glassing, climbing, and learning about the game he's persuing. (And practicing his shooting.) Here's the clip of him shooting his Elk. Not the best angle, or even one I'd of taken, but one of the benefits of youth is not having any doubts. He said to me afterwords, "Dad, I knew where I had to put it". And he did!! http://s66.photobucket.com/albums/h278/sme...rent=MOV063.flv
  9. Activity is just as high in 35A, Fort Huachuca or not, they still travel every canyon and wash Here's exactly what he's talking about.
  10. smerky

    Rifle Range around Sierra Vista

    Hey Joe; If you can't get find the range, or can't get in (I don't think it's open everyday), head out Highway 92 to Bisbee. Stay on 92 when you get in town 'till you get to School Terrace Rd. Take it to Bisbee Road and then hang a right. This will lead you to the Warren Ballpark. Turn right at the Ballpark onto Arizona Street. You'll be heading south towards Bisbee Junction and the Airport. As soon as you get out of town (about 1/2 mile from the Ballpark) keep a look for Gold Gulch Rd. You'll want to hang a left there and then about 1/2 to 3/4 mile you'll see the road heading towards the range (it's at the base of the mountain). This one is open everyday. Good luck.
  11. I'm leaving it totally up to my Son, as to what he will shoot or hold out for. Good luck to all you goin' out. I'm leaving work right now, taking my Son out of school, and heading south! IT'S FINALLY TIME !!!!!!!!!
  12. I'm right there with ya. My Son reminded me yesterday, that we leave a week from tomorrow ( Like I needed to be reminded ). I think it's finally hitting him that he's going on his 1st Deer hunt.
  13. smerky

    anyone else having this?

    I'm right there with you Casey. When I was lucky enough to get drawn,I'd write in the day's left, 'till opening day, on the calendar. Everyday I'd do the countdown, over and over again. This year is has a little more meaning to it though. I'm going to be there with my Son on his 1st Deer hunt It's a whole new anticipation!!
  14. az4life One thing to remember if you follow bcoover's advise. Wash them hands! A few years back, me and a couple buddies were out Dove hunting, when I got that urge to purge. I located a place to make my deposit and get back to them birds. After completing my task, I soon realized I hadn't brought any wipes along. I looked around but it was obvious I wasn't going to be able to hold this position much longer. The socks were about the only option available. Off came the tops (quite easily too), and the job was done. Back to the birds. We all met back at the truck later and broke out the food. I was enjoying a sandwich, that one of my buddies brought for us, and thought I kept smelling poop. Finally, I decided it wasn't just my imagination. After a more thourough examination, I noticed what I can only describe as, a tiny waffle pattern of something on my fingers. One quick whiff and,YEP!! It was S#*T !! I've since then tried to make more of an effort of hygene, even while in the field .
  15. Not concidered equiptment, but what I'll be taking new this year will be my Son. He drew an Oct Whitetail tag. This will be his first big game hunt. If he's anything like his dad, he'll be hooked on Coues too. . Now if I can just get him to pass on those little one's...........No, I promised myself I would leave it totally up to him as to what he wants to shoot. Actually, that will be the easy part. The hard part is trying to talk my wife into letting me buy another pair of 15X56 Swarovski's! ( He needs a pair too )