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  1. Sears/Western Field bolt action 30-06. Basic 3-9x Tasco scope. Shoots well, Good condition, but won't win any beauty contests. Killed a lot of deer with it over the years, but it's a duplicate gun for me and I don't need it as much as I need the space in my cabinet. $225.00 For pictures check Tucson Backpage under 30-06. I don't have time to post them.
  2. I'm curious why a vehicle that only has 114k mikes would have a tranny with 60k miles? I'd be kinds pissed if I bought a new high end car and the tranny went out with only 54k miles on it. Unless I'm reading something wrong.
  3. awatson

    cleaning deer - need help please 6A

    I've done both gutless and traditional field-dress and butcher. Ultimately, I'm an old school bone-in, traditional butcher guy. I think gutless leaves a lot of meat on the ground. Almost all of my bone-in cuts go in the crockpot, and come out clean of meat. All those meaty bones left behind are a waste, in my opinion, unless you are in the middle of nowhere, alone and there is no other option but to cut the weight. Whenever I have the opportunity and the means I will butcher bone-in, at my house, at my leisure, after it's aged a week or so in my garage fridge.
  4. Reduced...need this gone this weekend 13'-6" welded Gregor with welded aluminum splash guard. Includes trailer with full sized tires, spare, and transferable permanent tags. Boat and trailer = $950 Also for sale - 8hp Johnson - SOLD It's all on craigslist in Tucson under boats.
  5. NIB, never fired Bushmaster Carbon 15, plus 2 boxes .223, $500 I'll post a picture later, but you could google one up; same thing, since it's brand new. In Tucson EDIT: Came with Red Dot sight, and I forgot I bought an extended clip. I think it's 40 rounds, but can't remember exactly. That's also Included.
  6. awatson

    Bushmaster Carbon 15....SOLD

    Bump....added pictures.
  7. awatson

    Bushmaster Carbon 15....SOLD

    pm sent
  8. How do I edit the title? I had the boat & trailer in one post, and the motor in another, but the boat & trailer post was deleted. It isn't a duplicate. I'm selling the boat separate.
  9. Yessir, we were up there this weekend. I just don't get up there often enough. It's parked in my driveway the other 360 days per year!
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    Try it now. I got mine to go through at 7:40
  11. awatson

    Game and fish website is horrible

    Yep, it's really fast now. It isn't closed. I just did my app, got an authorization # and already shows as a debit to my bank account....all at 7:40
  12. awatson


    Really annoying. I normally just fill out a paper app and drop it off in person. Not like I can't do that right now. But it would save me a trip across town if the website worked as advertised.
  13. awatson


    Total BS. I've been trying to get mine submitted for the past few hours. Get close to the end, only to have it time out or kick me back to the start page. Before it starts, spare me the crap about "you should've put in early", "should've put in a paper app", blah, blah, blah... It's MADE to be able to put in until today. If it worked, it wouldn't be an issue.
  14. awatson

    Black River Closure

    Dang that sucks if it's accurate. I can't find a word about it on their website.
  15. I know the state lands and National Forests all have fire restrictions currently, but I'm headed for a 5 day pack-in, on the Apache side of Black River. Anyone know where to find info on restrictions for the Res? Or if there are any, currently?
  16. awatson

    Fire restrictions on the Reservations?

    Sorry. I meant White Mtn side. North side of the river,.
  17. awatson

    Today Is The Day.....

    What is LARPing and Minecraft? Sounds like someone else might have spent too many days at the Renaissance Festival.
  18. Is it torn up? The picture with it over your car looks like a bunch of gaps above/below driver's door & at passenger side front quarterpanel.
  19. awatson

    Wow 2013

    It's actually the Elite 8....now
  20. awatson

    Draw Question?

    There are no 3rd choice cow tags that get drawn for unit 1, so if you put in for that, great, but they are always all gone in the first / second round. In my opinion, you have an equal choice of getting drawn for either of your first two choices, since you don't have enough bonus points to automatically draw either one. That's called the Luck Of The Draw! I hope it's the Archery tag, and good luck to you!
  21. awatson

    What up with dat??

    A few days ago my card was cancelled through no fault of my own. It was a merchant that contacted Wells Fargo and told them the card info was stolen. So I got a new one last Friday. I would be sooooo pissed off if I was not allowed to use the new card because some random deadline to change the card info had passed. Yesterday, I finally got through to G&F (after an hour on hold, no joke). I was told that they would not and could not change any info at this point, but that if I draw, they are required to place (3) phone calls within a 48 hour period to allow me to give another card for payment. Only after (3) attempts would they then draw another name for that tag.