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    ASU/ Wisconsin

    The refs screwed it up, not the Wisconsin QB. #1) They blew the call dead. The play was OVER. Weather or not the Wisconsin QB dropped it, set it down...Doesn't matter - the play was blown dead. #2) At the point that ASU jumped on the ball, they should've been flagged for DELAY OF GAME. Field goal, end of game, Wisconsin wins. That win will have an astrik next to it. If it is the difference between a bowl game or not for ASU (which is likely, since they should have a 6 win season), that fact should be taken into consideration. Wisconsin was robbed; simply handed a loss by incompetent, or biased home-cooked refereeing. Yeah I despise ASU, but I don't care who is looking at it, those are the facts.
  2. You can go spend a bunch of money, but it's really unnecessary. My Savage model 110 in a .270 works great for anything in Arizona. Killed plenty of elk with it. Right out of the box it's 5.5 lbs, and shoots nice tight groups out to 400 yards (I'm sure farther, but I never tried to shoot farther)
  3. Who is "anonymous" in this thread? Please elaborate; I don't think anyone knows what you're talking about. Everyone who posted here has been here a while.
  4. awatson

    labor day SeaTrout ChollaBay

    That's a nice one! So hit and miss on those. I try every time I go, but only get into 'em every couple years. Cholla bay, right off the point is where I've the most success. Good job!
  5. Legal yes, but it sure sucks when you're mule deer hunting in the flats and quail hunters are running all over the place. The farther you go to get away from them, the closer you get to yet ANOTHER road. Public land isn't the best at times, but it beats paying to hunt like they do in Texas.
  6. awatson

    Lifetime license

    I hear of people getting nailed for falsifying residency. That makes sense, and it probably happens every year. With the "lifetime" thing though, I hold little hope that G&F, or any agency short of the IRS would actually be able to require someone to produce proof of residency and investigate how that lifetime license was obtained 10 - 15 years down the road.
  7. awatson

    Lifetime license

    Wow. Is that correct? Thanks G&F. That would be pretty stupid if it's actually set up that way. If that is correct, it would be too easy for out-of-state cornholes to simply get lifetime licenses without living here, using whatever dummy addresses they needed to, then several years down the road, start applying for hunts. Very difficult to prove where you lived when, years down the road. It would likely be unnecessary to prove anything. I'm way behind the times...USO is probably doing this already. Please tell me I'm wrong.
  8. Whatever junk they sell at Walmart in a 7 - 9 shot is fine (happens to be Federal at the moment), unless you're shooting at the high fliers, then I might occasionally pop in a high brass steel shot #4, if I see 'em soon enough. At least that's the way we do it.
  9. awatson

    A few Elk calls

    Heh, are these used? Not sure I would buy a used mouth diaphragm call....or a used toothbrush either.
  10. awatson

    Camera Theft in the Payson Area

    Been said a million times on here....don't put them in obvious places - like well known water tanks. They'll eventually get taken no matter what unit you're in. It isn't just Payson.
  11. Never heard of welding a shotgun barrel back onto a gun. It wasn't likely attached that way originally. It might be worth your time to figure out how it's actually supposed to be attached, and pursue that before you spark up the MIG!
  12. Pretty marginal around Picacho yesterday and today. Eaked out some limits by late morning, with some jumpshooting after 10:00 am. Nothing like the past several years. Just very few birds and long stretches between.
  13. awatson

    Has Anyone Deer Hunted Mount Lemmon Before?

    It's not a big secret. I squirrel hunt up there but have never hunted deer there. Tons of deer; tons of people too, and a lot of them are the Treehugger types. Go up near the UA observatory and hike in from there. You can get away from people if you work at it. Get down in those canyons, dang few people are willing to put in that effort. Very tough, very steep hiking at 8,500 ft elevation. It will kick your a$$. There are a lot of easier places to hunt deer within an hour drive of Tucson.
  14. awatson

    Baseboard Heaters

    Dang, I'd take it all, but I'm in Tucson. I'm remodeling a rental and ditching an old gas furnace. If you or anyone you know is headed this way, let me know.
  15. awatson

    Opinions on Craigslist problem

    Relist it. Hopefully you didn't give him your home address, and he won't just show up at your house.
  16. awatson

    Early Archery Deer Hunts

    He just told you why. Nothing would noticeably grow in the next week except the antlers. It's your choice not to hunt for two more weeks. Do what you want. I can't see that it matters.
  17. awatson

    Early Archery Deer Hunts

    ^^^ Yep, +1
  18. awatson

    Need Some Pointers

    If the vehicle is off to the side of a road (not on a road), not running, and keys not in the ignition, I wouldn't worry about standing on top of a vehicle as a glassing platform. I think the rule is intended to help eliminate road hunting. This has nothing to do with road hunting; you're simply using the vehicle as a stand to get higher than the surrounding area and glass. If you're really worried about getting cited for that, there is a workaround: set up a 10'-0 stepladder right next to the vehicle and glass off of THAT. It's the same thing, but you can't be cited.
  19. awatson

    FS Bushmaster XM-15

    PM sent
  20. awatson

    Good meat processor

    +1 on doing it yourself. Anyone could do this. I had a book the first time, but there are plenty of DIY videos on Youtube these days. For me, it's like a portion of the hunt; if I let someone else do it, I almost feel like I've missed out. There is nothing more satisfying than processing my own meat. I know exactly how it's handled, I know it's mine, and not mixed with others, and I know I get 100% of it. I made the investment in a cheap ($100) Cabelas grinder 10 years ago and I've never looked back. I actually take a day off work when I get back, and do it while the whole family is out of the house at work/school. An elk takes me all day. Deer, maybe 2/3 of that time. In the field I take elk quarters to the freezer trucks and let them cool it, and store until I go home. We have an extra fridge in the garage that I clean out prior to hunting. When I get back, all the boned out meat goes in the spare fridge, and no worries about anything spoiling. You'd be surprised at how much boned out elk meat an empty full-sized fridge will hold! Easily an entire elk.
  21. awatson

    MSR WindPro Backpaking stove

    Have you sold this? I'm in Tucson and would be interested.
  22. I'll take SoAZ. You just stay in Phoenix, OK? Go North, with everyone else...
  23. Doesn't bother me to head out there; just need to be vigilant. I've seen it a lot worse as far as volume. What Coach describes, I've seen in years past, but it doesn't seem nearly as bad recently. Probably depends on exactly where you are. It's definitely a good idea not to leave stuff unattended in higher traffic areas. I have glassed them up while they were in my camp, with me looking back at them from a mile away.
  24. awatson

    Camera Theft

    +1 ^^^^ That's what is really needed!
  25. awatson

    Starting to panic... Lots of questions!

    Are you talking about coolers for the meat? I wouldn't worry about coolers for the meat, just get the quarters to the refrigerator truck that the processors will have up there. Bivy hunt or not, is up to you, but either way, if you can't get a vehicle to it, I'd cut it into pieces and get them up into trees, skin off & in game bags. After that, you should be fine taking your sweet time getting it out piece by piece, especially that time of year, even if takes a couple day & multiple trips.