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    Will do...thanks busted knuckle!
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    I stand corrected, five different profiles can be programmed...I have only used two. Thanks for the heads up bustedknuckle.
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    Good question, why am I selling...Well, I'm going to throw the money into a new project and it's easier to sell it then explain to the boss why the savings account is missing $1,300.00.
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    $1,200 Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 8.5-25x50mm (30mm) M1

  5. Perfect Condition, crystal clear, high end Leupold Mark 4. Target turrets, 8.5-25x50. Excellent light transmission at dusk and dawn. Tracks perfectly through the elevation and windage rotations out to limit and back to zero. I purchased the scope originally with the mil dot reticle, didn't care for it so sent it back to Leupold and had the scope serviced by the techs and had the TMR reticle installed (Tactical Milling Reticle). I took it out for a weekend shoot a few months back since I got it back from Leupold and it hasn't seen the light of day since. These are $1,749.00 new, so nope...I won't entertain anything less. $1,200 Best, Ric 602-330-4664
  6. On the contrary, I'm very interested in selling you all of the rifles I've sold over the past 6 months or so...just send me a check and I'll be sure to send all the rifles in due time...ha,ha. Merry Christmas bro! Best Ric
  7. Selling my custom Remington 700 in .280 Ackley Improved... (Shoots 7mm bullets...fyi) 1) Remington 700 Action Blue Printed, bolt and lugs trued and lapped 2) Shilen barrel 3) Bell and Carlson Medalist Stock 4) Timney Trigger This is another of my 1,000+ yard rifles that is up for sale... My hunting load shoots .484" groups at 100 yards (see pic). FYI, the Ken Farrell 20 MOA Rail shown in the pic's is not included. Ric 602-330-4664
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    Pic's? Are they the NEU's?
  9. Thanks for the interest in some of the rifles I've had for sale on the forum the past 6 months or so...all have been sold!
  10. Hi TAM, Let me know how that hunt goes...good luck!!!
  11. Ha, ha...trust me, Ashby improved=loss in value!
  12. Actually all of the rifles I had listed have been sold...Merry Christmas! Best, Ric
  13. Actually I sold it a few months ago...thanks for the interest! Best, Ric
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    Honda Quad Repair

    Dean Richardson takes care of my quads and lawnmowers, hes in Mesa off of Val Vista and Southern, super nice guy, 480-593-3287
  15. Hey gaps, you shouldn't be posting today, you should be glassing...post when you kill (ha,ha). Good luck up there bro!
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    WTB Remington 7000 Long Action Stock

    Hey bro, here's another add...not cheap, but a great stock! http://arizona.backpage.com/SportsEquipForSale/1-mcmillan-a-5-remington-700-la-stock-for-sale/24782785 Ric
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    $1,200 Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56 NPR-2 Reticle

    Sold Pending Funds...
  18. Used but not abused Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56 NXS. 10 MOA rotation no zero stop. Glass is perfect, scope casing has a few scratches near the power adjustments but otherwise...in great shape. Illumination works beautifully. $1,200 Best, Ric 602-330-4664
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    Springfield 4.5" XDm in 40 Cal $550.00

    SOLD...Thanks Chris, hope you enjoy it!
  20. Like New Springfield XDM 4.5" in 40 Cal. Total of 78 rounds down the pipe. Comes with all XD Gear: XD Holster, 2 Mags, magazine loader, double magazine pouch, 3 grip extensions, lock, case. $550.00 firm or looking to possibly trade for 5.25 XDm in 40 + Cash. Ric 602-330-4664
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    Wtb hunting bow

    I'd go with the Bowtech Destroyer out of all the options you have so far...just my humble opinion.
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    Springfield 4.5" XDm in 40 Cal $550.00

    Kyle44k, Thanks for the offer, but no...
  23. SirShagalott

    for your consideration

    pm sent for the XDm