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  1. Shane.A.Luke

    Ruger Mark IV Target .22

    PM sent
  2. Shane.A.Luke

    Smith and Wesson Model 686

    How is this not sold in today's frenzy? There was a long line a Sportsman's Warehouse before it opened yesterday. Looked like Black Friday between SW and Costco next door. Good luck with sale
  3. Shane.A.Luke

    Little Brag?

    Great Job! Cool way to remember his trophy.
  4. Shane.A.Luke

    San Carlos apache hunting web page?

    Main page had been hacked for a while. See web address it redirects. you can usually get to sub-pages without redirect.
  5. Shane.A.Luke

    Jr Hunts are a blast

    Nice buck. Congrats!
  6. Shane.A.Luke

    My Kaibab buck

    I hope I find the one doctor to tell me to just go hunt until the day I die. Love the passion to make it happen. Way to enjoy the ride. Congrats!
  7. Shane.A.Luke

    Rut Activity

    Friday 9/27 they were hot IMG_9966.MOV
  8. Shane.A.Luke

    Two beautiful bulls in two years

    My son, Lance, took a beautiful 6x6 (2nd photo) last Friday (9/27) on a muzzleloader hunt. The year prior he took the other 6x6 on an archery hunt. It is great to see a child succeed on a hunt. Lance turns 14 this October 13th. I am so proud of the fine young man he has turned out to be. Memories neither one of us will forget. Proud Dad, Shane Luke
  9. My son took this bull last Friday (9/27) w .50 cal TC Omega 130 grn pyrodex and 250 grn TC shockwave. First shot was at 18 yards. Hit shoulder bone which exploded bullet and bone with no penetration into chest. All he could see was brown fur at 18 yards so I don’t blame him for placement. Bull walked then ran out to 100 yards. He placed a shot mid body directly behind front leg. Perfect double lung, 20 yard death sprint, dead elk down. We found bullet w tip pressed in but otherwise whole in the hide on the opposite side. We may have lost the bull if second shot not taken. Amazed that at 18 yards he could still walk/run although shoulder was gone there was no damage to vital organs. After this hunt, I decided to check out the Barnes to see if I can replicate good shot group.
  10. Shane.A.Luke

    Rut Activity

    True Horn Porn. I think the rut is ON!
  11. Daniel Gradillas In El Mirage Spot-N-Stock Skullz (check Facebook) (623) 986-8357
  12. Shane.A.Luke

    Unit 9 bull archery hunt

    Just wait in town for the herd to cross the road. Good Luck
  13. Shane.A.Luke

    The singing gobblers of south Mexico

    Very cool. Bucket list for sure. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Shane.A.Luke

    Gould's success!

    Congrats. Beautiful birds.
  15. Shane.A.Luke

    Jacob Gets a Turkey

    Nice beard. Congrats!!!
  16. Shane.A.Luke

    First youth turkey

    Nice to see it come together. Congrats!
  17. Shane.A.Luke

    Junior Bird Down!!!

    Great fun. Congrats!!!
  18. Shane.A.Luke

    Turkeys gobbling

    Found a solo gobbler calling Sunday March 31st morning that I called in on S.C. Otherwise just pre-rut flocks with minimal activity.
  19. Shane.A.Luke

    Priced to sell

    I’ll take packframe
  20. Shane.A.Luke

    Youth turkey unit 6b

    Same boat. Tried going in March 23rd all FR Closed. Seemed main roads were dry but even checked ranger website yesterday still closed. Hope it is open for hunt.
  21. Shane.A.Luke

    good news?

    My 13-yo drew a U9 early bull elk muzzleloader tag. Hunt starts right after my 11-yo archery U9 bull elk hunt. September is going to be fun. PS Russia was not engaged to draw these tags. With 12-points myself I’m still more excited to guide these boys. I’ve already been up scouting. Good luck this fall.
  22. Shane.A.Luke

    Swarovski EL 8X32 Field Pro $1500

    PM sent
  23. Shane.A.Luke

    CC Hit (First Elk Hunt) GEAR TIPS

    You don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy the hunt. I get my game bags AKA pillow cases at Goodwill for $0.50 or less on 1/2 day. Harbor freight has tarps and other items. Really no need for camo on rifle hunt. Just warm clothes good boots and comfortable sleeping setup. Again there you can double two cheaper sleeping bags to get awesome comfort vs. expensive one. I use moving blankets from HF on floor and on top of bag in really cold nights. With four boys I had to Improvise otherwise I would be broke. Check out Craigslist and other classified ads. Hunter/Outdoorsman are gear nuts and always selling of stuff at good prices. Here is a screenshot of my meat knive set. Not one over $25 but do awesome job. Guess you could say I am RUNNING Cheap but having fun. But like other posts I own good glass Swarovski 8.5x42 EL (hand hold better than 10s)and 15X56 w tripod for long range. But my boys have Vortex which are great for price. Good luck this fall and enjoy the campfire.
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  25. Shane.A.Luke

    Propane tank Heater

    I have one you can borrow. It is NOT for use indoors or a tent. It goes on bulk tank. PM me and we will meet up