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  1. The Coues

    Market Pig

    Yes it is alot of fun! And yes he is a full bred duroc!
  2. The Coues

    Market Pig

    My pig weighed in at 247lbs yesterday! Come to the fair on september 8 at 5pm and register as a buyer and get a steak dinner! Dinner at 5pm show at 6pm!
  3. The Coues

    Market Pig

    It does not it is up to you where you take it for processing.
  4. The Coues

    Market Pig

    Also as for splitting if you want to come up with a dollar amount for a pig and do that as a team that is fine you will just have to come up with that together I see three people want to split pigs.
  5. The Coues

    Market Pig

    Thank you for all of the posts. Im not sure if yoou all know how the fair works but it sells by the pound and by where the judges rank it. There is grand champion, Reserve champion and so on. The higher the rank the more the pig goes for typically. I was told by one of our judges i had a chance of getting Grand Champion for the SR. class. I do not know what i will get till the fair date. Pigs at our fair go anywhere from $1000-$2500 for grand champion and there are 16 pigs that will be at our fair which is September 6-9. If you have anymore questions as to the fair i will answer them. As for my pig when i got him in April he weighed 70lbs now it weighs about 130-145 and by fair should be about 250 here are some of the pictures of when i got it and today! Sorry for the bad lighting on the pictures. Thank You! When i first got it Today The Coues
  6. The Coues

    Market Pig

    Hello all coues whitetailers!! I am raising a market swine for the 2012 gila county fair and was wondering if anyone was interested in purchasing a pig fromn the fair? If you are interested please PM me and I will send you more information on my pig and keep you updated with pictures and weights. Thanks for your time! The Coues
  7. The Coues

    WTB nice hunting pack

    Go to the badlands website they have classified ads and some pretty good prices!!
  8. The Coues

    Favorite Christmas Song

    Enough Said!!!!
  9. The Coues

    My 2011 Coues.......

    Great job man glad to see you got some luck after all! Congrats on a Great Buck!!
  10. The Coues

    Horse slaughter houses to open again

    We were talking about this in my AG class the other day and I dont see how it is any different than slaughtering a Beef? People say it is different because people think of them as pets but I have many friends who have cows and they are more of pets than a horse, shoot there is even people who have saddled up cows and trained them to ride like a horse. As long as they arent cruel to them I dont care.... But that is just my $0.02!!
  11. The Coues

    Let's see your pumpkins

    HAHAHA that is awesome love the crime scene one!!!
  12. The Coues

    Let's see your pumpkins

    Here are our familys mine is the deer! Sorry not the best pictures.
  13. The Coues

    2011 Archery Bull 4A

    Congratulations on a very nice bull!!
  14. The Coues

    Anybody Yet??

    Someone at my uncles butcher shop killed a 412 7/8 inch bull!!