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    AZ Taxidermists?

    I use Jerry's taxidermy. He is very good. He takes pride in his work and he sends all his capes to a tannery. As far as i know he has never lost a cape either.
  2. Bucks N Bulls

    Sick Coues Doe

    Glad to see G&f did there job. It should be that way every time. Kudos to G&f Dept.
  3. Bucks N Bulls

    Sick Coues Doe

    I would a put her down. Hate to see an animal suffer. I've called G&f before on an animal and waited. Nobody ever showed up. A buddy of mine recently called G&F on a jvelina. The lady at game and fish If it is still there tomarrow we may send someone. Guess what they didn't come the next day either.
  4. Bucks N Bulls

    anyone tried BullsEye Archery Rangefinder download??

    Leupold has an electronic range finder that attaches to your bow called the Vendetta. It only ranges out to 70 yards though. Sells for around $299