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    Long range, starting from scatch

    Update on the T/C Pro Hunter .280 I have a load worked up and identified a quality factory loading. 140 grain Sierra Game Kings netted me 1.5" five shot group at 100 yards using RE-15. This isn't the most powerful loading for this bullet, but it appears to be the most accurate in my gun. It leaves muzzle at 2800 fps and still has 1500 lbs of energy at 300 yards with a 10" drop. I think it will get the job done I have guns that shoot better, but this is good enough and maybe it would shoot better if the shooter could shoot better. Now to push it out to 200 and beyond to get a handle on how to use the BDC in the field.
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    The most constant prank we all pull on each other is to sneak a big rock into someones pack. I am usually the victim having carried may share of granite and limestone around various forests and deserts. There is the one with the biting lizard that I caught onto before I was bit but the best has to be my buddy not completely closing the cap on a water bladder resulting in ice water running down my back in 30 degree weather. Hint: Don't let your buddies near your pack or adjust your gear on the go. Also beware of lizards as some bite.
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    What maps do you Use?

    I have to put a plug in for Delorme's Topo maps and XMap. XMap is a professional program and probably does more than we hunters need. Topo does a good job with the 7.5s and communicates well with Garmin GPS imots. You can even use these programs "live" with a laptop so someone can navigate while you drive. This is very helpful in confusing areas or at night. If you print your maps on water proof paper, you now have a convenient waterproof way to carry maps in 8.5x11 instead of that big rolled or folded 7.5. This year I am going to try using my Iphone in the woods with a Topo app I paid $10.00 for that includes access to all the Topos in the US. In testing it works well; slower, not as accurate as a GPS, poor battery life and not water proof. But oh my that big color screen and real 7.5s. Have fun and good luck,
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    Unit 29

    North slope ofSilver Mountain, Jhus canyon and road hunted over Hands Pass down through Blumberg Canyon. (By the way is there a way to drive close to the Kasper Tunnel and what is left there?) Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    Private land

    The state site is awful at best. Way to slow. Try this one. I think you will find it much better. http://www.geocommunicator.gov/blmMap/Map.jsp?MAP=LAND I don't see how to determine ownership with this sites data. Probably a keyboard chair interface issue, but help me out please.
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    Coach, your post was right on. Thanks for taking the time to craft this response. I trust it was a cathartic for you as it was inspiring for me.
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    Oldie but goodie. Gets better every time.
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    Valley area offroad shops

    I have had work done by Fly-n-High and Desert Rat. Both have set up differentials with traction aids and did a fine job. Fly-n-High had done some fabrication work that is also top notch. I would recommend either.
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    15D Sheep Tag

    You are a member of the ADBSS right?
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    Long range, starting from scatch

    I am dealing with the same question. I have a .340 Weatherby I bought for a Sheep/Bear hunt in AK in '08. It is a fantastic long range gun, but it weighs over 10 lbs, isn't much fun to carry and really rings your bell when you pull the trigger. I really love Weatherbys and will by another, but this time I wanted to do something different with the following objective: 1. Keep costs down (2 kids in college) 2. Single shot to keep me honest 3. BDC scope with ~14 top power 4. Non magnum so I can shoot a lot and not burn up a barrel or the shooter (I believe long range shooting is NOT like riding a bike and you MUST practice regularly or lose the skill) 5. Keep costs down by reloading (I can't beat Weatherby Magnum factory ammunition so why reload for it?) I decided on a Thompson Contender Pro Hunter in .280 Rem. Why? 28" barrel, inexpensive compared to Weatherby, thumb hole stock and ugly (IMHO). With the 28" barrel this gun is shorter than a 24" bolt. Weight is reasonable to carry, but heavy enough for a steady shot. Custom barrels in pretty much any caliber are ~$350 - ~$600 depending on what you want. (New Weatherby Ultra light weight in .280 is ~$1800). Why .280 rem? Not a magnum; better ballistics than a 30-06 or .270; lots of bullet choices in 7mm; not a magnum (did I say that yet) For a scope I debated Nikon, Burris, Zeiss, all with a BDC. However since I already have two Leupolds with their B&C reticle, I thought it best not to confuse my old brain with a different reticle. I also went with an AO just for fun since I have never owned one. VX3 4.5X14 AO B&C. Total money in the gun with scope ~$1,500 and it is still ugly. How does it work? I don't know yet as I am barely into the barrel break in part of the project. It looks promising if the shooter does his part. My desire is a MOA gun I can shoot across canyons in the Chiricahuas at 300 to 500 yards with confidence. Since I got drawn for the Chiricahuas this year I have the motivation to get this project done in time for the late October hunt. Wish me luck.