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  1. I tried to post this under the Garmin sub-form, but am not allowed to. The computer topographic products offered originally by Delorme have been a real boon to back woods trip planning and travel for me. With a GPS hooked to a laptop a navigator is able to track and explore routes live. This is like having Google Maps with full 7.5 quads as the map plus the ability to waypoint and create routs. I have several hundred dollars invested in statewide maps and satellite photography. Recently the six year old Windows 7 laptop I use decided to no longer run Topo 10. Topo 10 is now running just fine on my new Windows 10 laptop and a windows 10 desktop. When exploring this issue I contacted Garmin who purchased Delorme and was told they don't support the Topo products and raster based maps cannot be used in BaseCamp. I believe they want you to buy their topo maps for Basecamp. Unless I don't understand correctly the problem with this is 1) the maps are only available for a $29.99 annual subscription, 2) can't be downloaded to your local machine and 3) are only accessible with an internet connection. I don't know about everyone else but most of my hunt units don't have cellular coverage making this option useless except for creating paper maps and way points to load in a handheld GPS. This is a great loss of functionality to me and I hope i have it wrong. Who as subscribed to the topographic maps with Basecamp and can you download them and use them without an internet connection? Thank you,
  2. Whitesheep

    Bone's in a Canyon

    Cool find, thanks for sharing. Sometimes while hunting you find not what your looking for, but something just as good in a different way.
  3. Whitesheep

    Scale for food, weighing backpacking items etc..

    The postal scale I have used for years goes up to 8 lbs. This is fine for backpacking as no single item you have (including your pack and frame) are likely to weigh more than 8 lb. A scale is really useful as it is so easy to tell yourself "but that extra XXX only weights a few ounces." When you total up all the little luxury items it often comes to lbs.
  4. Whitesheep

    Question about Pop-Up campers

    We popped up and down for years as a young family as far as Montana and on many hunting trips. The Coleman was lifted with heavier duty springs and an angle iron rear bumper. It could go places in this configuration a TT could not and was great in rainy weather, but hanging out over the air sure made it cold on some winter Javalina hunts. If the wind really blew you were about flapped to death. My wife abandoned the popup on several occasions because she couldn't stand the flap flap. We now have a TT and stick to improved fire roads at worst. I use a Cabelas Alaskan Guide tent with a cot for hunting deeper in. No more flap flap and a little warmer to boot. The suggestion to rent one and try it out is solid. Pop ups are definitely more work than a TT, but less than a tent. The type of lift mechanism is important. I think Coleman has the best, but you might like others. Enjoy.
  5. Whitesheep

    Rare sight to start 2017

    If you really care about these animals, join this team: http://www.azantelope.org/. Even if you can't physically help with their projects, the few bucks it costs to join will help continue the good work done by the Foundation.
  6. Whitesheep

    Costly mistake, hunter shoots "-" sheep

    An Alaskan guide told me that the full curl rules in AK for legal sheep have resulted in many mistakes going unreported and then solved with a shovel and tight lips. Good intentions don't mean good results. Hopefully we would all make the right decision even knowing the cost. Cases like this would make that decision very difficult.
  7. Whitesheep

    Costly mistake, hunter shoots "-" sheep

    You should call an ambulance right after you start first aid, then the police and finally the lawyer. Calling your lawyer first would be used against you in court. The fact that this would increase your legal fees is likely why it was suggested by your lawyer "friend" in the first place.
  8. Whitesheep

    Found a small NA Camp

    This is true for good backwoods camping spots as well. If you like it, others likely did as well.
  9. Whitesheep

    Opinions on coolers

    For the price of these high performance coolers why not move on up to one that makes it's own ice like the Engle Swivelhead mentioned? http://www.engelcoolers.com/fridge-freezers/shop-by-fridge-freezer/portable-top-loading If you have one of these you can refill your inexpensive Coleman/Igloo as long as you have power. With solar you could make ice for just about forever.
  10. Whitesheep

    Arizona Border Recon

    Speaking of The Reapers Line I highly recommend the book by Morgan Lee II.
  11. In case this didn't show up in your e-mail please provide comments on this issue to the BLM. The NRA is correct that the anti's will be all over this so we need to do our part. https://www.nraila.org/articles/20161219/arizona-blm-releases-draft-target-shooting-plan-for-sonoran-desert-national-monument Here is what I posted as a comment: As a target shooter, hunter, hiker and camper who takes advantage of the multiple use opportunities provided by the BLM land in Arizona I request that no restrictions on target shooting be added to the Sonoran Desert National Monument. Specifically all current restrictions should be removed and the SDNM should be managed in accordance with the Lower Gila South RMP of 1988. While I understand the desire to stop improper behavior by some citizens, restricting the rights of all citizens is not the answer to the misbehavior of a few. Balanced enforcement along with self-policing will do more than the arbitrary designations of no shooting areas to reduce "trigger trash" and other problems.
  12. Whitesheep

    Opinions on coolers

    I have to agree with Hoss50 on this one. The Coleman I picked up for $65 dollars holds ice as long as the ones mentioned here. It also weighs less and has a smaller exterior for the same interior size. It isn't bear resistant, but that is why the coolers are stored in the truck in bear country.
  13. http://m.wsj.net/video/20161216/121616lion/121616lion_v2_ec664k.mp4 Too bad the actual video of the kill is not included. Nice sized cat to have wondering your neighborhood. It does keep the deer population down. Good thing cats are protected in KA.
  14. Whitesheep

    REI and Free Victim Zones

    The start of a conversation with REI about their new free victim zone at the Paradise Valley store. I'll keep the forum posted.... As I was heading into the Phoenix Store at Paradise Valley Mall to do a little... Hello Marc, Thank you for your e-mail regarding our 'No Weapons Allowed' sign. We are sorry to hear that you were upset by the new signage at our Phoenix store, and we are happy to pass along your feedback and comments to the appropriate department. Have a great day! Karen REI Membership Services www.rei.com / www.rei-outlet.com PO Box 1938, Sumner, WA 98390-0800 Phone: 800-426-4840 Fax: 253-891-2648 Click Here To Email REI. http://www.rei.com/help/feedback/feedback.html#_4 As I was heading into the Phoenix Store at Paradise Valley Mall to do a little Christmas shopping I was confronted with a new "No Weapons Allowed" sign. I promptly turned around and left the store and did my shopping elsewhere. I don't feel safe spending time in free victim zones which is what "gun free zones" actually are. Only law abiding citizens obey such signs. Those with criminal intent by definition don't follow laws. Who are you really protecting? The peer pressure to post such signs from people with good intentions is high I am sure. I do respect a request that those who do carry, do so concealed so as not to alarm shoppers who may not have a good grasp of rights or are hopliphobic. You should note, however, that concealed carry citizens have the lowest rate of crime, even less than police officers. Honestly you, your staff and your other members/customers should feel safer knowing someone might be in your store ready to defend the helpless. Sadly, if you ever need such an upstanding citizen, they will not be available because of your worthless sign. Recall that the Aurora movie killer bypassed several other theaters because the didn't have a no weapons allowed sign. Think about it. As a member/owner I request you think deeply about the danger you are putting your member/customers in with your cardboard sign. Remove it and we will all be safer. Thank you , Marc Cooley Phoenix AZ
  15. Whitesheep

    A Very Superstitious Deer Hunt

    Excellent. It is really nice to ready stories about what happens most of the time to us hunters. We hunt and don't find, but appreciate the experience anyway. The TV shows make it look like you should bag a record book animal every time. I have backpack hunted 24b for Javalina and saw only deer. Rugged place, but beautiful. The lack of ATV's is a real plus. Thank you for sharing.
  16. Whitesheep

    Mud Terrain Tires

    Hey PowellSixO those look nice and even appear to have a three ply sidewall. The snow siping is a bonus as well. Good choice.
  17. Whitesheep

    REI and Free Victim Zones

    I never said appease and as a life member of the NRA and AZCDL such people are not my friends, but why piss them off intentionally? I take any opportunity I can to explain who pays for the wildlife to non-hunters like to see them. Waiving your big black gun in a hoplophobes face will accomplish nothing.
  18. Whitesheep

    REI and Free Victim Zones

    Those guys didn't do us any favors. As I recall they were protesting in Texas that they could not carry a handgun openly, but could a rifle. I agree with their position and this has been fixed. However, I think they caused more harm than good. If you scare a hoplophobe by displaying your big black gun, you just made an enemy we don't need. I like to hide mine and keep the holophobes unaware.
  19. Whitesheep

    REI and Free Victim Zones

    Sure, you can just ignore the sign if your are carrying discretely. Most CC holders have a story about finding themselves "carrying behind the sign" where nothing happened. Regarding REI's reputation I don't disagree. However as fellow people who like the outdoors I don't fully understand why we can't get along. We all value the wilderness and seeing animals. It is just that some of us want to eat them and others just see them. I believe showing non-hunting outdoors advocates, especially wilderness outdoors users that don't hunt, that we have many similar interests is good for the hunting community. It only takes one slob hunter with a bleeding deer strapped to their roof to piss off a non-hunter so much they start supporting anti-hunting groups like the Humane Society when before they just didn't care. If we focus on our mutual values instead of fighting against each other the future of hunting and wilderness access will be better for us all.
  20. Whitesheep

    Mud Terrain Tires

    Personally I would not run mudders on a daily driver, but for a mostly dedicated hunt/trail rig they can't be beat. Goodyear's have been, well, good to me, but no mud tire on a 3/4 ton truck that sees use is going to last long if daily driven from my experience.
  21. Whitesheep

    REI and Free Victim Zones

    Actually if the sign is of the proper type here in AZ ignoring it is breaking the law. Remember the store, in Vermont I believe, where a CC who was shopping ignored a similar sign, stopped a shooter intent on mass murder before he could do any real damage, but is being prosecuted by the store owners for breaking the law. Something about being tried by 12 vs. carried by 6 still fits.
  22. Whitesheep

    REI and Free Victim Zones

    Hi CatfishKev, Yes, it has been stated publicly that the Aurora shooter passed other more rights friendly theaters that were closer to his home. Here is a quote to a Fox News article with the link to the whole article at the end: So why did the killer pick the Cinemark theater? You might think that it was the one closest to the killer’s apartment. Or, that it was the one with the largest audience. Yet, neither explanation is right. Instead, out of all the movie theaters within 20 minutes of his apartment showing the new Batman movie that night, it was the only one where guns were banned. In Colorado, individuals with permits can carry concealed handgun in most malls, stores, movie theaters, and restaurants. But private businesses can determine whether permit holders can carry guns on their private property. http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/09/10/did-colorado-shooter-single-out-cinemark-theater.html Choose the venues you patronize with care
  23. Whitesheep

    Trailer to tow a F350 with?

    Can we agree he should have bought a RAM?
  24. Whitesheep

    Why is this not talked about?

    It's coming. Roll more ammo....
  25. Whitesheep

    freezer type

    Personally I like a chest freezer for most of the reasons mentioned, but one more. My family will cover any flat exposed surface in my garage with stuff and stuff. The fact that they have to get in the freezer to get meat means it stays clear most of the time. Therefore it makes a great alternative workbench since the "real" workbench is covered with stuff. When I need to work on my truck or car I have a place for tools and parts now. Yes, I have tried "stealth stuff" and other tactics outside of electrifying the bench, but storing meat in the "work bench" is the best solution so far.