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    Son’s first Elk

    Opening day my son got it done. It was about 0725 when Seth spotted 4 elk about 600yards out. And would you know it we were right in the middle of a clearing totally exposed. We both took a knee and wait to see when they were going to do. Luck must have been on our side as the 4 elk (3cows 1bull ) started to run toward us. They were closing the gap fast. In about 4 minutes they were right on top of us. My son asked if I could make them stop so I tried a cow call; they took 3 more steps and stopped. As soon as she stopped my boy let the 140gr fly and it hit its spot. After she fell I ranged her to see just how far of a shot it was lol it was a whole 27yards .
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    7 East/west

    My son got a Cow during the youth hunt. Saw some nice Bulls while we were there. cant wait for the Nov hunt we have 2 tag to fill.
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    Show me where Ive said you would loss weight eating like a fat butt?
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    I would love to see your research on this 98%... maybe for the 20-30 age group but even then I would bet its much higher. Im not arguing for against the Keto diet , everyone is different and will have different results. Im only give people another resource to help them.
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    For the 98% of people it is calories. Those thyroid or hormone problems are not the norm. Lots of studies compared all the diet fabs together in a 3-6 month period and they all end up almost identical. The one thing they all had in common................yep.......calories deficit. Lots of people do just fine with keto and get used to it but all athletes say the same thing or have this in common is that once they get off keto they notice an increase in strength and recovery. So why lose full potential of strength, recovery, lose weight the same, give up on pizza, bread, pasta is crazy to me!! But in the end if you like it go for it.
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    First off my wife doesn't make anything if you come in to the office or not. There are many problems someone might have as to why they are gaining weight, to name a few Thyroid or hormone problems. And I'm sorry but your lack of calories isn't going to help with those problems. Everyone has different issues. But I'm sure you all have this all under control i mean your all on a weight loss thread. LMAO
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    Elk Tags Arrived !!

    Had to send my sons tag back to get fixed. It came in with my name on it.. I asked game and fish if this means i get 2 tags this year, they didn't think that was to funny.
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    Badger skull back

    Looks awesome!! What taxidermist did you use?
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    For all you know it all's, keep doing what you are doing. I'm sure you are fit as can be. For the ones who would like to understand their body and weight loss Contact my wife at Life Style Spectrum she's the practice manager and the Dr. Frank Comstock is awesome. There is a lot more involved in being heathy/ weight loss then just the way you eat. Life Style Spectrum 520-547-2820
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    Yes , yes it did! You can’t eat solid carbohydrates and expect to lose weight. If you take in protein and healthy fats only you will lose weight . And that what the Keto diet promotes . You can believe what you want to believe but I have seen the results.
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    i lost 40lbs on the Keto diet ...
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    Healthy recipes?

    Not sure if you guys are on Facebook or not but my wife is the manager at Lifestyle Spectrum. They are a health and wellness office here in Tucson. On their Facebook page they have weekly healthy recipes. Most of them are really good and very healthy. I've lost 40lbs flowing their diet in the last 6 months. The recipes on Facebook are free so check it out.
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    1 Day!!!

    1 youth Cow tag 7W 2 Bull tags 7W LIFE IS GOOD
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    Card Hit

    Looks like my Son drew his first elk tag..
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    Card Hit

    Yes sir youth tag 7W here we come.......
  17. I've ordered several times, and talked to the customer rep about this. They just don't want people reselling the products and making money on the discounted price. They want you to tell eligible people about the program heck you can google it, Its on the internet for the world to see.. And as for the price anyone that can subtract 40% off the MSRP will know the price. This is why they made a referral program. "The Referral program allows you to accrue 5% of any order total placed by any LEO/Military personnel you refer to us, which you can then use toward any future purchase you make with Vortex Optics. There is no limit on the amount you can accrue, and so long as each new referral lists your name and ZIP code on their order form, we will automatically apply it to your account." http://partners.vortexoptics.com/?request=mille
  18. Look at page 2 there is a referral program.
  19. Attached is the order form. For all you LEO's. 2016 MIL-LEO VORTEX.pdf
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    Card Hit - 2016 style

    This thread is proof that ELK hunters don’t have a life outside of ELK season.
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    Card Hit - 2016 style

  22. Good way to start out the new year.
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    First set of 2016

    55gr VMAX did the job today.
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    Spring results on portal!

    Looks like 34A for me..
  25. 36Bjunkie

    Spring results on portal!

    Mine show deer also.. and I know my card got hit...