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  1. lefty

    It's Official!!!

    your name will be next to mine in the books I also have one that scores 113 5/8 ha ha
  2. are those 150 or 180 grain scirocco's or both if they are 150 I am interested if gun buyer doesn't buy them
  3. lefty

    San Carlos

    heard a rumor there isn't going to be a draw this year
  4. lefty

    No Burn Days

    burn baby burn!
  5. lefty

    1965 400+ bull Elk

    it's funny people can say that about pictures ''that's not a 400 inch bull, that's not a 100 inch buck, that's not a 10lb. bass'' give me a break that thing is huge! if measured in 1965 wouldn't it have been the world record?
  6. lefty

    My Dad's Sheep

    184 that's a toad! what unit ?
  7. awesome buck,nice job!
  8. lefty


    great job,nice buck!
  9. lefty

    my son's first antelope

    hey c'n's we shot this one north and west of where we saw you guys probably a mile or 2, thanks everyone for the kind reply's!
  10. my son shot his first antelope about 9:30 on opening morning. i get more excited watching him hunt than i do if it's me doing the shooting, it's awesome! we saw a few other bucks and each one i would let him look at through the spotter and let him decide if he wanted to go after it or not.he couldn't take it anymore and said "i want that one" so i said let's go. after sneaking through some cedars we got within 250 yards and got the bipod set up. i told him to take his time and squeeze, boom! i saw a puff of hair fly in the air,heard the whack! and down he went! it was an awesome experience,antelope has to be one of the funnest animals to hunt!
  11. lefty

    My Bride and her buck **UPDATED***LOL

    me and my son were across from a big opening from you guys opening morning. i was in a white shirt i saw you guys over there with your dog. that is a nice goat your wife got,congrats! my son shot a mid 70's buck a couple hours after seeing you guys
  12. so is it unit a,b,c or the secret unit ha ha just messin with you if you don't want to say.
  13. lefty

    youth hunt in baghdad

    hey don i got your flyer in the mail and although we won't be needing a guide, you really have this hunt at a good price for the juniors and it sounds like you guys really know 18b !
  14. lefty

    Rifle bipods

    i have a harris, mine is tall enough that you can use it sitting down,works great
  15. is that unit A ?it looks familiar
  16. lefty

    youth hunt in baghdad

    ya my son has a pig tag too. that same year he shot his deer he shot a pig too it was awesome.there was a nice buck with the 2 point he shot but my son didn't have the patience to wait for him to come out from behind a tree. we will be in a brown dodge,see you up there and good luck
  17. lefty

    youth hunt in baghdad

    a few years ago my son had this tag and he killed a 2 point. we were in the bozarth mesa area. he drew it again this year, it seems like a pretty good area for deer. he didn't happen to draw a pig tag that is at the same time did he?
  18. lefty

    Elk 22 S

    try city creek or south of the golf course or by round valley, have seen them by the barnhart trail, but more elk up toward payson
  19. lefty


    i know 3 people that drew sheep tags 2 of them had 24bs and n as first choice and the other had 42 i believe, not sure of 2nd choices
  20. lefty

    Game and fish website is horrible

    the website wasn't horrible a week ago or two weeks ago or three weeks ago, you snooze, you lose
  21. lefty

    3 rifles for sale

    #1 winchester model 70 .270 no scope rings or bases, the stud at the front of the stock stripped out and is missing otherwise in great shape, hasn't been shot in probably 15 years. $300 #2 marlin model 883 .22mag bought this gun probably 20 years ago and just never use it $150 #3 chipmunk .22 long or short rifle singleshot great first gun for a child $ 75
  22. lefty

    3 rifles for sale

    all guns are sold and picked up, thanks guys!
  23. lefty

    3 rifles for sale

    all guns are spoken for, if sales fall through i will go to the next in line,thanks
  24. lefty

    3 rifles for sale

    talked to levers on phone , sent hoghntr a p.m.
  25. lefty

    remington nylon 66

    selling 2 nylon 66's mohawk brown, new, never shot with original boxes one has paperwork, the other doesn't. the boxes say scope included but there is no scopes not sure what my dad did with them. not sure of the year they were made i'm guessing early '80's still has the smitty's price tags on boxes. can give serial #'s if needed. asking $300 each obo ?