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  1. lefty

    remington nylon 66

    both are sold! thanks 1uglydude, he responded just minutes after posting
  2. lefty

    remington nylon 66

    north peoria
  3. lefty

    Results are Up!!!

    wife drew 5b rifle antelope, hopefully i can talk her into signing it over to my son !
  4. the best way is to get on a hunting forum and say that you just drew a tag for this unit that you've never set foot in and you would like some hot spots. ha ha ha
  5. lefty

    They are starting to hit CC

    either myself my wife or my son are going antelope hunting this year!
  6. lefty

    savage model 11 22-250

    selling my savage model 11 22-250 topped with a 3x9 bushnell scope and sling $350 obo p.m. with interest or ?'s thanks jason
  7. lefty

    savage model 11 22-250

    gun is sold!
  8. lefty

    savage model 11 22-250

    p.m.'s sent thanks
  9. lefty

    Cal. Question

    my son shot his bull at 11yrs old with a .270 w/ a muzzlebreak
  10. lefty

    Minimum age to build points

    my dad thought the same thing about building points for my son when he was born,but it doesn't work they have to be 10
  11. lefty

    Paying for a San Carlos Tag

    dude i'm not sure what your deal is with the rez? some people have the money and choose to do it, just like some people go to mexico. just because you spend alot of $$ doesn't guarantee you anything.a guy at my work has been to mexico twice and doesn't have a 100 '' buck. did he have a good time and see new country and alot of deer, you bet. like hoss said, it is a longer season, alot less pressure and some great country, but you still have to work for it. i think from now on i'm going to pick up leftover tags down south, there must be 100'' bucks under every cedar tree down there ha ha
  12. lefty

    .410 pump, 22-250

    bump, the 410 is spf, still have the 22-250 how about $400
  13. lefty

    .410 pump, 22-250

    selling my sons mossberg .410 pump, nice little shotgun for a youth. he has grown into a 20 gauge. will throw in 1-2 boxes of shells whatever he has left. asking $200 savage model 11 22-250 with a 3x9 bushnell and sling asking $ 425 i live in peoria,p.m. me with any ?'s or if interested. thanks, jason
  14. lefty

    Which side of slopes now?

    a couple weeks ago i glassed up a herd piled up under a cedar tree on a south facing slope at about 10 a.m. i was surprised they weren't up yet because it was pretty warm for this time of year
  15. lefty

    Now, the waiting game........

    i hear if you put in at the very last second you will get drawn because your app.will be on the top of the pile
  16. lefty

    2014 pigs?

    shot my pig saturday morning in unit 18b. 10 yard shot i haven't hunted archery pig in about 15 years,forgot how fun it is!
  17. lefty

    How many animals have you harvested in Arizona

    5 mule deer 7 coues deer 4 elk 3 antelope 25 javalina 3 bears 1 desert bighorn 1 buffalo 1 mountain lion 1 turkey just waiting for that rocky mountain sheep tag
  18. i just got my paper deer tag from wally world, what a cheap pain in the a$$. want you to carry a sandwich bag and a twist tie or thread what a joke !
  19. arrows are sold. still have the carhartt, the heavier cabelas jacket and the ski pants
  20. .22 rifle that comes apart,barrel and everything fits into the stock asking $75 youth beman carbon arrows they say 40lbs. max on them 24'' long $10 youth large under armour jacket fits a 9-11yr. old $25 youth m(10-12) carhartt jacket like new fits 9-11 yr. old asking $30 youth lrg. cabelas sweat shirt fits 9-11 yr. old asking $15 youth medium cabelas insulated jacket fits 9-10 yr old asking $25 kids ski pants smaller one is a size 4 probably fits a 4-5 yr. old other is a size 8 fits a 8-10 yr old $20 each p.m. me if interested or have questions thanks, jason
  21. i have had 3 hunts on the san carlos rez. the first hunt was a jan. tag back in '99 and i killed a big 2 point, saw a ton of deer , my buddy killed a 3x3 that would;ve been a 100'' buck had not been broken. back then i think the tag was $900. then we bought a late nov. tag i'm gonna guess around '03 and it sucked, neither one of us killed a buck. in '08 i had a tag and killed a 120''buck the action that year was insane rutting activity everywhere, bucks everywhere.one morning i saw 22 different bucks.tag was $1500 i think. there are some giants there and what is nice is knowing that when you're going hunting there that there aren't 800 other people competing with you on the same hunt and that there weren't 3 hunts with 1 ,000's of permits ahead of your hunt.for someone to say it's EASY to kill a 100'' buck on any hunt i'd have to say you're crazy, it takes doing your homework and having a little luck on your side. if i could budget the $2000 in my situation i would definately buy another tag it is a great experience.
  22. under armour jacket and cabelas sweat shirt are spoken for
  23. lefty

    Still Crying

    you just lost your man card for those hearts ha ha
  24. lefty

    San Carlos D Tag

    i hunted d-west a few years back and was disappointed.didn't see many deer at all and no good bucks,i'm sure they are there but we didn't find them, we went onto the rez over by winkleman and hunted that southwest corner.