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    glad you named him after me! ha ha, that's an awesome deer
  2. lefty

    Unit 21 coues tag

    my son has the same tag, have had this hunt before and usually find deer in the same spots year after year, he shot a real nice one last year it's in the youth section of the forums somewhere
  3. lefty

    300 weatherby mag

    bump $1100 obo
  4. lefty

    300 weatherby mag

    mark 5 300 weatherby mag, made in germany in great condition comes with a 4x weatherby scope and a 3x9 weatherby premier scope asking $1500 obo, i'm posting this for a co-worker so if interested pm me and i can give you his phone # thanks
  5. lefty

    300 weatherby mag

    bump $1300 obo
  6. lefty


    that,s what i noticed. walmart
  7. lefty

    300 weatherby mag

    bump price drop to $1400 obo, he is not firm on the price so if interested make an offer
  8. lefty

    Where am I (9/9/16)

  9. lefty

    What unit are we in, hmmm?

    i'll say 19a also
  10. lefty

    Where is this?

    that looks like red butte in unit 9 in the background
  11. south phoenix= cheap housing and authentic mexican food
  12. i don't understand #3 on your list, nothing wrong with stopping on the road glassing and finding a buck a mile out and then puting on a stock
  13. lefty

    Free ammo!

    ya that is cool, they do that with the rifle strip and kaibab tags
  14. lefty

    What was your most memorable Az Hunt

    although i've killed a ton of stuff over the years my best memory is seeing my ten year old son shoot his first javelina on opening day and then waking up the very next morning and watching him shoot his first mule deer
  15. lefty

    Alamo Lake Elk Hunt

    here's some sound advice, leave the rifle at home and take some fishing poles. the fishing will be alot better than trying to hunt elk in the middle of the desert
  16. 1. mossberg .270 rifle with built in muzzlebreak, this was my sons rifle that he has moved on from, it shoots great with little kick topped with a nikon 4.5x14 scope with millidots, only thing is the front part of stock where your sling or bipod would connect got messed up, i tried sanding it off and puting a metal stud in but didn't work...see picture. asking $200 obo 2. howa model 1500 22-250 topped with a 3x9 nikon prostaff scope shoots great, used to shoot the crap outta prairie dogs with this gun asking $375 obo 3. remington 700 muzzleloader topped with a 3x9 leupold vx2 scope this thing shoots great, it has killed an elk and antelope, it shoots the caps not primers and comes with a bunch of extras, heavy duty ramrod, pyrodex pellets, caps , cleaning solvent, sabbots everything you need to go hunting. asking $250 obo
  17. lefty

    couple of rifles and a muzzleloader

    all guns are spf to couesdeer and wrk2hnt if stuff falls through will contact next in line, thanks
  18. lefty

    couple of rifles and a muzzleloader

    it shoots 120 grains of pyrodex pellets with 250 grain barnes expander mz sabbots excellent, 3 shots almost touching at 100 yards
  19. lefty

    Answer your posts.

    how about a piss and moan forum so i don't ever have to waste my time reading stuff like this
  20. lefty

    Which coues is bigger

    dead one is bigger
  21. lefty

    Who's in?

    now for the next two days we get to here people complain about how the system is crashing when trying to apply....quit waiting till the last minute, it happens every year, and then the g&f will extend the deadline and people will complain about that too....and i'm on here now complaining about the complainers
  22. lefty

    Spot the deer

    just to the left of the live tree in the middle,looks like a bedded buck. i like these find the deer things too!
  23. lefty

    Draw Help??

    i'm 40 years old and am going to have to get my 14 year old son to explain that math equation to me