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  1. did a little post Christmas closet cleaning and don't use these items anymore, most where won in a youth raffle at the aes banquet several years ago and hardly used and are in excellent shape. pm if interested thanks 1. Nikon laser 600 compact rangefinder asking sold 2. bushnell yardage pro 600 asking $40 obo 3. badlands youth backpack *sold* 4. bushnell 3x9x40 scope with milidots*sold* 5. alpen 10x42 binos*sold*
  2. Selling these for my cousin so if interested p m me and I'll give you his phone #.swarovski 10x42 $800 S&w model 29-2 44 mag 8" barrel $700
  3. only thing left is the bushnell rangefinder $40
  4. nice meeting you too, it is a small world ha ha
  5. lefty

    Muzzle Break

    +1 on the vais, i have one on my 300 rum
  6. Ttt had a lot of interest but no sale yet on rangefinders...price lowered again
  7. hey matt i will forward your #to him thanks
  8. lefty

    antelope bonus points

    You never know,me and my wife have drawn multiple times, I don't think I've ever had more than 10
  9. binos are sold,pistol still for sale and he's not firm on that price either
  10. he said they're about 15 years old and have recently been sent back to swarovski for new lense covers and outside re-armored, also that 44 mag has a laser scope on it kinda hard to tell exactly in that picture
  11. Backpack,scope and binos are sold.......still have both rangefinders
  12. lefty

    5.5 weeks

    ya what's the deal with the regs?
  13. they need to decrease the tags to 40-50 or it's going to get ruined just like unit 10's elk with all those early rifle tags
  14. lefty

    Son's first coues

    My son was able to shoot his first coues deer last Friday evening. I glassed him up about 3/4 of a mile away and we snuck to 240 yards.after about 20 minutes the buck got up and my son let the air outta him.might be a while before he tops this one.taxidermist taped him at 100" even