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  1. lefty

    I need help unit 13b

    go through vegas, high speed freeway the whole way, maybe we'll see you up there, my wife has this tag too
  2. lefty

    Son's first coues

    thanks for all the kind comments guys!
  3. lefty


    still have both boxes of ammo and scope. will take $30 for scope and $25 for 300 rum ammo still at $15 for 270wsm ammo
  4. lefty


    cleaning out my safe and getting rid of some stuff I don't need or use anymore luger 22 pistol with holster $100 bushnell 3x9 scope with millidots $40 partial box of 270 wsm barnes 140 gr tsx bt 14 shells and 6 empty brass $15 partial box 300 rum 180 gr scirocco bonded 15 shells no empty brass $30 brand new knife set with sheath knives have aes emblem on them $30 pm me if interested, I live in north peoria
  5. lefty


    pistol and knives are spoken for pending funds, sent cactus jack a pm about 270 wsm ammo
  6. lefty

    food dehydrator

    spf thanks
  7. lefty

    food dehydrator

    asking $40, haven't used it in a while, works great for making jerky. I live in north Peoria, thanks
  8. lefty

    food dehydrator

    $20 ? anyone? my wife wants it out of the pantry
  9. lefty

    cookshack smoker

    smoker is sold
  10. lefty

    cookshack smoker

    i'm selling my cookshack electric smoker. in great condition and works great. comes with meat probe and cover. this thing was $500+ brand new. asking $250 obo
  11. lefty

    cookshack smoker

    $200 obo
  12. lefty

    cookshack smoker

    N W Peoria, lake pleasant pkwy. and deer valley rd.
  13. i killed a sow on mount graham back in 2000 that g&f aged at 23 years
  14. lefty

    13B outfitters

    my wife drew 13b also but we're doing it ourselves. I had the tag 5 years ago and had a good experience with clay bundy. several people on here drew the strip and I know 3 other people not on here that drew...crazy
  15. lefty

    Results are Up!!!

    my wife drew 13b rifle
  16. lefty

    Bighorn sheep tag

    my friend had a tag in one of these units last year and took a 170 + ram. he went guided. from what I have heard this is no cakewalk.
  17. lefty

    Draw results

    if you post pics you might sell the results faster
  18. lefty

    Card hit!

    either me or my wife drew rifle strip, my son drew youth 21 and 20b
  19. so I have 24 bonus points and am wondering how many more years it will take to draw a rocky tag. there are something like 400 and something people with more points than me but I am assuming most of those people are putting in for desert. is there any way to get an estimate on how many of those point holders are putting in for rocky and how long it might take me to draw?
  20. like ronin said, buy a small game permit or recreation pemit, whatever. look for slopes with a lot of prickly pear cactus. they need to have fruit on them. if they don't have fruit then look up higher in the acorns and see if the acorns made this year. right now the fruit will be green but will be turning red/purple in a month or so. the fruit is like candy to them, they love it
  21. thanks for the good info guys. I've waited this long,whats another 10-15 years ha ha
  22. lefty

    zeiss 15x60 binoculars

    someone just stole those! holy cow
  23. lefty

    Beware of Sonoran Outfitters!

    I just got an email from these clowns saying they just got 2 more sheep tags but have to use them by april 5th and are wanting $39,000 for each tag and expect to kill a 140-160 class ram. how are these guys still around ?
  24. my advice would be to avoid both d units. there are some good bucks in there but for the most part those 2 units are tougher than a,b, or c. my favorite is a, good luck!