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  1. wklman

    ruger old model single six

    Sounds good. Wouldn't mind selling both to the same person.
  2. The ruger is single fed threw a side latch on the right side. The acp feeds fine and shoot great.
  3. wklman

    ruger old model single six

    Not looking for any right now as I'm buying a piece of land in Minnesota and looking for cash.
  4. wklman

    ruger old model single six

  5. wklman

    vhitavouri N560 powder

    $25.00 a pound.
  6. $400.00 for the rifle and $475.00 for everything.
  7. Not sure on the round count because I bought it used and have put about 100 rounds threw it. The lands look sharp and aren't worn bad. I don't have a scale but it's got a little heft to it. Maybe 8 lbs by itself.
  8. wklman

    vhitavouri N560 powder

    I'm in the tucson area.
  9. I'm in the tucson area.
  10. wklman

    ruger old model single six

    I'm in the tucson area.
  11. wklman

    vhitavouri N560 powder

    Oops! N560
  12. wklman

    WTB 15 inch AR15 forearm

    I'd try buds. They usually have the cheapest prices on a lot ar parts.
  13. Thanks for the offer casey but I don't get up to casa grande very often. Appreciate you asking though.
  14. You wouldn't be coming to Tucson anytime soon? I'd buy the tac if you were.
  15. wklman

    Spring results

    Yep, same with me but there's 373 tags left for my 1st Choice. Thank you az g and f.
  16. wklman

    Spring results on portal!

    Can't believe I didn't get my first choice (34a-37a archery) but I'll take my second (36a,b,and c). Time to hit some old stomping grounds.
  17. wklman

    AES 10 Canyon coolers

    Make that 23
  18. wklman

    WTS ammo

    Prices aren't bad at all. If you were closer to Tucson I'd be buying some .22 from you.
  19. wklman

    Looking for a Vortex or Leupold

    I've got a leupold firedot in 3-9 power and love it for coyotes. Good luck looking for one.
  20. wklman

    New Ruger LC9S 9mm $300

    Also you need a copy (email or paper)of the ffl where it's going to to show when you ship it.
  21. wklman

    New Ruger LC9S 9mm $300

    All wrong. You can ship it from a private party to an ffl when selling it and when shipping it back to manufacture you can use ups as well. The only thing is you have to send pistols via ups air (next/or second day). This is from the horses mouth as it is my employment.