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  1. RodinAZ

    Couple of Youth Bows-Sold

    I'll take the Diamond.
  2. Listing for SIL. Very nice mid size truck with 10,700 miles, excellent condition. No accidents and clear title. She is asking $19,000 PM if interested and I'll send you her contact info.
  3. RodinAZ

    Youth training

    So both my boys drew youth elk tags in October, luckily same unit, ha. Both boys have been successful on deer and javelina and my 14 year has gotten an elk. I was lucky growing up in Iowa and was able to shoot year round du
  4. RodinAZ

    WTB: Hodgdon Varget Powder

    I've got an 8lg jug in Chandler, $200
  5. RodinAZ

    Rock River AR 223. SOLD

    Like new AR Varmint chambered in 223. It had a 24'' barrel and I had it cut down to 20'' and had it fluted to reduce some weight. The result is a well balanced AR and is a tack driver with 50 and 55 gr. Vmax. I also had the NM 2 stage trigger smoothed. This is a well cared for shooter that is in like new condition. Comes with box, manual and one magazine. FTF south Chandler May consider trade for quality 6.5 hunting rifle. 700.00
  6. RodinAZ

    Rock River AR 223. SOLD

    Thanks 5alive. This has been sold. Sorry for delay, couldn't login till now.
  7. RodinAZ

    Rock River AR 223. SOLD

    Yes, 1 in 12
  8. How much for 7mm Berger hunt boolits?
  9. RodinAZ

    17 Rem RCBS die and scope rings

    Dies SPF One set of rings SPF
  10. RodinAZ

    Pay it forward - I will start

    Like new hunting jacket size 14. Ftf in s Chandler
  11. RodinAZ

    Hornady 270 Win brass NEW

    New box of 50 Hornady unprimed case $30 ftf in Chandler
  12. RodinAZ


    I got a PM from him as well saying he has a friend with dies I was looking for. Steer clear
  13. RodinAZ

    WTB 270 Winchester die set

    Just bought the rifle, seeing if someone has a set of RCBS full length die set for 270 Win. Thank you
  14. Found one, thank you TIA
  15. RodinAZ

    Looking for LH 270 win. For son

    Thanks for the replies, I ended up with the Ruger from Jayr125
  16. RodinAZ

    Gas money

    Great job. What is the going rate for good Coyote pelts now days?
  17. RodinAZ

    Looking for LH 270 win. For son

    Thanks Ghost, looking into it
  18. RodinAZ

    WTB AR15

    I've got a S&W M&P 15 300 Blackout and Rock river AR with Fluted heavy barrel in 223. Let me know if you need any more I fo or pics
  19. RodinAZ

    AKC standard poodle puppies

    Do you have pics of the parents?
  20. RodinAZ

    Looking for LH 270 win. For son

    Thanks, wanting 270 caliber since I've got brass and many bullets
  21. Any interest in a high end AR10?
  22. RodinAZ

    Official Official Hit Thread

    My two boys drew youth tags, gonna be fun prepping them and new gear for their hunts
  23. RodinAZ

    Reloading stuff for sale

    2 bags #9 shot and 1 mostly full bag of 6.5, $40 each 20 ga. Wads and 20 ga. Hulls $35 Approx 500 once fired LC 7.62 brass $40 Meet in Chandler
  24. Like new Mega Arms monolithic build with 20” -10” twist medium contour barrel with adjustable gas block, Lantac muzzle brake. Both upper and lowers are billet, stainless BCG and VLTOR mod stock. This has been to the range exactly twice, runs flawless and shot well while breaking in barrel. Comes with barrel wrench. NIGHTFORCE SCOPE OR RINGS NOT INCLUDED Looking to trade for...quality 7mm Mag rifle, handguns, youth compound bow, aluminum 14’ two axle trailer. Cash is king and would like $2000 or combo trade and cash.