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  1. bowhunter4life

    What number is max. bonus points?

    I'm in that range, but I think it is 50 points.
  2. bowhunter4life

    I declined a goulds tag that was surrendered

    Great call for sure, I am shocked 21 points does not put you in the top 20%? You waited close to 10 years another year is a breeze!
  3. bowhunter4life

    2019 Bear Age Results Posted

    I am not sure how accurate the measuring is? How can you have a boar that they state is two years old with a 18" P&Y skull?
  4. bowhunter4life

    Lost AZ Gold

    Incredible story!
  5. bowhunter4life

    FREE Polaris ranger lift kit

    Still available?
  6. bowhunter4life

    FREE Polaris ranger lift kit

    If still available, PM sent
  7. bowhunter4life

    Prayer my son Enoch

    Prayers and Asking God for complete healing!
  8. bowhunter4life

    71 yrs old with 19 bonus points, what unit for a Bull

    Look at the 22s muzzleloader...
  9. bowhunter4life

    2020 pigs

    What it is all about.... getting them shot opportunities, well done!
  10. bowhunter4life

    Cabela's pellet smoker

    where you located, interested
  11. bowhunter4life

    Shot a nice buck in 38M can't find it.....argh please help

    What was the issue?
  12. bowhunter4life

    Pre boil brain removal tip

    WOW, that was great!!!!
  13. bowhunter4life

    Draw odds

    Thank you, yes and correct!
  14. bowhunter4life

    Draw odds

    That crazy so 15 max pool?
  15. bowhunter4life

    Draw odds

    When I log into Toprut, it shows 2017 odds. Is the following odds being given from 2018? Looking at 13 and 14 for unit 9.