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  1. bowhunter4life

    2019 Bull Elk Hunts in the Book (Part 1)

    Absolutely incredible, well done and congrats!
  2. So cool, the only way, DIY,on your terms and your hard work and dedication. Pulling for you!
  3. bowhunter4life

    SOLD - Thank you. Polaris wheels and tires $150

    What is the bolt spacing, I have the 2014 and think they would be the same.
  4. bowhunter4life

    FREE Elk seminar

    Just reminder this Tuesday July 16th is Christian Hunters of America largest event, the elk seminar with lots of items being available to win. https://e.givesmart.com/events/d1w/
  5. bowhunter4life

    CHA FRee ek seminar

    Come see Ralph Ramos from New Mexico, talk elk hunting with Corky Richardson and lot of giveaways!
  6. bowhunter4life

    RIP GameHauler

    oh man, I just saw him at Home Depot within the last year. Plus years ago he owned a RV shop and did some work for me. A great guy! Prayers for the family!
  7. bowhunter4life

    Velvet Bulls

    Woowee, great bull, thanks for sharing!
  8. bowhunter4life

    Brandon's Taxidermy

    Great guy, quality professional work and also involved in donations for hunting organizations.
  9. bowhunter4life

    Meopta 12x (cabelas instinct euro HD) $1000

    Amazing glass for the money!
  10. bowhunter4life

    Cabela's Euro HD 10x42. $720

    Me too, I use 10x42- 12x15 and 15x56, For the money, they are amazing glass for the $$$. The spotter is next on my list!
  11. bowhunter4life

    Javelina #20

    So, So cool. They are so much fun for bowhunters! Not to many with 20, well done!
  12. bowhunter4life

    Javelina tags needed for lady vet hunt!!!

    We are having a silent auction for a Javelina Shoulder Mount donated by Frank James Artistry. You can place your bid(s) at our upcoming Javelina Hunting Seminar on Tuesday, Jan 15 (info below) and will also being taking text or called in bids starting now up to noon on January 15, 2019. If you want to text or call in a bid for the Javelina Should Mount please text or call in your bid to 602-309-3430. Check out Frank James Artistry on Facebook. Special thank you to Doug, he donated two javelina shoulder mounts. One for Tuesday javelina seminar and the other for February javelina mentor camp. The javelina seminar shoulder mount will be under silent auction and given away at the end of the seminar.
  13. bowhunter4life

    Javelina tags needed for lady vet hunt!!!

    Ed, If you know of some herds, I am sure we can make it happen. Even though the camp location would be hour drive away. We would love to have you in camp! Mike
  14. bowhunter4life

    Javelina tags needed for lady vet hunt!!!

    Beaton, Your welcome to join us we can always use help with glassers and mentors! Mike Flyer-CHA Mentored Javelin Hunt-8.5 x 11.pdf
  15. bowhunter4life

    Javelina tags needed for lady vet hunt!!!

    Please see below for the units needed, as CHA is the host organization. CHA will be hosting our annual Mentored Javelina Hunt in February and we are currently working with the AZ Elk Society - Heros Rising Outdoors/Hunts for Heros program to have five female wounded warriors in our camp. This will require five permit holders for the general javelina season in unit(s) 19A, 20A or 21 to donate there tags for the wounded warriors. (Hunt date: 2/22/19 - 2/24/19. Hunt #s 5006,5008 & 5011) CHA has been able to donate many tags to this awesome program in the past and we are hoping that some of you that have tags would be willing to give them up to support these incredible ladies that put their lives on the line and were injured serving our country.