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  1. bowhunter4life

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    Also- this is only for hunters/ guides who are hunting those water sources- AZGFD only has authority for hunting oversight- All other individuals are free to do so for their enjoyment without concern (as long as not hunting or helping someone). My question is how will this play out... Lots of infighting, accusations and increased theft do to those who believe they never should see another camera on a water source. Its going to get crazy!
  2. bowhunter4life

    Mom fighting for her life with Covid 19

    Praying friend!
  3. bowhunter4life

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    Those that do not care, so what you are saying is you are okay with taking away a hunting method hunters use? Just wait until your new president takes away your firearm's through taxation and other methods . I know a few bowhunters would not mind if Biden did as they are against long range shooting as they deem it unethical and not fair chase. Its interesting AZGFD is using fair chase as the driving force to ban cameras. The point is- unless all hunters support each other and stand in unity- we will keep loosing what we love to do! For the guides abusing cameras- remember they are all managed through azgfd and they collect $$$ every year from them- if they were really the concern why would they not correct the issue through the guide licenses?
  4. bowhunter4life

    Bowhunter4life in Eastmans

    Thank you sir- I was shocked when they accepted my story! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  5. bowhunter4life

    Anyone know someone who makes wedding cakes?

    My wife has amazing friend who does everything cakes and incredible wedding cakes. Tell her Kristin send you cake.docx
  6. Thanks for sharing as always and it's always amazing to think back in the day- how we found deer with only strap bino and being hand held. I bet next year you find him! What a buck to end up with too!
  7. bowhunter4life

    Who hear is a leader/boss?

    Listen- Be consistent- be who you are to everyone- listen some more- see both perspectives from management and employees- never blame others- Listen some more- give credit when due- Hold accountable when due- Listen some more-Be honest and forthright- Never allow rumors to proceed, and address them even if its tough to do- Always be willing to do the work and help as needed as the lowest employee duties...Plus a bunch more..
  8. bowhunter4life

    Remember the 80s in Phoenix

    An amazing time to grow up in Phoenix!
  9. bowhunter4life

    ISO: Hornady 143 ELD-X 6.5 bullets

    I am also looking if anyone sees them in stock- it showed out of stock. Looking for 5 boxes as mine were discontinued.
  10. bowhunter4life

    Youth cow unit 22 help

    Absolutely Fantastic! Glad it all worked out!
  11. bowhunter4life

    Youth success

    Hey- hey hey!! Congrats and also so amazing he had the golden ticket and won the new tripod and bino! Great meeting you in camp! God is good!
  12. bowhunter4life

    Tips for finding bucks in 36B

    Glass the thickest draws in the shady slopes. Be still sitting & glassing between 10-3 when they are active.
  13. bowhunter4life

    Interesting #.. thought they were banned

    😎 Why ban cameras? It's another hunting tool just like using high end glass on a tripod. 😎
  14. bowhunter4life

    Dear Arizona Game & Fish,

    No- you still can only harvest one deer species per year- just like turkey or sheep or any other big game except javelina.
  15. bowhunter4life

    Dear Arizona Game & Fish,

    The following is everyone's top brainstormed ideas in my opinion whom I believe would have a valid opportunity for changes? Thinking..... What if the coueswhitetail group selected a top 10 that has realistic Commission power to vote on and approve. This list would need to be sent to the open public hearing notice and a group of individuals to attend the commission meeting to present the hunters perspective changes. -More officers and better enforcement. -Serial poachers should never be able to hunt again. 3 strikes and you are out. -More in person hunters safety classes, and make hunters safety or some kind of conservation class a requirement to hunt big game. The class should include info about staying on open roads, firearm safety, common courtesy, ethics, etc. -Leave the BP system alone. Nothing is better. The old guys waiting 20 years for tags is a choice. They know the game, and chose to play it. Having a shot at drawing any tag at any time with the current system is what makes it fun.  -Archery only sheep tags! -Make the application process less redundant. Why do we have to list our personal information every time we apply for a different species? Other states have figured out how to do this why can't we?  -When applying for hunts, given the option of listing a 2nd credit or debit card in case the first card is rejected. -The archery deer hunts that you must get drawn for should be placed with the elk/antelope draw. This will allow the successful applicants have time to schedule time off work, scout, search for a guide etc. -up front for once in a lifetime hunts, also something where your ineligible to draw until you've bought a bonus pt for a few consecutive years. Nothing worse then someone first year applying for sheep because its only 13 dollars drawing a tag when you have other die hards who haven't missed a application there whole life who won't ever have more then a 1 % chance -Stiffer penalties for game violations. Not talking about the honest mistakes. But the serial poachers or even 2nd time offenders need more than a slap on the wrist. There should not be a third time. -Separate bonus points for coues and mule deer. (Like sheep, turkey) For youth hunts, tags- My only suggestion for the once in lifetime Sheep and Buffalo as there are long list of lifetime hunters waiting on their opportunity. Make it for 18 and older- I think sometimes at such a young age- they do not fully appreciate what they have. But saying that I know of a young man Parker who is the exception! Mike