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  1. I had the archery 9 tag in 2019. Was there cameras- Absolutely! Did I have any conflicts as per the camera in fighting as suggested not all! In fact- I made a few new fiends through trail cameras at these popular trick tanks. I only had one person with me during the hunt and was the time of my life with taking a great bull through dedication through hunting solo.
  2. So new guys join in with very little history and a few post as members and start bashing old Sir Royal......Wow, sad and not the Coueswhitetail way! The question is what did AZGFD do before Dec 4, 5-0 vote to start the complete ban?? Not hearsay- 2nd or 3rd person removed assumptions... Please share a link of any such items as the reopening of an emergency rule making to solve the critical public safety concern to maintain trail cameras! Again specific use of trail cameras for public advisement in 2018-2019 or 2020 up until December 4th. Such as public education- ethics- fair chase use of cameras- roles & responsibilities- solve conflicts at water sources and hunter interactions- disturbance of wildlife- photos of others- damage or thief's- selling of cam images- and even our few high profile units when to many cameras being used- per an individuals liking.
  3. bowhunter4life

    6.5 Creedmoor ammo for trade

    I would love to have the 120 Amax- these were discontinued and my turret is set for these and down to under a box. PM sent
  4. bowhunter4life

    Trail camera rule changes!

    2021.02.19 Agenda (003).pdf Looks like the vote is in 2 weeks???? Request to Approve a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Amending Articles 1. Definitions and General Provisions, Article 2. Licenses; Permits, Stamps; Tags, and 3. Taking and Handling of Wildlife. Presenter: Larry Phoenix, FOR3 Regional Supervisor. The Department will ask the Commission to vote to approve a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Economic Impact Statement to initiate rulemaking to amend rules within Article 1. Definitions and General Provisions, Article 2. Licenses; Permits, Stamps; Tags, and 3. Taking and Handling of Wildlife, related to the use of game cameras.
  5. bowhunter4life

    Wife and I doubled yesterday

    So respect the duo of team Husband and Wife hunting together!! Well done!
  6. bowhunter4life

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    Let your voices be heard through emails to each commissioner and rulemaking emails as they will become official documentation. I have heard their will be a number of public records request after the February deadline of the 30 day open comment period. This will bring factual data of true numbers for and against the complete proposed ban. Rulemaking@azgfd.gov AZGFD
  7. bowhunter4life

    Over the counter tags

    You might want to do a public record request- this way you will get all of 2019 & 2020 resident and non resident OTC deer tag number to compare.
  8. bowhunter4life

    Over the counter tags

    This is a great idea and should be presented at a commission meting
  9. bowhunter4life

    Over the counter tags

    The results from the uptick from Covid getting outdoors! But the more hunters= huge $$$$ from out of state hunters. Would think at some point- more closed half seasons....
  10. bowhunter4life

    Looking for 6.5 creedmore hornandy 143 eldx bullets

    I saw Cabela's had 20 plus boxes two days ago. but not reload- factory
  11. bowhunter4life

    Camera Poll

    Don't forget 1/4 mile rule for archery hunters, lion hunting in summer months, Organized predator hunts for prizes new multi unit lion harvest agenda- once met- season closed Paper applications for our older generations :+) Plus others
  12. bowhunter4life

    Camera Poll

    Crazy as dry end May- Sept
  13. bowhunter4life

    There will always be Cameras on water!

    Understand completely- the current poll is either a complete ban or a partial ban with options. But we know as of last Friday- the commission moved forward with a complete ban. So hunters have two options for a complete ban or a not a ban. It will be up to the department if they decide on an alternative ban as the second option they presented. What is interesting is a hunters poll was launch yesterday - there is 2,950 and counting have voted not to have a complete ban of trail cameras. It appears there are huge numbers of concerned Arizona hunters who are very concerned by loosing this means. http://chng.it/fKQC6FwXsX