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  1. bowhunter4life

    10' x 5' open custom trailer

    TTT- lots of tire kickers
  2. bowhunter4life

    10' x 5' open custom trailer

    Bought new years ago and custom build for 2- quads and side access with extended front and sides to allow the toolbox and longer hitch arm. Overall length- 5' x 10' inside- outside width 78" and length from gate to front 16'--- $1800
  3. bowhunter4life

    Ebike for sale 2K

    Have the following used bike in near new condition ready to sell as sitting in the garage. Great bike to access them closed roads.
  4. bowhunter4life

    Cabela's Euro 15 x 56 $1200

    Have a pair of great glass in mint condition, sitting in the safe for a few years and ready to part with. These are high quality glass made by Meopta. Have a pair of 10x42 also for $1000
  5. bowhunter4life

    CHA Ek Seminar

    Free Elk Seminar and family event.
  6. bowhunter4life

    34B Antelope

    Dry sit water, agreed, horse decoys are incredible. PM sent
  7. bowhunter4life

    EBike for sale

    Sorry for delay, Correct Dale the creator of the GraveDigger Broadhead and Owner of Evolution Outdoors, the Hyde and Jekel Broadheads. Custom built 30 or so of these for hunters to expand their access. CHA raffled off two of them in the past year and a half. You're welcome to check it out if you are in the Cabela's area.
  8. bowhunter4life

    EBike for sale

    I have the following ebike that I bought and is about a year old. It is an incredible bike, but with my daughter's wedding, selling a few items. This was a raffle in the past, but the meme shows what the Bike is. 3K or best offer, located in Glendale.
  9. bowhunter4life

    Carbon fiber arrow / broadhead question

    I have never had something like this happen. I have shot the Easton axis for 15 years without issue on lots of critters. Shooting 62 pounds, 340 weight with 100 grain head.
  10. bowhunter4life

    3 for 3 in 20C **UPDATED WITH VIDEO**

    Well done- Love it its why we do what we do!
  11. bowhunter4life

    Learning Taxidermy

    Looks fantastic and now you have a skill to leave a legacy within all the mounts you do! Well done!
  12. bowhunter4life

    Free Wedding Crap (Decorations)

    Super fantastic, I'm in process for my daughter and you just blessed someone with incredible items to save a bunch $$$ - well done!!
  13. bowhunter4life

    Happy Birthday Hog Hunter!

    ugggg... where does the time go! Missed!
  14. bowhunter4life

    2022 35a Goulds Turkey

    What a hunt and opportunity! I am looking forward to my Gould's tag someday! Yes, you will be well taken care of with CutNstrut! Congrats!
  15. CHA started podcasting last year and had Commissioner Davis on to discuss the Big Bo, unit 10 private access, 48 hour-flying rule and lion, bear hunting. For those of you that enjoy listening to podcast. The Christian Hunters of America Podcast (podbean.com)