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  1. grunt

    New muzzleloader... Need help!!!

    Call Luke at arrowhead precision. Hes a super nice guy and will help you out. He helped me out a ton.
  2. grunt

    S&B PMII 5-20×50 Ultra Short

    That rifle is bad to the bone!
  3. Benchmaster shooting rest needs front bag $30obo Reloading bench/table. Thing is rock solid. Included is rockchucker press and dillon press. I dont know anything about the Dillon but it is for pistol cartridges I believe and I dont have any pieces besides what you see. Barrel vice not included. Located in Verde Valley Greg J (928) 301-9439
  4. grunt

    Shooting/relaoding equipment for sale

    Table presses sold to Tac
  5. grunt

    Shooting/relaoding equipment for sale

    $125 obo for table/presses
  6. Savage 338 Lapua 110 FCP. XLR Evolution with upgraded buttstock, palm rest, and 5in picattiny rail. Comes with AI magazine in pictures(fits 3.70in). 100yd group in picture. Shot some better some worse.~230 rounds thru. Interested buyers welcome to come shoot it with me. Located in Cornville/Verde Valley. $1300obo Greg J. (928) 301-9439 Scope and bipod not included. Included with sale is bottom metal from original hs precision stock
  7. Enjoy! Nothing like sending 300gr slugs down range.
  8. Willing to part out. Barreled action and bottom metal>$600obo. Xlr industries evolution/pic rail>$600obo
  9. Possibly. Wanting a lightweight rifle. All my stuff is heavy.
  10. Almost half the price of what's into this. I'll throw in some ammo for you to take home.
  11. If you have any interest throw out an offer. I understand this isn't a high demand item
  12. grunt

    Exo 3500 pack

    Exo 3500 pack for sale.2016 model I believe. Has sewn in lid. Hasn't been used much at all. Never hauled meat. Comes with small and medium(installed) belts and 2 belt pouches. $350obo. Located in cornville/verde valley Greg J (928) 301-9439
  13. grunt

    Exo 3500 pack

    Sold to Cahunter805
  14. grunt

    Exo 3500 pack

    Sale pending. Island boy next
  15. grunt

    Tried to film my coues hunt....

    Cool video thanks. Congrats
  16. grunt

    Colorado trip

    Congrats Joe! That coues is ridiculous
  17. grunt

    Remington 700 build parts

    Darn. I was looking for something quick and convenient. Thank you
  18. grunt

    Remington 700 build parts

    What's the specs on the recoil lug? Your in camp Verde right?
  19. grunt

    Savage 338 lapua

    Try 300 smk and h1000. Magic combo for my fcp
  20. grunt

    111 Savage 7MM

    Just made a load for friends rifle. 168 berger classic hunter and h1000. Excellent velocity/spread. Work up to max load safely because this rifle liked it maxed out. Typical with that powder or retumbo. He had enough room to fit vlds in the magazine but classic hunters aren't so finicky and the bc is darn good. Good luck
  21. grunt

    2014 DIY unit 9 archery bull elk

    Awesome bull!
  22. grunt

    My unit 9 bull **New pictures and story added**

    Congrats. Great story!