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    Prime Rib?

    Question? Would you sear the meat if your using a smoker? Ok, one more, is the internal temp of 120-125 the final desired temp, or is 120 allowing for carry over cooking to about 140? I'm going to smoke one this year, and appreciate all the great information shared!
  2. If it's the tall I'll take it. Pm sent.
  3. couesntime

    RL-22.. For sale

    Just curious if anyone has excess powder they might want to sell? Thanks.
  4. couesntime

    Remington 870 Express Magnum 20ga & Ammo PRICE DROP $220

    I'll take it! I'm in Payson.
  5. couesntime

    It finally happened!!!

    Nice work R! That buck is something sweet!
  6. couesntime

    Couple of this years shed hunting trips + First Dead Head

    Nice finds, and I love your dogs expression in pic 1!
  7. Let me start by saying that I have been an avid archery hunter through my hunting life. I have a .300 weatherby that I would like to get shooting well around the 400-600 yard arena. I have spent some time getting the action and barrel bedded, along with floating the barrel and getting the factory trigger down to 2lbs. I'm now trying to figure out what might be a good starting point for bullet type and grain. I drew a late rifle elk tag this year (pretty exciting), but would also like to stick with one load that I could potentially use for deer as we'll. A little history about the gun would include me shooting no farther than 300 yards with an old Leupold scope and using Remington 180 gr. corelokt ammo. I have recently done some previously mentioned work to the gun as well as mounting a new vortex scope. So all you knowledgable weatherby rifle guys let me know what has worked for you and or your 2 cents. Thanks
  8. couesntime

    .300 weatherby round recommendations.

    Thanks ronin, sounds like I have some shooting and cleaning, and some shooting and cleaning to do. I appreciate the input, I was just hoping that there were some loads that tend to work better than others. By the way, it's a vanguard model.
  9. couesntime

    .300 weatherby round recommendations.

    Looking at factory loads for now. Thanks for the advice STOMP, if I get into hand loading I will definitely consider that. 429mike, are the 180 grain accubonds you speak of from weatherby or another company? Ronin flag, the scope is a vortex viper 6-24x50 and factory loads... I stated the rest I believe. Thanks!
  10. couesntime

    Remington 870 express 20 gauge

    I'll take it. I'm in Payson. Let me know what your thinking. Do you have chokes for it?
  11. couesntime

    Take a look

    I was burglarized yesterday between 10 am and noon in payson. If anybody sees the following items, please contact me. .40 s/w military and police 2pair of smith sunglasses Fossil watch with yellow face 2 gray 2gig iPods Sony cool pic camera 4 hand held radios(2black and 2 camo) 4boxes .300 whetherby ammo 180 grain 2 boxes .40 ammo Hand held video camera Small mountable video camera I know it's a long shot, but thought I would reach out to fellow cwt'ers. Thanks.
  12. couesntime

    Take a look

    I do have the serial #on the pistol and gave that info to the police. Thanks.
  13. I did some after market work on my truck. I no longer need/want the bumper or the leveling kit and suspension parts. All parts are in good condition. I pulled the leveling kit off the truck at 25 K miles, and the bumper came off at 30K miles just for an idea of how new these items are! Make an offer on any or all parts, and help me get them out of my garage. Almost free!!! The only thing the bumper does not come with are the fog lights, fyi.
  14. Im curious what you think this is? I have pics of elk from the same morning but this pic showed up later in the day. It just doesnt seem to be any part of an elk. I was thinking bear...What are your thoughts?
  15. couesntime

    Toyota Tundra factory bumper and leveling kit!!

    2010... Forgot to mention that.
  16. couesntime

    Good Turkey Round

    Try this out. I recommend like many others, the #4 with a long range choke! Good luck. turkeytarget1.pdf
  17. Cool footage. I've seen grown men not be able to sit that still! He will remember that forever.
  18. couesntime

    Bino covers

    What style of bino cover(chest pack style) do you like and why? Just curious what works for everyone. And if you have one used that would fit some 15s, let me know. Thanks.
  19. couesntime

    Bino covers

    Thanks guys, much appreciated!
  20. couesntime

    Backpacks and hunting gear.

    Is the bottom middle item a bino cover that goes on the chest? If so how would some 10x50s Swarovskis fit?
  21. couesntime

    Muzzy Deer tag!

    Muzzy mule deer in NM this year! At least I drew something. Tough past 6 years.. Good luck to everyone!
  22. couesntime

    Who's buying?

    why are the buyers so secretive.... wouldn't you want the public to know the information and get more business? Maybe Im missing something.
  23. couesntime


    I recieved 2 points this year!
  24. couesntime

    dead head

    Found this guy after walking around a little bit this weekend. It took about 15 minutes of moving rocks and debris out of the way to actually get it free. The skull was buried up to the pedicles and the g1 and g2s were barely visible! pretty sheltered drainage, so Im guessing it has been there for a couple years. At least long enough to have no hide or hair! All the other bones were above the drainage about 40 yds.