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    Unit 16 NM deer?

    Im just curious if any of those lucky elk hunters in the gila are seeing mule deer? NE part? Im not looking for spots to hunt, just general information. My ol' man and I go the same spot and have a good time. We tag out every 3rd tag or so! Ha Ha. I got a muzzy hunt at the end of Oct. Thanks.
  2. couesntime

    Richard Spragues archery bull

    O my, gotta love that mass!
  3. couesntime

    Best Tacoma 3" Lift

    I had a 03 tacoma for 8 yrs. I loved that truck, it went any where I took it. I put a leveling kit on the front end and added a leaf to the rear end. pretty inexpensive. The back is tight, but can take some weight before sagging. Works great for wood hauling. You wont get the fancy 33in tires, but it still looks great! I sold mine last year and went with a tundra! 6in lift with 35, 12.5,18! Now thats a truck.
  4. couesntime

    My Colorado Mule Deer

    Sweet buck! Now you have me nervous about power belt bullets. I just got my smoke pole dialed in for a Oct. hunt in NM. With any luck I will post pics of a buck with a hole through him and a tag on his horns! Good job.
  5. couesntime

    2012 Velvet nap!

    Thanks everyone for the kind responses! I have a slight obsession with these beautiful creatures (as most would probably say on this site). Size does not matter for me, however some day a 90incher or so would be awesome!
  6. couesntime

    What is this?

    Thanks for the input. I was thinking bear as well. It is kind of weird that this was the only pic of the mysterous bear.
  7. couesntime

    What is this?

    My bad, I forgot to attach the pic!
  8. couesntime

    Elk Calves are on the ground

    I was out running my dog in unit 22 yesterday when my dog came running back at me with a cow hot on her trail. The cow stopped at 10 ft. from us when I stood up and then ran about 30 yds stopped and turned around again. The cow slowly made her way back to us barking like crazy. The wind was howling, so Im pretty sure the cow could not smell me. The cow just milled around for about 10 minutes barking and pacing. Im pretty sure she had a calf on the other side of the hill and was doing her best to get the "coyote" away from her calf. I wish I had my camera, this would have been some sweet footage!
  9. couesntime

    Draw Results?

    16 muzzy deer with the ol' man!
  10. couesntime

    New mexico spring turkey

    Headed to the gila on the 18th! going to meet my dad for 5 days. Been going to the same spot for about 20 yrs now. Between me and the ol man, we have taken prolly 15 turkeys from a 5 mile radius of our honey hole. With any luck, I will post some pics when I get back. Good luck spring gobblearo hunters!
  11. 0800 a coyote came through my area and I decided to put the HOYTin on her at 28yds! I took her back to the truck and then got back in my stand. I was just curious if any of you have input as to whether or not this will effect my area? This was the first coyote I have shot and Im not very familar with the possible repercussions. Thanks.
  12. couesntime

    Shot a coyote off my main deer trail today

    Thanks for the input. I actually had deer doing the same thing they usually do today. Honestly, I missed the buck I have been after this morning... thanks to a branch I did not think was in the way! As soon as I missed the buck, he turned and ran about 30yds and looked down hill and to my surprise there was a doe there. He immediately began following her around, unfortunately she went in a different direction. Thats alright, there are still 2 more on the hit list. With any luck, I will be able to post some pics soon. Good luck to all on the last 2 weeks. My 2 cents says it is only going to get better!
  13. couesntime

    Shawn's 1st Buck..early hunt ....101'

    Sweet 1st buck! That last pic looks like a different deer with the view of that right G2. Good job...
  14. couesntime

    WHat does he score?

    79ish. Sweet buck with no eye guards.
  15. couesntime

    Unit 33 Monster Buck

    you have got to enter that pic into a contest! Congrats, that is meat in the freezer.
  16. couesntime

    My 2nd coues buck

    89in. Either way, sweet buck!
  17. couesntime

    2 first bucks

    Second buck is very unique. Awesome job with the kids.
  18. couesntime

    bustin your tail versus easier locations

    Dont drive past good deer areas tryin to find good deer areas!
  19. couesntime

    This post is for the dogs

    Here is Roxy! She is a husky/shepard mix I picked up from an adoptathon. This is my first dog, and she goes everywhere I can take her. She loves turkeys, sheds, snow, and any body of water she can get into.
  20. couesntime

    Indian Ruins

    your on it azslim!
  21. couesntime

    Being patient after the shot....

    My first archery bull was taken last year in NM. It was the first afternoon, and I called in a small 6x6 with 3 cows. He left his cows to come over and check things out. He was walking more or less straight at me. When he got to 9yds and went behind a tree, I drew, the bull must have seen my shadow. He then turned and ran to about 22yds and stopped behind another tree with his head totally hidden. I had a perfect broadside shot, and took it. when the arrow took off, he spooked at the noise and ducked. I ended up hitting him high and back without a pass through. My buddy had it all on film, so we sat there and watched it a couple times. After about an hr wait and determining that I probably still hit both lungs high, we took up the trail. There was very little blood, but excellent hoof marks. We followed for about an hr. and I was ready to call it off for the night when I saw something through my binos. It was my bull laying there dead. We snuck up, and determined he waa done, but not after 4-500yds of tracking with a high double lung shot. The arrow broke a rib on the off side and bounced back into the bull, when I got up to him only the broadhead was still in the bull. What a relief, considering I got to excited on a bull I shot 2 yrs prior with a good blood trail and just kept bumping him until I could no longer track blood or prints.(I learned a ton from this experience). Take a look at the entry spot. great info from everybody, I will surely be thinking about this topic in Jan. Good luck to everyone!
  22. couesntime

    Indian Ruins

    Not sure where Pueblo canyon is, so to answer your question nope. They are by the res boundary on the Tonto NF.
  23. couesntime

    Indian Ruins

    these pics are from unit 23. It is very interesting to me how the natives would inhabit some of these sites. very cool topic!
  24. couesntime


    I was turkey hunting in the gila with a friend of mine that had never been hunting before. I have been going to the same place for 15 plus years at the time. We know just about everyone that hunts the area. It is kinda like a family reunion. It was the first afternoon of the hunt, and I take my buddy to the top of a ridge to listen and call just before dark to see if it is where we want to be in the morning. We sat there for about 1/2hr, when we heard a 4 wheeler coming closer and closer. The 4 wheeler stopped just out of sight from us and turned the bike off. I peeked around the corner and noticed it was Bruce (a guy I knew very well), I went back to my buddy and said this could get interesting. So with about an hour left of light, bruce starting making some hen yelps. I waited a minute, and with my voice made my best gobble. Bruce again did some yelping, again I gobbled. Bruce grabbed his gun off the rack and did an Elmer Fud slow walk in the direction of the "gobble". I gobbled again, and bruce got a little lower and slower. My buddy and I were trying to keep it together and not laugh our rearends off. when Bruce got close enough, I let off another gobble and I jumped and said dont shoot Bruce, Its me! We laughed for 20 min. and headed back to camp. The best part of the whole story was when the whole canyon caught wind of the story, and Bruce (the almighty turkey hunter) was out played by me. I wish we had the video camera, for we would have won something on Americas funniest videos! Every year we still laugh at Bruce for his Elmer fud like hunting tactics. My buddy loves coming with me on the annual turkey hunt!
  25. couesntime

    Payson's Monster Coues

    +1 pine donkey!