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    Junior once in a life time buck

    Sweet buck! I heard stories about this deer, I just wanted to hear Josie tell the story. If she shoots CWT like this, I will be afraid of the muley she will shoot! Good Job dad, that ol' boy probably would not have made it through the winter.
  2. Azshtr, (not implying you do this) you can go to home depot and buy a homer bucket, cut a hole in the bottom turn upside down, use it and leave it out there, like i have seen a few times. roll your clothes up in juniper/p-pine boughs, put in bag a day before you leave and then pull them out when ready to hunt.(just make sure not to put boughs on the inside of your clothes... or an ol' timmer once told me, he finds a dirt tank and soaks his clothes in there then let air dry. (just dont use the tank you plan on hunting!)
  3. couesntime

    Whats In A Name

    It took me 28 days of hunting coues with my bow to finally get one. I missed the same buck 3 times over a weeks time, missed another at 20yds, and finally got out of my treestand and stuck one at 15 yds spot and stalk. I obviously cant shoot out of a tree so I gave it up instead of just practicing out of it. lmao, long story short I knew I would get a coues n time. Also, Im about to check out of work for the day, so it will be boozentime! Great thread, look forward to being a part of this site. Good luck to everyone!
  4. couesntime

    Scouting with dog

    Thanks guys. It is hard to leave the dog at home when I know she would love to see and smell some critters. Her favorite is turkeys! All we need to see now is how to strap your dog into the tree stand with you. Now that would be some good footage.
  5. I take my dog everywhere with me. She goes with me while I hang cameras and when I go to check them. With that said, does anyone think that domestic dog scent or droppings have an effect on wildlife in or around the area?
  6. couesntime

    My 2011 Archery Bull

    Very nice bull. Beats getting your truck and trailer all sideways!