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    Christensen Arms BA Carbon Tactical 300 WIN Mag with Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x 56

    Forgot to add the detachable magazine and that the complete set up is less than 9.5 lbs.
  2. AZ Ground Pounders

    My amazing hunt - BIG buck - unit 23

    Wbyfireman please give me a call about this camera tampering claim. I would like to hear about what was said and to make sure that we get to the bottom of this accusation. 928 517 1337 Thank you.
  3. Brothers Garon and Cole both drew the Late Bull tag and decided to hunt with the AZ Ground Pounders Outfitters. The first morning the decision paid off for the first time. Cash glassed a giant non typical triple brow bull. Cole waited for the bull to stand up and when the bull did Cole made his shot count. The bull scores 402 inches and has almost 70 inches of mass!! Congrats to Cole on an absolute stud bull! Two days later the Ground Pounders struck again this time for Garon. Levi glassed a giant typical bull with a huge drop tine front. Garon made an incredible shot on the bull. Garon's bull scores 397 inches and has a 26 plus inch front. What a weekend of Late Bull hunting! The AZ Ground Pounders Outfitters want to thank Garon Sr for choosing the Ground Pounders Crew for Garon and Cole's hunt. We look forward to hunting with you guys again! View the full article
  4. AZ Ground Pounders

    Ever have this happen?

    We aren't really worried about the name calling just the attack on our character and reputation. If someone is going to make accusations on an internet forum they should be able to make a call or even email a response as to why they would be making an accusation without cause.
  5. AZ Ground Pounders

    Ever have this happen?

    Going on a couple days now and we have not heard from Shedhunteraz. Again our contact information is 928-517-1337 and our email is azgp@live.com. Thanks again and we hope to see a resolution to these false accusations soon. In the words of Captain Woodrow F Call "I hate rude behavior in a man, I wont tolerate it"
  6. AZ Ground Pounders

    Ever have this happen?

    ShedhunterAZ it has been almost an hour and I have not received a call. Please give me a call at 928-517-1337. I see that the original post was removed. The AZ Ground Pounders Outfitters take pride in our reputation as one of Arizona's Premier outfitters and we do not take kindly to false accusations.
  7. AZ Ground Pounders

    Ever have this happen?

    ShedhunterAZ please call the AZ Ground Pounders Outfitters at 928-517-1337. I would like to get to the bottom of this false accusation immediately! AZ Ground Pounders
  8. AZ Ground Pounders

    Leica Rangemaster 1600 REDUCED !!!!! $450.00

    Where are you located?
  9. AZ Ground Pounders

    Wtb Roof for 2010 800 xp Ranger

    Looking for a roof for ranger. Would buy a stock or custom roof. Call or text me at 928-517-1337. Thanks
  10. Every year The AZ Ground Pounders like to put together all of the pictures of Coues Deer taken with AZGP Guides and family over the 100 Inch Mark. The 2015 List is better than ever with two all time top ten bucks. Be sure to call the AZ Ground Pounders if you want to make the next edition of the AZGP 100 inch club! View the full article
  11. Good friends Joe and Chuck decided to book their 2015 Early Archery Elk Hunts with the AZ Ground Pounders Outfitters. After months of scouting and preparation the AZ Ground Pounders were ready for the hunts. Chuck struck first on the 7th day of the hunt with a beautiful 386 typical six by six bull. Chuck made a great shot and the Ground Pounders found the bull. Congrats to Chuck it was a pleasure to hunt with you! During the second week of the hunt Joe's hunt turned epic when his typical bull was located by the Gound Pounders. Joe finally made a great shot and killed the 406 inch typical six by six. The bull was truly a giant with 63 inch main beams and a 27 inch 4th point! Congrats to Joe on his typical bull of a lifetime! View the full article
  12. AZ Ground Pounders

    Swarovski 15x56 for sale

  13. AZ Ground Pounders

    Swarovski 15x56 for sale

    I have a pair of Swarovski 15x56 for sale. They were sent into Swarovski in 2014. The glass and body are perfect. Asking 1400 with badlands bino case and outdoorsmans stud. Also selling outdoorsmans pistol grip with panning attachment for 200. Please call 9285171337. Thanks waylon
  14. AZ Ground Pounders

    Swarovski 15x56 for sale

    Swarovski 15x56 Slc wb. These do have new lenses with the swarobrite coating. Front lenses and rubber exterior were replaced in 2014. These 15s don't have a scratch on them.
  15. AZ Ground Pounders

    Swarovski 15x56 for sale

    Outdoorsmans pistol grip with panning attachment sold pending funds. Make an offer would like to get these sold!
  16. AZ Ground Pounders

    Polaris ranger hard top

    Where are you located? I am thinking about picking that top up this weekend.
  17. AZ Ground Pounders

    Polaris ranger hard top

    What year ranger does the roof fit?
  18. AZ Ground Pounders

    Steve's Big Tom

    Steve and his wife Kathy made the trip out from Texas to hunt lions with the AZ Ground Pounders Outfitters. On the third day of trailing the AZ Ground Pounders finally caught the big Tom. Steve made a great shot on a steep incline. Steve killed a great Tom and the Az Ground Pounders Outfitters look forward to hunting with Steve and Kathy again. Congrats on the biggest Tom yet this season !!! View the full article
  19. Megan who just happens to be Steel's fiancée drew a Late Season Coues Hunt for her first ever deer hunt. The AZ Ground Pounders hit the hills hard and found a great buck. Megan made a great shot and killed a 116 inch buck. Great Shot Megan and Congrats on your first Coues Buck! View the full article
  20. The Original Ground Pounder Jimbo Amrstrong finished his year off with a great Late Bull. Levi, Bill and Waylon helped him kill his biggest bull yet. Great job Jimbo and Congrats on an awesome year!!! Clint made the choice to hunt with the AZ Ground Pounders and hammered his Big Late Bull. Cash and Steel put Clint on this Big Six and Clint made a great shot! We look forward to hunting with you again! View the full article
  21. AZ Ground Pounders

    WTB Powder H-1000 or RL-33

    I have two pounds. Looking to trade RL33 for H1000 or Retumbo. Let me know 928-517-1337 Waylon
  22. August is almost here and Bear Season is just around the corner. The AZ Ground Pounders Outfitters have a few openings for Bear hunts. All of our bear hunts are spot and stalk with our custom long range rifles. All fall bear hunts are over the counter tags and we have a 100 percent opportunity rate! Come hunt big bears with the AZ Ground Pounders!!! View the full article
  23. The AZ Ground Pounders had a great week hunting Coues Bucks. Dana Armstrong started the week off with a great 660 yard shot on a 102 inch Buck. Congrats to Momma Ground Pounder on her biggest Coues Buck to Date!! Dr. Hallman of Star Valley Veterinary Clinic connected on his biggest buck to date a 99 Incher. Dr. Hallman made a great 310 yard shot with his .243 Super Short Mag. Congrats to Dr. Hallman! Matt Martin made a great shot at 485 yards and put the hammer on his best Coues Buck. Great Job Matt!!! Waylon killed a 106 inch Coues Buck on the third day of the hunt on a 300 yard shot with his Powers Custom 7STW. The Original AZ Ground Pounder Jimbo connected on his biggest buck to date and the Ground Pounders biggest typical Coues buck yet. Jimbo made a great 690 yard shot on the giant typical. The buck has unofficially grossed 136 and 6/8th. The big typical 3x3 had over 38 inches of mass and 20 inch Beams. Congrats Jimbo!!! View the full article
  24. The story of Philip Barret's Giant Coues buck started in the summer of 2013 when the AZ Ground Pounders Crew were out looking for big Coues Bucks. Levi glassed a buck and immediately let everyone know that he had just glassed a giant. The AZ Ground Pounders put the Swarovski spotting scope on the buck and Levi pulled out the Tines Up Camera and started to get video. The Tines Up camera ran out of battery because Waylon had filmed elk the night before and left the camera on over night. Levi was so angry that he started throwing rocks at Waylon. The Ground Pounders all agreed that the buck was something to keep an eye on. The Ground Pounders got a few trail camera pictures of the buck over the next year. In the summer of 2014 the AZ Ground Pounders set out to find the Big Framed Buck. In July the Big Buck showed back up on the camera and the Ground Pounders crew hoped that he would keep growing over the next month. When he showed back up in Mid August he had blown up over the past month. A few calls were made and Philip let the AZ Ground Pounders know he would be hunting with the crew. The AZ Ground Pounders Crew set out to find and kill the big the Big Framed Buck. On the first morning of the hunt Steel glassed the buck. He had grown out to be bigger than any of us had expected. The Ground Pounders got Philip set up for a shot but the old smart buck did not allow the Crew to kill the buck. Later that day Cash glassed the buck up but the buck did not allow Philip to get a shot. The Ground Pounders knew that if everyone stayed positive they would be able to kill the buck but it would take team work and precision. The next morning the Ground Pounders crew spread out to cover more country and surround the buck. At about 7:30 Waylon glassed the buck getting up from his bed. From over 800 yards Waylon knew that it was the Big Buck. Cash and Philip made the move over to get a better position for the shot. Waylon, Cash and Jesus set up Philip on a dead steady rest and waited for the big buck to get up from his bed. When the buck got up he moved to the right. Waylon ranged the buck at 902 yards with the G7 rangefinder. Philip turned the turret on his G7 Rifle Scope and steadied his Gunwerks 7mm Mag on the buck. Philip squeezed the trigger. The shot was true. The buck was hit hard and he ran down the hill to bed. After a few hour wait to make sure that the buck had expired Cash, Steel and Philip made the trip over and found the Big Buck. Philip had a buck bigger than anyone expected. The buck official gross greened scored 146 3/8ths Boone and Crockett and 145 6/8ths S.C.I. The buck had over 38 inches of mass and had 16 points. The buck is the biggest Commissioners Tag Coues Buck ever killed. Congrats to Philip on his buck and Congrats to every AZ Ground Pounder involved including Cash, Steel, Levi, Jimbo, Waylon, Brett and Jesus. Thanks to Jason Browning for helping the AZ Ground Pounders make the hunt possible. The AZ Ground Pounders would like to thank Philip for an incredible hunt and for the opportunity to hunt the Commissioners Tag Coues Buck. View the full article
  25. AZ Ground Pounders

    WTB H1000

    Text me and ill give cash your number. Who is shedhunteraz? 928-517-1337