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  1. AZ Ground Pounders

    WTB H1000

    If you find some let me know. I am searching as well.
  2. AZ Ground Pounders

    Huge Desert Nelsoni Sheep

    Awesome Ram and Mount Clay. Great job Jay and Darr. I cant wait until I draw my sheep tag in 30 years! Maybe I will win that raffle tag next year!
  3. AZ Ground Pounders

    Philip Barret's 2014 Auction Tag Coues Buck

    SDHNTR Sorry about the confusion. We had the buck scored by two official scorers one SCI and the other Boone and Crockett. The scores that they came up with are definitely green scores and there is nothing official about a green score with either. When the buck dries it will probably be entered into the SCI Books because the buck is going to be mounted with the velvet on. As for the long range shot we believe in our equipment, preparation and knowledge of shooting to give our clients the best chance to harvest their animal with a humane kill. With the equipment that we have a shot at this distance can be very repeatable if the conditions are right. We practice long range shooting and have made serious investments in our equipment to ensure that we have the best opportunity to make a clean shot at any distance. Thank you to everyone and we look forward to finding more trophy animals for our clients everyday!
  4. AZ Ground Pounders

    Philip Barret's 2014 Auction Tag Coues Buck

    Catfish cambell that isnt a mineral block. It is a little granite rock. Just wanted to clarify before people got confused. We talked about that last night while writing the story. Thanks.
  5. I am looking to sell my Remington Sendero chambered in 300 weatherby mag. A Zeiss Conquest 6.5-20x 50 with a Kenton Industries Custom Yardage turret out to 1200 yards for this specific load. Comes with 40 handloaded 180 gr Barnes Tsx. Also have over 300 pieces of brass included 150 pieces of once fired. Gun has a viaz muzzle brake, egw 20moa base and milled rings.This gun shoots great and has killed many animals! Using the money to fund another build. I am asking $ 2200 for the whole set up. You will be able to shoot over 1000 yards consistanly with this set up. I will give the exact load data to the new owner and also include the moa turret if someone is looking to build their own load. Call me at 928-517-1337. Thanks Waylon
  6. Sold. Good luck and hammer a bear this weekend!!!
  7. AZ Ground Pounders

    Rage hypodermic

    I have a feeling ole dill is about to put a rage in the cage of an ole tall speed goat!
  8. AZ Ground Pounders

    7mm weatherby mag ammo brass and dies

    Weatherby brand ammo 3 boxes 168 partition 1 box 175 spire point and 2 boxes of extra Norma brass once fired for 150. also have ribs dies for 50.00 call or text 9285171337.
  9. AZ Ground Pounders

    WTB 7mm Remington Ultra Mag Brass

    Looking for 7mm ultra mag brass for a new build.
  10. AZ Ground Pounders

    WTB 7mm Berger 180vld hunting

    I am looking to buy or trade for 7mm 180 gr berger vld hunting bullets. Just havent had any luck finding them. Thanks
  11. AZ Ground Pounders

    WTB 7mm Berger 180vld hunting

    I have some rl 22 tons of 300 weatherby once fired brass. Other stuff to. I will buy it if thats easier.
  12. AZ Ground Pounders

    3 Unit 23 tags!!!

    Awesome Dale. You guua will kill some big bucks!
  13. In honor of the upcoming Coues Deer Draw the AZ Ground Pounders Outfitters have updated the 100 inch club and have added 6 Bucks from the 2013 season. We cant wait for the upcoming draw results to come out and get back to putting some Big Coues Bucks on the ground. Call the AZ Ground Pounders for more info or to book your Trophy Coues Hunt! View the full article
  14. AZ Ground Pounders

    looking for SLC 15x56

    I have a buddy with a pair for sale. Pm me if interested. The are the dark green model slc neu.
  15. AZ Ground Pounders

    The New AZ Ground Pounders 100 Inch Club

    Firstcoueswas80 that was my late hunt buck from 2012. We sat on a frozen snowy rockpile for a week before the clouds broke and I had the chance to kill him. The buck grossed 125 5/8ths and has a 9 inch eye guard. The whole story is on our blog azgp.blogpot.com. The AZ Ground Pounders do love to hunt big coues bucks.
  16. AZ Ground Pounders

    My amazing hunt - BIG buck - unit 23

    Thanks jdub. We had an awesome time hunting with you and your daughters. Thank you for all of the praise about the AZ Ground Pounders Outfitters. We want to be known as the hardest working outfitter in the business so we appreciate everything in your post. Good luck to the whole family this year and we look forward to hunting with you in the future. Jdub asked us on the phone if we could find a couple 85 inch bucks we told him no we are gonna hunt 100 inch bucks and the girls are gonna kill them. Thanks again jdub.
  17. AZ Ground Pounders

    Sarah's 115 Late Buck

    Sarah and Sam both drew the late Coues deer tag in one our favorite units. Sarah and Sam's dad Jeff decided to go with the AZ Ground Pounders. On the second day of the hunt Steel glassed a big buck. The Big Framed 3X4 worked his way around the corner of the ridge and didn't come back out for the day. The next morning Steel refound the buck pushing a doe. Cash and Sarah put a stalk on the buck and got in range. Cash helped Sarah set up the Powers Custom .300 Win and turned the turret to 540 yards. 13 year old Sarah made a great shot and the big buck fell. Congrats to Sarah on her 115 6/8th buck. What an awesome first Coues Buck!!!!!! View the full article
  18. AZ Ground Pounders

    Looking for Berger 30.Cal 210 gr VLD Hunting

    Join the club. Let me know when you find them. I'll let you know if we come across some too. Lets team up and find these elusive bullets.
  19. AZ Ground Pounders

    Phil's April Tom

    Phil came up to hunt lions with the AZ Ground Pounders Outfitters. On the second day of the hunt the Ground Pounders struck a track and ended up treeing the big Tom. Phil made a great shot and killed the Tom. Congrats to Phil on his Tom. Phil's son Matthew took a lion with the Ground Pounders last March and Clay Goldman at Mogollon Taxidermy just finished the full body mount. Great work!!! View the full article
  20. AZ Ground Pounders


    Cmbbulldog we have guided hunts in 22, 23, 4b 3a 3c 1 4a and 10. Message us or call if you are interested! 928-517-1337. Thanks
  21. The AZ Ground Pounders are booking Elk Hunts for the Fall. We are currently looking to guide at least one Early Archery Hunt and looking to fill a few spots on the Late Bull Hunts. We have had great sucess on all of our Elk Hunts and would like to help someone who has drawn one the few tags to kill a big bull. Please call us at 928-517-1337 for any questions about hunting with the AZ Ground Pounders Outfitters. View the full article
  22. AZ Ground Pounders


    Flatlander we killed that bull at 7 in the morning and it took 4 of us until 6 that night to get out of just that canyon. The picture shows the easy side of the canyon and we had to go back up the other side. Rough packout but they dont call us the AZ Ground Pounders because we hunt from the road. Huntjunkie we have had the same feeling since the draw results came out. Can't wait!!!!!!
  23. AZ Ground Pounders

    Springfield Armory 45 acp xd pistol

    Where are you located?
  24. AZ Ground Pounders

    A Big Tom for Sam Rose

    Sam made the trip up from beautiful Buckeye to hunt lions with the AZ Ground Pounders Outfitters. On the third morning of the hunt the dogs struck a fresh Tom track and later that day the big tom was treed. Sam made a great shot killed the Big Tom. Congrats to Sam on his Big Tom and we look forward to hunting with you again. View the full article