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    A Couple of Pieces Finished

    Thanks again Clay. My buck looks awesome and I love the pedestal. Cant wait to bring you another buck.
  2. Great buck. Congrats Jason, Jay, Darr and everyone involved. The AZ Ground Pounders Outfitters love Kuiu gear and use it on every hunt we guide on. The patterns and fabric are awesome. Thanks to Jason on that.
  3. AZ Ground Pounders

    Steve's Big Tom

    Sorry azgp@live.com is the email address.
  4. AZ Ground Pounders

    Steve's Big Tom

    We have a few openings for lion hunts. We have had a few hunters reschedule. Hunting has been great and we are trailing lions almost everyday. Call 928-517-1337 or email us at azgp.blogspot.com. Thanks
  5. AZ Ground Pounders

    WTT or WTS nightforce rifle scope

    Does the scope have zero stop and high speed turrets?
  6. AZ Ground Pounders

    Finished my sons huge buck!

    A 116 archery typical coues buck is a great buck. Take a look at the pope and young book and you will find a short list of bucks that big. Great job to a youth hunter and great mount for your son.
  7. AZ Ground Pounders

    Big Archery Desert Mule Deer

    Awesome mule buck. It looks like he was hunting that buck on the face of the moon. Great mount Clay and congrats to Ryan.
  8. Thanks we appreciate it. Who is trphyhntr? Sounds to me like a Yellow Jacket. Yeah I remember that game. I still consider that as a win in my mind. The AZ Ground Pounders are 1/4 yellow jacket because Steel played up there.. But I still don't know what 2 14 one 11 means.
  9. Thanks for the post We appreciate it. Great job on your hunt and good luck to the whole Grand Canyon University wrestling program. Like Coach Pirch always said..keep your head up, butt down, elbows in, knees bent and put a wrinkle in your neck.
  10. AZ Ground Pounders

    3 Lions, 6 Days

    The AZ Ground Pounders had a great week lion hunting. The week started off with hunter Bobby Moore making the trip out from Kentucky to hunt a lion. On the second day of his hunt the AZ Ground Pounders treed a good Tom. Bobby made a good shot and killed the Tom. The next day the AZ Ground Pounders were at it again. This time a young Tom was treed but released after pictures. Three days later the AZ Ground Pounders took youth hunter Robert Dunn lion hunting. A good tom was treed and Robert made a great shot. Congrats to our youngest lion hunter to date. Great week for the AZ Ground Pounders Outfitters. A few lion hunts are available for the spring. Please call 928-517-1337 for more info or to book your hunt. View the full article
  11. AZ Ground Pounders

    AZ Ground Pounders 383 Late Bull

    Powers makes awesome custom rifles. Great custom light weight guns that shoot holes through holes. We have killed many animals over the past two years with his rifles.
  12. Roger made the trip down from Washington to hunt Late Bull Elk with the AZ Ground Pounders Outfitters.The AZ Ground Pounders had found a big bull with big fronts two weeks before the hunt. On the second day of the hunt Steel glassed the big bull from over two miles. Cash, Waylon, Levi and Roger closed the distance. Cash reglassed the bull at 840 yards and Roger set up the Powers Custom 300 Win Mag. Waylon turned the turret and Roger let it rip. The bull dropped on the spot. The bull is one of the biggest bulls ever guided by the AZ Ground Pounders Outfitters. Congrats to Roger on an awesome bull and for making a great shot. View the full article
  13. AZ Ground Pounders


    I'll take them. PM with details. I am in Payson.
  14. The AZ Ground Pounders had a great week hunting Coues Bucks. Cash's Wife Holly Armstrong started the hunt off with a 110 2/8th buck on Saturday. She made the 180 yard shot with the .257 weatherby and killed her first Coues Buck. Great Job Holly!!! The next day Steel made a great shot 460 yard shot to kill his buck. The buck scored just over 110 and has a base mass measurement that is over 6 inches. Two days later Grandpa Ted squeezed the trigger on the .300 Weatherby amd killed his biggest Coues Buck of his life. On the last Day of the hunt Levi and Cash found two great bucks and got the job done. Levi made a great shot at 450 yards and killed his buck that scored just over 102". Cash shot his buck at 570 yards. Cash's Buck scored 107 and 5/8th and finished off a great week of hunting for the AZ Ground Pounders Outfitters. View the full article
  15. AZ Ground Pounders


    Thanks Jay. We appreciate the good words. Make sure to call Cash and Steel when you glass another big tom. Congrats on back to back years with those two giant rams.
  16. Awesome buck and congrats on two big bucks in three years . Great story. I felt like I was there when I read it. I had to pause and take a deep breath before you shot.
  17. AZLance I guess it was more of a find the bear, shoot the bear and take the pictures of the bear hunt. I was just trying to say that we didnt use hounds to kill the bear. Coover made a great shot but getting that bear out made up for any lack of stalk.
  18. Mike Coover made the trip back up to hunt with the AZ Ground Pounders Outfitters again. In April of 2012 Coover killed a giant Tom on the first day of the hunt. On the fourth afternnon of the bear hunt Cash glassed a big bear working down a canyon. The bear was a shooter at first site. Coover set up the Custom .300 Weatherby Mag and got on the bear quickly. Waylon turned the custom Kenton Industries Turrett for 630 yards. The big bear stepped out into an opening an Coover let it rip. The bear was hit hard and rolled down the steep canyon. Cash and Thumper stayed in the glasses and guided Waylon and Coover to where the bear was last seen. About 10 minutes before dark at the bottom of the canyon Waylon found the big bear. Congrats to Coover on the great shot and an awesome bear. View the full article
  19. AZ Ground Pounders


    4Falls we hunted two different units for the bucks. Coues7 we put a lot of time in throughout the year so we have an idea of what bucks we are going to hunt. We also hunt extremely hard during the hunt. I believe that if you know the buck is in the area, there is no reason to stop glassing anytime throughout the day.
  20. On Saturday Levi and our good buddy Hooter were glassing for the junior deer hunt when they glassed a good Tom. A call was made to Cash and Steel and they were trailing within two hours. The Tom was bluffed in a nasty canyon. Great photos and the first lion of the fall for the AZ Ground Pounders. View the full article
  21. AZ Ground Pounders

    looking for reloading components

    I am looking to buy .300 mag brass, rl22 powder h4831 powder and Barnes tsx 180 gr bt in 30 cal. Call or text 928-517-1337 if you are looking to part with any of those.
  22. JoeEden if you hunted with us you would get to hunt with Steel,Jimbo and Levi too and maybe if you are lucky our buddy Hooter will come along.
  23. The AZ Ground Pounders are offering a youth hunt special deal for the Youth unit 22 and 23 any antlered deer hunts. The special is a 3 day hunt and we will take an additional $500 off of our youth hunt price. We have guided many youth hunts and we are excited to help young hunters kill their buck. Call us at 928-517-1337 and mention the blog or coueswhitetail.com for the special rate when you book your hunt. It will be a fun and exciting 3 days and your youth hunter will have an opportunity to harvest their buck. View the full article
  24. We have guides and hunts available for the upcoming October and youth Coues Deer Hunts. The AZ Ground Pounders have guided or personally killed some of the biggest bucks in the past few years. We specialize in units 22, 23 and 24B. Many of our Giant Bucks have been taken during the October Hunt, including 131, 120, 117 and 108 inch bucks in the past three Octobers. We will take $250 off of any hunt if you mention our blog or Coueswhitetail.com. Please call 928-517-1337 or email us at azgp@live.com for more info or to book your hunt. 2011 131 COUES 2010 120 COUES 2010 108 AND 120 COUES 2012 105 COUES  2012 96 TWO POINT 2012 117 COUES View the full article
  25. Jason Browning made the trip out from Las Cruces, New Mexico to hunt with the AZ Ground Pounders. After a 45 minute wait Jason made an awesome shot on a Pope and Young class Coues Buck. Congrats to Jason on his first archery Coues Buck. View the full article