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    Scouted my son's cow hunt, lots o bulls few cows?

    yes 3a/3c. I'll pick up a lost cow call and start woriking on it. Thanks for the help!
  2. apache12

    Scouted my son's cow hunt, lots o bulls few cows?

    its actually 3a/3c jr cow
  3. apache12

    Scouted my son's cow hunt, lots o bulls few cows?

    That makes good sense. I camped near the rez the days I scouted and the buggling over the fence was intense. I also saw two good balls hauling the mail toward the fence south of twin lakes. I should say great bear tracks near there as well and scat for any bear hunters. I think I know a couple options near the fence that the may run down. Any advice on which cow call? The hoochi mama like most folks? Thanks
  4. apache12

    Scouted my son's cow hunt, lots o bulls few cows?

    Yea the only problem with fr 300 is that everyone and their mother is going to be driving up and back that road the the fingers that run down to the rez. I'd like to find a spot that you have to hike deep into to get away from the traffic
  5. I WTS WTT. I will only sell or trade for the complete group. Adult Bow, Youth Bow, and Target. Please make buy offer or trade offer. Trade for: Rangefinder or Rifle scope stronger power than 3X9 and nothing over 42mm. Or trade for Bino in the 15X56. Will consider cash on either side to get to where we need to be. Rinehart is the best out there for tagets. This is a great broadhead target. I have maybe shot it 30 times, always kept inside, in excellect condition. $110 new. see link: http://www.rinehart3d.com/products/#i64 PSE Adult bow: Thunderbolt II. Draw length 28 Peak Wt 70 Let off 65 String 54 1/2 Comes with three pin PSE fiber optic site. Rest, Stablizer, two releases, one is brand new, only used about 50 times. Comes with soft case. Quiver included. Target arrows included, carbon. Everything you need. Youth Browning Bow Micro Midas Pre set to 19" 30lbs Wt 15lbs to 45lbs String 27.1/2 BRAND NEW This is light enough to learn and heavy enough to hunt legally. Comes with hard case. Brand new arrow, used maybe 25 times. Excellent condition. Carbon arrows. Release for youth. Quiver. Rest, Site with three pins. Great bow to learn on or early hunt. My boy and I just don't bow hunt, we have shot in the backyard but we always just go rifle, not enough time to bow hunt correctly. This a great set up for a Father and Son. These are older bows but they are in excellent condition. the youth was restrung and tuned last year. Make offer. Nothing silly please. Oh, would consider a .243 rifle, but would rather have listed above. I can send closer pics if you are serious.posted my adult PSE and my youth Browning along with a Rinehart target for sale or trade on Craigslist and Backpage. If you want a nice set up for you and your son or daughter this is it. Older bows but in excellent shape. Please visit and let me know if you need better pics.
  6. OK, so I'm kicking around getting a range finder in the next few months for rifel hunts not archery. How much importance would you guys put on the newer range finders like the Nikon rifle man 550 or 1000 that automatically calculate for angle of drop or incline? Hunt 34a a bunch for pig and coues and there's decent canyons about 400 to 500 across and 250 to 300 from top to bottom. Been pretty successful so far in those canyons but I've also been lucky someitmes and missed high and the deer gave me asecond shot. Any advice on range finder and reflective and non reflective as well as the angle? Thanks,
  7. Lark, does the lecia account for angle? if so, do you find it effective?
  8. apache12

    Spotting Scope vs Binoculars

    Good info, thanks. I think at this point its just a set of 15's and the spotting scope will have to be way down the road. Can I use a doubler or someting like at my Minox 10/52 so I can just check something out that i can't see on the 10X52's? not sure hows those things work?
  9. This may have already been a post, but I couldn't find it. I currently have a set of Minox 10X52, they are not there best but they are good quality, think I paid between $650 and $750 about 8 years ago. Normally hunt big open country and would like to get more powerful optics, such as a 15X50. Are there advantages to getting a spotting scope over binoculars? I thought I'd pass my Minox down to my 14 year old, so I would used either spotting scope or binoculars as my primary optic. In writing this I'm getting the idea that there isn't an easy answer to this question, but any words of wisdom would be appreciated.
  10. apache12

    tree stand and heavy duty harness (SOLD)

    Oh yea this thing almost climbs itself I just wish I would have paid for the upgraded version that brings a nice buck under the stand and ties him to a stake. ha ha
  11. I used this in the back yard once to check it other than that it's new. I'm just more of a rifle hunter. It has two nice cargo straps to secure it and back pack straps. It's the climber style. I don't know the brand. It comes with the harness sold with the unit and I have a heavy duty harness that my nieghbor and APS lineman sold me. It's valued at over $100 alone. I'm in Phoenix and can meet in the valley. I don't want to ship this thing. $100 for everything.
  12. Contgrats to your daughter on that tag. Maybe we'll bounce into each other in the area. I'm in a tan toyota tundra, tent camp and it will just be me and the boy swing by the camp if somwthing looks familar. Good luck
  13. OK, I'm a rifle hunter but have owned a bow for 8 years. I've also have only bow hunted three times and had one chance to draw on a deer that never came in close enough for my confort. I do shoot my target in the back yard for fun but I'm not nearly as skilled in archery hunting as rifle. This year my 14 year old has drawn a jr cow elk tag in 3a 3c and I also picked him up a used PSE bow from my neighbor who is a solid bow hunter. I thought while we are scouting for his elk hunt we should also try to tag a deer in the aug bow hunt. I dont have a stand so I'll just ground hunt either sit a spot or glass and stalk. I'm thinking I'll elk hunt mostly near fr 300 and south of black cayon lake. Ayone have any experience deer hunting up in that area, and is it possible to scout for elk and bow hunt for deer at the same time, or will I just be average at both? Thought it be fun to get the boy up at a chance for a deer while he's learning his elk area.
  14. apache12

    223 for Coues?

    Hard to argue with any of that. I like the ballistics on the 7mm-08. I just have one small problem, not enough money for the guns I want. Don't even get me started on the Optics I need.
  15. apache12

    223 for Coues?

    I have three young boys 14,12, and 7 and I have little Savage 223 bolt that they love shooting and they're accurate and comfortable. I have larger caliber rilfes and they can shoot them especially my 14 year old, but the 12 year old want to hunt the 223 if he gets a Coues tag this fall. If I keep him under 300 better yet under 200, and the shot is in the kill zone can I be condfident of a good kill? If so, any bullet suggestion, I dont hand load? Does anyone hunt with a 223 already? I don't mean head shot or neck shot for good shot.
  16. apache12

    223 for Coues?

    Apache12: That's a good plan, but give him plenty of time to get used to the .243. For one thing, it's much louder than a .223, which is something parents often forget when introducing their kids to shooting. For another, the recoil (although insignificant for an adult) is nearly four times that of the .223. Data I have shows the .223 with 55-grain bullets having 3.2 foot pounds of recoil energy. The .243 with 95-grain bullets has 11.0 ft. lbs of recoil energy, and that's quite a step up from what he has been shooting. It really wasn't a hunt. It was a cull, and the corporation that owned the huge property and its wildlife made a party of its annual springbuck harvest by inviting business associates and friends to participate. I was honored to have been invited, but I wouldn't want to do it again. We were instructed to kill every springbuck, no matter age or sex, that passed between our flags. It was catered, with lots of fancy food and libation after the morning and afternoon shoots, and fun was had by all, but it wasn't hunting. Please excuse my crass commercial announcement, but you may enjoy reading my book, "Sixty Years A Hunter." It's $40 plus shipping and handling from Safari Press. I can send you an autographed copy for the same. Bill Quimby Bill, Can I mail cash up to you for the book? I'm a UA grad and left UA in 91 for Army serivce maybe I read you in the paper. I read your bio on Wiki. Happy to meet you. Chad
  17. apache12

    223 for Coues?

    oops. still figuring this forum think out, meant to attach this reply to Bill. Bill, What a cool story about the Africa hunt, sounds like ot be fun to sit a campfire with you sometime and listen to some hunt stories. Think I'm going to have him hunt the 223 and just get him in close as can be had on a coues. He loves to shot it and he's confident, I think that's half the battle at his age. If I find a deal on a 243 before the hunt I'll move him up to it.
  18. apache12

    This post is for the dogs

    If anyone is looking for a new bird dog, look into this breed. French Brittany. I've owned lab,golden, and two GSP's loved them all. GSP's can hunt quail with the best of them. This Fr. Brit pup has been great, pointed on quail on his fourth hunt as a 6 month old, retreives dove on a urasian dove hunt at 8 mo. can't wait to see how he does this year. What I like most is that he is really mellow in the home. Calm and lays down fine, no digging or chewing. Simply a sweet house dog. Angels in the house, Devils in the field.
  19. apache12

    223 for Coues?

    Interesting post on the 243 for elk. Was it Cow hunt? My 14 year old has a cow tag I think he'll use my 270 but I had thought about getting a 243 but thought it was to light for elk. How far was the shot?
  20. apache12

    Check out the footage of this TOAD!

    That one going to eat good
  21. apache12

    Video footage finally posted

    Nice video and good solid Bucks. I was wondering what caliber were you and your brother shooting?
  22. apache12

    223 for Coues?

    I emailed Hornady and asked about the round they'd recommend for a Coues under 300. They said thier new Superperformance at 53 grain would be a great round. I agree with everyone the said a bigger 243 makes more sense and someday I'd like ot own a 243 but I may just give it a try with the 223 this year if the shot presents itself at around 200. Having said that I've haven't seen to may Coues at 200 on my hunts. I'm sure I'll change my mind three or four times before the hunt, but that's half the fun. Thanks for your opinions everyone.