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  1. My post for this scope is really old. 2017. 5scope was sold. I’m still have one that I love. And yes I agree warranty service is good. They are owned by Blaser USA now. I sent an old pair of binos  in that needed the eye pieces fixed they said they couldn’t do so they gave me 50% off their brand new model that just came out.  Found an independent shop to fix my old ones. 

  2. Ok so I’ve owned a collection of average tripods over my years and this year the company I slave for allowed me to sell my vacation time  of which I don’t take enough of.  Anyway I got a little cheese in the pocket to spend.  So I would like recommendations on a tripod set up.  I’m a hunter who glasses and hikes so I’d like light but stable setup for my 15x56 binos. No spotter yet but may grab that vortex viper 11x33 one day    Anyway I don’t normally stand and glass but if there was a set up that extended that tall and made sense I’d consider.    Then Id like a panhead that has an arm on it that I can rotate up and use as a shooting rest if I’m seated   
    so I’d like as light as I can get with a buttery smooth panhead and tripod legs that are easy to adjust and stay locked in and don’t slip    I know it’s a “I want what may not exist” post but this is a site full of wise western hunters so I’m open to your opinions.  Budget under $1000. Preferable $700 range but will spend more   

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