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  1. Selling for a friend, as new Leica Rangemaster CRF 1600-B with LRI Tripod mount. Only used 1 time. $565 shipped to your door (Lower 48). I will add pictures later. Comes with box, papers and nylon case. Thanks for looking.
  2. swoods205

    FS Outdoorsmans Optics Hunter pack

    Sale pending
  3. Outdoorsmans optics hunter pack in true timber. All straps and buckles work. No ripstears.. frame has some scuffs from use but works fine. $250.....located in Thatcher Az. Willing to ship for extra cost but willing to work with youif your interested.
  4. swoods205


  5. swoods205


    Triclawps for sale. Lightly used. $75 shipped to lower 48. Located in Thatcher Az. PayPal ok and possibly venmo.
  6. swoods205

    I really need help!!!

    One thing I learned during a firearms class to help with this with a handgun is to count, or sing a song in your head as your pressing the trigger. It works for me, anythin( to take my conscious brain off the trigger helps my subconscious not screw it up...good luck! But there's some cool YouTube videos that talk about this and using thumb release aids too.
  7. swoods205

    Meopta 15x56 Binoculars

    So here is my short review. Thanks to Doug at CameralandNY, i was able to get my hands on a pair of the Meopta 15x56 Meostars. I was able to look through them side by side with a friend of mine who had a new pari of Swarovski SLC 15x56. We mounted them on tripods and looked through both sets multiple times at different things. I was very pleased with them. They were very close to the same size as the Swaro's and the glass was very clear. They seemed to have a lot of eye relief and adjusted very easily. I think they would be great for guys with narrow eyes, or kids. They seemed to have a lot of adjustment. The glass was very clear and I could only notice a very slight difference on the edge of the Meoptas as compared to the Swarovskis. But the biggest thing for me was that the colors seemed darker in the Meoptas, especially when looking into the shadows. Not hugely different but none the less darker. My eyes are not the best but the shadows are were I seem to find deer a lot of the time out here in AZ so its a big deal to me. Personally I think the Swarovski's are the way to go if you can get a good price on them. For the money the Meopta's cost, I think its a steal! They are worth every penny of what they cost and would be well worth it. I have used, Minox, Vortex Kaibabs, and Vortex Razor's (12x) and without a doubt the Meoptas are better than those in my opinion. I would have no issues using them in the field, however I just preferred the Swarovskis. Now its just a matter of Saving some $$ to get some of those. So thank you Doug, the Meopta's are headed back to you! I will say that CameralandNY has the best customer service around and I look forward to future business with this great company. Don't hesitate to contact them with any questions. Great to work with. Thanks!
  8. swoods205

    Meopta 15x56 Binoculars

    Thanks for the responses! I have some coming from Doug at cameralandny! I will do a review as soon as they arrive and compare them to a buddy's Swarovski slc 15x56. Thanks Doug!
  9. swoods205

    Meopta 15x56 Binoculars

    Anybody using the Meopta 15x56 binoculars? Looking for pros and cons. I am curious if they are close enough to Swarovski or if I should just get the Swarovski and be done with it. I'm intrigued by the few reviews I've seen and the warranty seems better than Swarovski, as well as price.
  10. swoods205


    i have a electric pellet smoker and love it. Very easy to use. it keeps the temps pretty constant. If you use the meat probe thermometer you won't have to baby it, but i recommend keeping an eye on your pellets. Sometimes they burn faster than expected or bunch up and have to be pushed down to your feeder but your probes should alarm you if your temperature starts dropping. Not much better than smoked meat! I am by no means even close to an expert and I haven't been able to screw it up yet so its very user friendly!