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  1. outlaw357derf

    The 2014 Elk Show Begins Now

    Great pics, thanks for sharing. Pretty sad how dry it is getting out there.
  2. I didn't see Martin bows as a choice. I have shot a martin bow for the last 20 + years and that is a bow I choose to stand behind and stick with. This is just my favorite choice of bow.
  3. outlaw357derf

    Unit 27 Bull Done

    Awesome bull, dig the mount. Thanks for sharing. Got early 27 archery tag this year and hope to see bulls like that.
  4. outlaw357derf

    Tag came in the mail!

    #209 first choice early archery bull unit 27its official!!! Good luck to all who drew cant wait to see scouting pics and harvested animals.
  5. outlaw357derf

    Hicap40 is at it again...... Elk pics

    cool pics, cant wait to see more. what kind of camera equipment do you use?
  6. outlaw357derf

    Elk setup

    Easton bloodline 400s, can't yet decide between Slick Tricks or Magnus Stingers 100gr. lots of testing going on here.
  7. outlaw357derf

    Results are Up!!!

    unit 27 early archery bull. been over 20 years since padre was drawn and we get to do it together, with my brother bear and super dave. the count down begins. Good luck to all.
  8. Anybody use Magnus Stinger broad heads? I have been reading some good comments on the Tritons and will now be giving them a look. I am really curious about the Magnus though. I have shot the slick tricks and they fly well, but I prefer a wider cutting diameter. Been reading on the shwackers, only possible down fall they are "mechanical".
  9. outlaw357derf


    I have been reading reviews and am looking at the Magnus Stinger broad heads. Anybody have info on them? I am torn between the slick trick, shwacker, and Magnus. I will be using them on my elk hunt this year
  10. outlaw357derf

    2014 archery deer tag

    picked up a license and tag a Tucson office....was a 50 min. wait. Also bought 2 youth license and only cost 5$ each on line.... would have had to pay 25.00 each if the ladies at the front desk hadn't helped out. FYI. this was on 12-30-13. Passed the Carefree office this evening and the place was packed...as can be expected
  11. outlaw357derf

    Thoughts on Cabelas 12x50 Euros

    I cannot speak for the Cabela Euro's, but I recommend the Vortex HD series binoculars. They are great glass at a reasonable price, and carry an outstanding warranty.
  12. outlaw357derf

    I have zeiss 10x56

    I have purchased a pair of the Vortex 15x56 kiababs. Am very happy with them. They are very clear. the only difference I can find between the vortex and swarovskis is that the swarovs catch more light by about 5 minutes. other than that they are comparible in every way. I did this study with my partner becasue he has a pair of the swarovs and we did it side by side. I would recommend the vortex because the are affordable and a quality product. you also get a lifetime warranty. Hope this helps.
  13. outlaw357derf

    RESULTS POSTED -Guess the Score of this Mule Deer buck!

    191 7/8 what a beauty!
  14. outlaw357derf

    Binocular Reviews

    I own a pair of the Nikon 15x60 action extreme binoculars. I am shopping around for a better quality optic in 15x56 power. Any helpful suggestions would be welcome.
  15. outlaw357derf

    Unit 27 Bull Tag

    Need the next 2 weeks to scoot by..... anticipation is killing me. So excited this is my 3rd elk tag in over 15 years of putting in. I hope to be posting some cool pics for you. Any weather updates would be welcome.
  16. outlaw357derf

    Unit 27 Elk Hunt

    Wish you luck. Me and my buddy are headed up this morning, we also have tags. Can't wait to get there.
  17. outlaw357derf

    Late Archery Bull ELK (4%)

    Congratulations!Awesome job! Can totally relate to how you felt with class and going on a hunt at the same time, I am experiencing the same thing in Eng Comp 121 and I have the late rifle bull in 27 that starts next week. Great Story and Great Pics 4%er
  18. outlaw357derf

    Unit 27 Bull Tag

    Very useful information thank you for the info.
  19. outlaw357derf

    Unit 27 Bull Tag

    Thank you for the input.
  20. outlaw357derf

    4b late archery bull

  21. outlaw357derf

    Binocular Reviews

    Thank you to all who replied to my post. I have decided to go with the Kiabab HD 15x56 binoculars. I also just purchased a Dolica AX620B100 62-Inch Proline Tripod and Ball Head from amazon.com for 39.00. It is equivelant to the Vortex Ridgeline, just cheaper. I am now ready for my Unti 27 rifle Bull elk hunt, agian thank you all for the advice and good hunting.
  22. outlaw357derf

    Matt's Hunt

    I live in Bagdad and know for a fact that the storm that came through dropped 1 1/2" of rain. been dry so there isn't much water out there. get high and glass have seen a lot of 2 and 3 points especially around water. Good luck
  23. outlaw357derf

    Archery Antelope hunt starts tomorrow!

    I have a couple friends that just peeled out of town headed to unit 10 and unit 18. I wish them luck and will be doin some archery deer hunting myself. I have a late rifle bull unit 27 elk hunt and this is the one I am looking forward to the most. How do you feel as we start our fall hunting seasons?
  24. outlaw357derf

    Still waiting for elk mount

    5 years ago I harvested my first elk. I took my antlers to Chuck Meachum Taxidermy in Tucson AZ. Chuck Meachum happens to be the AZ President of the Taxidermist Association. Mr. Meachum said it would cost me 1300.00 and be 14 months until I could pick up my mount. I have paid 1000.00 dollars already and tried to contact him for the last 3 and a half years via email,telephone, and going to his shop when I didn't recieve a phone call after 18 months. Dont let this happen to you. I have fianally gotten drawn for elk again this year in unit 27 and will be looking for a reputable taxidermist. Any suggestions would be helpful.