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  1. I have been doing some scouting in 23, and was wondering how busy the NF-71 road gets (its a pretty nice road). It seems to be a great central location for camp as you seem to be able to access the east and west side of this unit off of this road (turns into NF-609), but is it loaded with camps during the Oct-Nov hunt? I will be packing into places during the day and wont be spending my time hunting the roads, I ask more or less if there is a better place to camp with access to more country within the unit. I will be making more trips before the hunt to do more scouting but it is like a 5 hour drive for me and I appreciate any advice anyone is willing to offer.

  2. ​I have been from the low desert to the high deserts and mesas, I have found the rut to be spotty at times. I have seen a few really good bucks out chasing, but very few of the bruisers that are normally seen this time of year chasing. Not saying I have not seen any, just a lower number of them. Have also seen bucks running together rather than chasing off and only a few fights seen.


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  3. Wanted to get the photos posted before I hit the hills again. This was a spot and stalk at the last bit of day light across a wide open meadow for 800 yards.I was able to hit the tree line. I was able to snake an arrow through a 24"X12" window at 90 yards ( I practice this shot frequently). Arrow went through both front shoulders and this buck only went 80 yards before expiring with a 20 yard follow up shot.

  4. I like to make my own rub with cumin, granulated garlic, onion powder, smoked paprika, black pepper, and oregano. I rub the meat with the rub, lattice bacon and wrap around the loin. I personally won't marinate this cut of meat, but when I marinate a tri-tip I use the liquid Montreal seasoning and I put an Moose Drool beer and marinate over night. I set the smoker at 225 degrees and use pecan chips for 4 hours give or take on how rare you like your meat.

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  5. There are some good spots off the 403 road and there are some good spots on the 26 road that can fit 3 trailers. while yes there are a lot of people up there, there are plenty of places to camp and fit 3 trailers. The earlier you can get your trailer up there the better camp spot you will get.