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  1. rcdinaz


    Shot mine last year with. 7mm RM. Would use any 6mm or lager caliber. Remember it can Be very windy, I was glad to have a heavier 7mm load during my hunt.
  2. rcdinaz

    Barrel vs velocity?

    oh my bad... that one doesn't make much sense. Sounds like a testing anomaly or change of some other variable.
  3. rcdinaz

    Barrel vs velocity?

    The bullet is under load longer in the longer barrel. Also the bullet starts slowing immediately upon exit of the barrel, conversely it is speeding up and under pressure while it is in the barrel.
  4. rcdinaz

    Prayer my son Enoch

    Prayers sent
  5. rcdinaz

    Teamwork and spotting/guiding a shooter in on a buck

    We go through this all of the time even when spotting. Comments like by the tree, the green bush, the round rock and so on have caused arguments for an entire weekend. 😁 And some people just visualize and see things almost like you do and chasing game with them is super efficient. One of the guys in our group that has been hunting with us for 20 years is color blind so it can get ridiculous. One thing that works when I remember and have time is to use the clock descriptions for angles. Even then we sometimes have people that do not know what 10 o'clock is so if we are spotting I find myself describing a landmark and calling it that time. At least the hunter knows where to look and go with a little less margin of error.
  6. rcdinaz

    So who’s air frying?

    We got the Ninja and like I said we are still figuring it out. I like the one above for the accessories and that rack that can be adjusted.
  7. rcdinaz

    So who’s air frying?

    Wings are good... tried fries and potato chips and pretty much burned them all. We just got one for Christmas so still in the learning stages.
  8. rcdinaz

    horses in elk unit

    Ya but we are close to legalized lynching of anyone who looks at them wrong.
  9. rcdinaz

    horses in elk unit

    The entire rest of the planet eats horse. Unfortunately the number of people that think they are wild horses and have made a hobby f photographing them and a religion of protecting them is growing at an insane rate. IMHO the battle has already been lost on this topic which makes me insane if I think about it too much.
  10. rcdinaz

    Stingray hoster

    That looks great! Any idea what he charges? My Kimber might need one of those.
  11. rcdinaz

    Chicken killers revenge

    I had know idea they were going for that! Time to start varmint hunting again. Wow!
  12. rcdinaz

    Cold weather Glassing Gloves

    The Kuiu down glassing mittens are awesome.
  13. rcdinaz

    Glassing Direction

    I agree with the South facing slopes and I think that is a good starting place but more and more I seem to see deer in the same places that have nothing to do with the sun position. Food, water, vantage point, other deer, staying away from coyotes and people, among other things seem to be more important. So sun position is a big factor but not the only one
  14. rcdinaz


    Wow! How did the reservation find a way to keep them off their land? They apparently are running all over the border but only on state land. 😳 Maybe they will keep heading over to New Mexico.
  15. rcdinaz

    Carrying Rifle w/Chambered Round?

    It really depends but most of the time the chambers are empty. Once game is located I have no issue with having one in the chamber even if you are still trying to close the distance or improving a shooting position.