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  1. rcdinaz

    Now That's One Powerful Critter

    That is awesome! Crazy how strong they are it looks like a dog toy for him.
  2. rcdinaz

    OZ custom knive. FREE

    Great knife! I lost one on a hunt a long time ago that was one of his early ones when he started making them.
  3. rcdinaz

    You guys SUCK!

    I rarely see this from people that are really into hunting like on this forum. For one tall these little pistol and AR shooting spots don't even have enough room to set up for 100yd work let alone any real practice. I saw 3 different groups on Saturday just in one little stretch of desert and I guarantee they were not working on anything for hunting. Glad to see people are cleaning this stuff up! I wish G&F & the LEO's would actually write some big tickets for this stuff.
  4. rcdinaz

    CW Long Range Meet Up: January 30, 2021

    You did hit the 1K target one and done. Great location, should be a good outing!
  5. rcdinaz

    CW Long Range Meet Up: January 30, 2021

    What day are you planning? I can help and bring additional steel and stands to take a look at barring any emergencies with HQ.
  6. Okay, will let you have 1st dibs if I sell it. Thanks!
  7. Updated list: Okay checking again for Retumbo, Hornaday .308 220 gr ELDX, 6.5 143gr ELD-x or Berger 140gr HVLD, 300PRC brass. I really would like to trade and help each other out. I will list a for sale in a couple of weeks. What I have for trade: Varget 2lbs H4350 2lbs (traded for H4831) H1000 2lbs (traded) RL26 8lb jug (can move to ziplock by the lb) (traded) Fed 215M primers (I can spare 3 trays/300) 5 boxes of once fired 6.5CM brass, all different mfg factory boxes from when I was looking for a factory load.
  8. rcdinaz


    My favorite from "Meet the Fockers". "You can milk anything with nipples"
  9. rcdinaz

    9mm ammo

    If these are available I will take them. I am in Chandler and can get you the cash right away.
  10. rcdinaz


    Working for any Gov group, Def contractor, Banking, CCW, or traveling international means they have all your info, a lot more than fingerprints. Frankly, I worry a lot more about social media and hackers getting info and doing bad things, the Gov has it or can get it whenever they want.
  11. rcdinaz


    I have a Gemtech from Mr Silencer as well. It should/may only change your POI, drop should be consistent assuming your muzzle velocity is the same which it should be.
  12. rcdinaz


    Shoppers and CAL Ranch have it as well. Next thing you know we are going to be cutting down people's trees and hoarding the wood.