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  1. rcdinaz

    WHICH COLOR!? Stock replacement

    Pepper to go with the Savage titanium finish
  2. rcdinaz

    Anyone use cell phone booster for rv

    Most of the new ones are 5g compatible now. No difference from when we all moved from 3g to 4g or when you upgraded your WiFi router. It is not automatic you need compatible hardware but the mfgโ€™s usually stay ahead a generation. the cell boosters are usually compatible with 4-5 frequencies if you buy the better models.
  3. rcdinaz

    Anyone use cell phone booster for rv

    I just bought a SureCall which I move from truck to RV. This was the top rated vehicle type. It helps but dir $500 certainly is not magic. If it is going to stay in tour RV by the full blown RV extender which will have a better antenna. Again, donโ€™t expect a miracle just improved signal strength if you already have a signal.
  4. rcdinaz

    White Mtn Reservation fishing and hunting

    Reservation Lake was on fire! We caught over 50 fish, left the lake at 3:00. I have not had a day like that in a long time.
  5. rcdinaz

    Help sighting in

    Brilliant! The engineer was a genius. How does the bolt cycle without the scope twisting all over the place? Amazing craftsmanship!
  6. rcdinaz

    AZ Rifle Antelope

    Well done! An AZ antelope is a trophy no matter the score and that is a great buck!
  7. rcdinaz

    Anybody on TRT?

    40 may be a bit young bit everyone is different. I have a few buddies that used to tell me at 50 it was mandatory. Now I think they had a very good point. ๐Ÿ˜‚ 2 of them are executives that maintained a crazy work schedule and still get to the gym, you would never guess they were in their 60โ€™s but they also manage their diet and lifestyle better than most. So now I say check it out, get your bloodwork done regularly and actively manage your health. if it helps you maintain your lifestyle and well being then why not?
  8. rcdinaz

    My Super Power

    A buddy of mine taught all the kids the I hate rabbits thing when they were young.
  9. rcdinaz

    NBA Walkout!

  10. rcdinaz

    Someone take my 3 girls hunting

    Maybe... If there is a substantial wall or canyon in the middle. ๐Ÿ˜‚
  11. rcdinaz

    Someone take my 3 girls hunting

    ugg I have daughters in college! which means they pretty much dress exactly like the pics. They hunt and I wouldn't let them within a mile of you animals. ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ™
  12. rcdinaz


    Did not know Bruce had a shop now. Good news!
  13. rcdinaz


    mr Silencer as said above
  14. rcdinaz

    Knife Recommendations

    I have almost every knife mentioned and IMHO replaceable blades really canโ€™t be beat. Get a Havalon Titan or a Shockey and have both a folding and a replaceable. I would shy away from damascus online because they can be finicky . Benchmade are great I have 4 and a bunch of customs, carry a benchmade. Havalon now has the little plastic tool for removing blades and storing so it is simple, also gut hook, saw blade, and skinning blades. My most recent addition is a Kestrel, insanely lightweight and uses the same disposable blades.
  15. rcdinaz

    Sig Sauer BDX Combo Kit

    Optics are getting good reviews on the Hide.