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  1. rcdinaz

    Unmeasurable Covid Side Effects

    Was there an actual punch landed?
  2. rcdinaz

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    Yes! 6.5, 7mm, and 30 cal
  3. rcdinaz

    Tripods head type?

    Outdoorsman's or Jim white. Or go crazy and talk to RRS. I have probably tried at least a dozen. Manfrotto befree or the benro are good less expensive options. Jim White and outdoorsman, we're made for hunting not camera equip. I have both and a few others all using Arca plates and adapters which greatly simplifies everything. There are some very good ball heads also but you have to get the larger versions, RRS knockoffs, to have a solid platform. Pistol grips have too much wiggle for me but others love them. My manfrotto was terrible so I would only look at outdoorsman.
  4. rcdinaz

    AZGFD - Card Hits?

    Not sure what all that means? I hate knowing I wont make the odds to get a tag... that was all.
  5. rcdinaz

    AZGFD - Card Hits?

    I hate this time of year! 😤
  6. rcdinaz

    Best tires for diesel trucks

    I have had Nitto and have them now, Ridge Grapplers. Completely agree with the AZ rocks eating them, chunks of them missing. I had better luck with Toyo as others have stated. Has anyone found a tire that does not get torn up while offroad? I know it is probably somewhat of an issue of 65 PSI and not airing down but I am a bit lazy and would pay more for a tougher tire. My Sierra 2500 is not a daily driver so I am not nearly as concerned about road noise and such.
  7. rcdinaz

    Insane low prices on Leupold scopes

    Gotta be a scam! I bought 5 cant pass up a good deal. 🤣
  8. rcdinaz


    I will take it. I am in Chandler can arrange too meet when it is convenient for you.
  9. rcdinaz

    CW Long Range Meet Up: January 30, 2021

    Great outing! Thanks for setting it up!
  10. rcdinaz

    Cool buck...

    Great looking deer! go get him!
  11. rcdinaz

    The Myth of the Corn Fed Deer as Good Eats

    I feel the same about bears! I was told my whole life they were no good. I finally shot one a few years back and it was fantastic! This year's coues tenderloin was awesome. I also trimmed up a roast like brisket and smoked it. I was told it would get too dry so I wrapped some bacon around it and it turned out great. Being a crappy cook and it not tasting good are two different issues!
  12. rcdinaz

    Now That's One Powerful Critter

    That is awesome! Crazy how strong they are it looks like a dog toy for him.
  13. rcdinaz

    OZ custom knive. FREE

    Great knife! I lost one on a hunt a long time ago that was one of his early ones when he started making them.
  14. rcdinaz

    You guys SUCK!

    I rarely see this from people that are really into hunting like on this forum. For one tall these little pistol and AR shooting spots don't even have enough room to set up for 100yd work let alone any real practice. I saw 3 different groups on Saturday just in one little stretch of desert and I guarantee they were not working on anything for hunting. Glad to see people are cleaning this stuff up! I wish G&F & the LEO's would actually write some big tickets for this stuff.