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  1. Agree, hunt enough and something is bound to not work out. I remember when the Nosler BT was the bullet and the issue was poor penetration, so they came out with the Accubond. VLD is the popular go to now, % of failures is probably the same. We have been fortunate but the largest muley anyone has shot in my family got up and walked off and on to the res. When my daughter shot it was like a truck hit it and it did not get up until we packed up and got ready to cross the wash. It happens.
  2. rcdinaz


    Awesome! great trophy, I would never pass on such a unique bull.
  3. rcdinaz

    Realistic Field Shooting

    Great ideas! 3 & 4 are huge nothing like a live target. I would add going on a prairie dog shoot, repetition, not a fixed distance, and they move around.
  4. The new plunger should work for all of the VLD type bullets, that is what they are designed for so any Berger, Nosler, custom VLD bullets all of them apply. πŸ‘
  5. yes, you need a seating stem designed for the longer bullets.
  6. rcdinaz

    Euro with velvet

    My wife has the same sentiment, says it looks like some kind of "devil thing".
  7. rcdinaz

    Euro with velvet

    πŸ˜‚ It looks just as weird from the back, has 15 points some stick straight out the back. I had to get a mount that held it far enough from the wall to hang it.
  8. rcdinaz

    13b HornPorn

    😳😳😳 Outstanding! My theory is the deer in 13B are a prehistoric strain. Dinosaur Deer!
  9. rcdinaz

    Realistic Field Shooting

    I have missed 2 big coues in the last 10 years both in Mexico, darn things ended up inside of 50 yards so I rushed it and missed them both. For the long range stuff I have not missed in a quite awhile. No bragging it is easy to practice far and tough to practice close, fast, and maxed out on adrenaline with a big fat scope. For what it is worth I have shot almost everything from a sitting position. The trips Mexico taught us petty quick that prone rarely works due to high grass and scrub brush everywhere. Sitting seems to be quicker and easier to deal with any incline as well, at least in my experience.
  10. rcdinaz

    Euro with velvet

    Freeze dried freak cactus buck euro mount.😁
  11. rcdinaz

    Unit 10 my beautiful blessing

    Well done Ernesto! glad you found a good one.
  12. rcdinaz

    After work success

    Great deer, well done!
  13. rcdinaz


    2014 Teryx4. 4 full size seats, great clearance, no problems. Only thing I don’t love is the brakes they are nothing like the rzr I had. I am also past the need to go really fast, I just want to reliably get where I am going in comfort and the thing is built like a tank.
  14. rcdinaz

    Dream Buck

    Dang!!! Well done and worth the wait.
  15. Best pad you can get! Extremely durable like the Outdoorsman pad but with more cushion. It is a permanent item in my pack replacing the Outdoorsman.