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  1. rcdinaz

    Poor man's Alaska fishing trip?

    5guys maybe I was too harsh. Everyone catches fish and it is the best eating there is! That being said once was enough for me. 😬
  2. rcdinaz

    Poor man's Alaska fishing trip?

    Halibut fishing is miserable. Holding a rod with a 5lb weight at 2:00AM with 30 other people sucks. The little deadliest catch town is cool for about 2 hours. It is so much smaller than it looks on TV and mobs of people are with you the entire time. Mostly a tourist trap. Now salmon fishing on the river can be fun and trout fishing is awesome. If you find cheap flights I think you can have fun for $4K. Sorry I can’t help with booking info. I went last time with a mission group so the 3 fishing trips were booked as a large group.
  3. rcdinaz

    Dual spotter/ Big eyes case

  4. rcdinaz

    **Update** KOWA Big Eyes Bracket

    Anyone find a better deal than Camera Land on these? eBay has some great deals but I am way to leary of eBay.
  5. rcdinaz

    Dual spotter/ Big eyes case

    How much is the case going to run? I will need one of these soon.
  6. rcdinaz

    swarovski nl pure

    Nope! Well not at this time, need to see 5-6 real reviews. Then wait a year or two when they refine after all of the feedback. Finally old enough to have learned not to get excited and then have buyers remorse. But I will stare at them online a lot.
  7. rcdinaz

    Glassing chair for big dudes

    Do you draw straws to see who has to clean the legs at the end of the trip? 🤢
  8. rcdinaz

    Glassing chair for big dudes

    Our group all had "WalkStool" stools. One guy is 6'5" and was probably 275 and has used his for years now.
  9. rcdinaz

    Where Am I?

    Bear Country (Zoo) 😂
  10. rcdinaz

    Where Am I?

    W.A.G. "Wild A$$ Guess"
  11. rcdinaz

    Where Am I?

    23. WAG...
  12. rcdinaz

    Daisy fire getting big

    Throwing butts out the window should be punishable by flogging! Possibly one of the dumbest things witnessed every day.
  13. rcdinaz

    Blue Ridge Reservoir

    Same deal, 25 years ago we used to go every year and hike down and fish from shore. The fish were usually bigger and healthier than the other lakes we fished. We fished with boats a fees times cowbells and dare devils.
  14. rcdinaz

    Wyoming draw results

  15. rcdinaz

    How many hunters vote?

    I hope all hunters vote... if you don’t already see the importance hunting related issues should give you plenty of additional reasons.