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  1. akaspecials

    SPOT messaging service

    I use an Inreach and have always been able to get a message out. Whatever you do though, don't let your wife get accustomed to you checking in regularly from the woods. Once they know you can communicate from the woods, it will just become another obligation while you're trying to get away from it all. Also, if you're looking at a SPOT, you may want to look at this article. I am on a backcountry skiiing forum where this person first posted after his accident. Long story short, they had two SPOTs on the mountain that couldn't get signals out. SPOT was working with them to determine why the devices failed, but I never heard a conclusion. I'm sure there are failures with every device, so idk if this is a one-off or wide spread, but thought I'd share it. https://www.kiro7.com/news/north-sound-news/nas-whidbey-helicopter-crew-rescues-two-snowmobilers-in-separate-crashes/923142305?fbclid=IwAR3BC1h3tkPk-1d2hb1zrSb_Nq5pOTFGptw2u_fO4A_uASIt4sSISp4fwgo
  2. akaspecials

    Any shed action yet?

    I'm in Ireland for business and got to see this Sika Deer shedding while I was out and about. Still on the look out for Red and Fallow Deer.
  3. akaspecials

    ISO Cobbler

    I have a few boots that need repairs. Anyone have suggestions for someone in the Phoenix metro area? Preferably East Valley. If you opened this looking for a pie, I'm sorry.
  4. akaspecials

    Boat rental at roosevelt.

    Craigslist typically has private rentals all over the valley. 300-400 a day for a pontoon or ski boat last time I checked. I may be off on current prices. Caveat emptor.
  5. akaspecials

    ADOT lazy

  6. akaspecials

    ADOT lazy

    Arizona are drivers are retarded to start with. And they go full retard in snow and ice. Can't blame them one bit for shutting it down, doesn't have anything to do with them being lazy. And 4x4 and chains won't get you through 3 ft of snow and the drifts that come with it.
  7. akaspecials

    Would like to sale this very rare deer mule mount

    It is pronounced holy "cooz" around these parts. 😆
  8. akaspecials

    Sonoran Antelope Question

    What affect would a border wall have on the Sonoran Antelope? Any biologist out there? I had someone pose to me that the herds are distinct and it wont hurt the 200 or so that are there, but it would impede thier expansion into historical ranges. He was more concerned about roads, canals, and barbed wire that already cut up the habitat. Valid reasoning? Invalid reasoning? The last part I know is a huge issue. Please start another thread to talk politics. I'd prefer to keep this to biology/science and personal experience with antelope.
  9. akaspecials

    Super Raffle tag buck...

    As a society, we have decided that it is okay to charge reasonable fees to help fund the government. $120 is reasonable. $38k is not. Furthermore, the $120 tag doesn't give special rights to people such as extended seasons and a choice of multiple units to hunt. I don't believe the same argument can be made because you are comparing apples to oranges.
  10. akaspecials

    Super Raffle tag buck...

    While I agree with your sentiment, it's also important to recognize that our public lands are not part of the "King's Forest" and a lot of us peasants don't think it's right that 38k can get you special hunting privileges. Money shouldn't be able to buy a public resource that is shared amongst all of us. That's the North American game model I was taught and subscribe to anyways....
  11. akaspecials


    Spend your money on gas and spend more time at the range and in the field. 8 inches at 60 yards is a huge spread. For what's it worth, the group I run with kills most of thier game under 40 yards. No need to shoot at the distances you are talking about, especially your first year out.
  12. akaspecials

    Technology and Animal Quality

    Just give it another ten years when the rest of California invades Montana. I spent a winter South of Bozeman 4 years ago and it was already changing enough I hightailed it back to AZ as soon as I could. Your forest will be full soon too : /
  13. I'm working with a dog on tracking and am in search of a deer liver and a hide from a late archery hunter. The fresher the better. I'm regularly in Payson, Show Low, Winslow and the Phoenix Metro Area (East Side). Thanks in advance.
  14. akaspecials

    Bump stock banned

    Coach and ThomC, I have to respectfully disagree with your assertions that this is not a big deal. The second amendment is like a block that is being chiseled on. Once chiseled, it can never be put back. At some point, we will have nothing left to chisel. This is also setting a precedence that they dont have to reimburse or grandfather in existing weapons. When the handgun ban hits, there will be no grandfathering, no reimbursement. All of us with handguns will be felons. Precedent was set when they outlawed bump stocks. They can take away your livelihood, make it impossible to get a good job, imprison you. I really think it's a big deal. That being said, I think bumps are a silly novelty and I have no need for them. But hey, that's how I feel about ATVs too... And I'm down for the weenie roast. That could be quite the gathering! I'll bring out the smoker and some pork shoulders if someone will donate me some ammunition and a bump stock.
  15. akaspecials

    Bump stock banned

    Just wait a few more years if you wanna see bullshoot. Just about everyone on this forum will be in violation of federal law when they get a democrat in the White House and hold both houses of Congress. This was passed under a Republican administration. There is a tidal wave hitting this country right now and the wave hasn't even started to crest.