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  1. akaspecials

    Low elevation bears

    1700 ft.
  2. akaspecials

    Sedona inexpensive place to stay???

    Fair warning, there is most likely a van full of hippies or a no parking sign in most of your former campsites....
  3. akaspecials

    Should I upgrade from 30-06?

    First, I'm a semi-proficient, but not great, rifle shooter. I keep all rounds on a pie plate at 300 yards and typically don't shoot farther than that. The only sub MOA groups shot with my rifles have been by other people. I moved from a 30-06 to a 300 Weatherby, and added a $1000 scope hoping to extend my reach to 400 or 500 yards, without spending much time or money at the range. Before it was all said and done, I developed a flinch, my groups got worse, and I spent over 1k on ammo to make sure that I reinforced my bad shooting habits. What little love I had for rifles, is all gone. I haven't picked up a rifle in 4 or 5 years. I would have been better off practicing with the 30-06...
  4. akaspecials

    Hyperinflation is coming...

    One alternative is gold miners, but realize that more money is lost on them than is made. In theory, when the price of gold rises, they tend to make a lot of money; they are terrible when gold is not hot though. I like Barrick Gold. I come in and out in waves the last few years (buy below 20, sell above 23, rinse and repeat, that trend may be over though..). Now is a bad time to be getting in, I've sold 25% of what I had in them a day or two ago and will continue to offload it slowly, or maybe quickly, depending on spot. Gold miners are not a hedge against inflation though, like owning precious metals would be, they are just a greedy play on metals, and may not be what you are looking for. Green gold may be good now, and is where I am putting my gold profits. Those stocks have fallen, as was kinda mentioned by someone else in this thread. MSOS or THCX are diversified in the industry and could return very nice profits when legalization comes. I expect they will go lower, but green gold stocks don't have much more room to fall. Scotts MIracle Gro is a good play there in my opinion too; it's relatively low now.
  5. akaspecials

    The other draw (The Grand)

    Thanks guys. Private trip. Small group. One professional river guide in the group (Lochsa, Snake, Merced, American, Gauley experience), and 2 in group with GC experience rowing their own boats. I will be renting a 18' from Moenkopi, but we have most of the gear ourselves from other multi day river trips. We'll likely do a night at Moenkopi's river house and have them set shuttle too. Monsoon flooding/falling debris is my largest concern. And rowing Crystal, Lava, and Hermit... lol. That muddy water mentioned above is just unnerving to float on. Keep the advice coming!
  6. akaspecials

    The other draw (The Grand)

    7 years of applying and I finally drew a permit for a river trip down the Grand Canyon in August 2023! We have 16 days to cover 280 miles. I'm sure a few of you have done this trip and have some knowledge to drop. Please share your experience or any advice you have for me. Things you should have done, shouldn't have done, etc. Anyone take fishing gear? I'd like to wish everyone good luck on the elk/lope draw too!
  7. akaspecials

    hunting/camping solo

    I camp and hunt alone 90% of the time for 2 reasons. 1. Most people refuse to walk more than a mile from the truck, especially in poor conditions. 2. I've been burnt on deer and quail areas too many times after swearing people to secrecy. I do carry an InReach for emergencies, and the family expects a message daily. I try to camp in groups for serious weather or if I'm near sketchy areas.
  8. akaspecials

    Tire Question

    I agree with what Horse Hunter said and suggested. Make sure your front chains clear when you turn the tires though. I run Cooper Discoverer ATP on a 04 Silverado 1500 and there is not enough clearance for "real" chains on the front tires. If you can't find real chains (meaning beefy large links), order them online. Most stores, even in states that get respectable amounts of snow, only carry cable chains because they tear up roads less. Cable chains are not meant for off-road and will cause a ton of damage when they snap and wrap around your axles. Picture is from this December when we got 4 ft in 2 days while camping/snowboarding at Mammoth. Top of the mountain got 8 ft. Rear chains only and we were fine on dirt roads with 4 low and low gears. We are only stuck in this picture because we tried to ram through the plow line to get from a FS road to the highway. We almost made it! Chains came off the next morning since we had compacted the snow with chains on the previous day.
  9. akaspecials

    Waterfowl taxidermist

    I agree with Big Tub. I have not had work done by Sven, and also had difficulty contacting, but he did respond and he graciously gave me 5 to 10 minutes of his time. I have seen at least 2 very nice pieces done by him. His prices were fair last time I checked (4 or 5 years ago maybe), when the quality is considered. Otherwise I would consider sending out of state. Not many guys get to work with waterfowl around here. Make sure you talk to the taxidermist about how to care for it. Last time I checked with mine he wanted head under wing put head first into a pantyhose and frozen. I know I've ruined a few I wanted to mount due to poor care of the feathers on my part.
  10. akaspecials

    New Draw

    Pick one folks: 1. We need a smaller government with a simple big game draw system not corrupted by politics. 2. We need to continue to make big game hunting as complicated as possible and give G&F more money grab opportunities for undefined boondoggles.
  11. akaspecials


    2 people have responded. I'll post if they fall through.
  12. akaspecials


    Delete. Fridge is gone.
  13. akaspecials

    New Draw

    Does anyone feel like 6 tags is just the start? The AZGFD article says "A total of six limited-entry permit-tags (two for each of the three species) were recommended for this initial draw". Only ten days announcement; this isn't a fundraiser, this is testing the waters to see what they can get away with... auctions will be here soon enough. They'll find a way to siphon off more tags to the rich if we aren't vocal. We are slowly going the way of Utah (and California) and I'm not particularly fond of it....
  14. akaspecials

    Daughters sheep hunt

    That does make me feel better! I hold no animosity towards anyone that takes advantage of the tag transfer, just don't like it personally. And I do not know if a tag transfer applies here to the OP; I assumed it did NOT and I was specifically responding to 654321. To the OP, Good luck on your daughters hunt! I hope you guys have a successful hunt. Didn't mean to shoot on your thread, I'll leave that to Bob.
  15. akaspecials

    Daughters sheep hunt

    Most loopholes are intentional. Ask any legislator... No reason someone should get multiple shots while others get one. A lot of us may die before we get tags. 12pts here. Maybe there is a reason for this intended loophole that I am unaware of; I'm no sheep expert. I understand that it is to get families that are "in the know" better access to tags, especially in the light of the age of many current max bonus point holders and the possibility they can't physically do the hunt if they draw.