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  1. akaspecials

    WTB Eberlestock Saddle Bag

    I'm looking for an Eberlestock saddle bag in Western Slope, Rock Veil, or Dry Earth Camo. Looks like Western Slope was discontinued and Dry Earth is sold out. Located in the East Valley/Tempe but in Payson/Show Low/Tucson regularly. TIA. Edit: Found Item. No longer looking. This listing can be deleted.
  2. akaspecials

    Where am I

    Is that your photo? Very cool if you've seen it! Folklore I've heard is he was interred in his sleeping bag near Tucson.
  3. akaspecials

    Salt and Verde River Lakes are filling up

    I've run the wilderness section between Camp Verde and Sheep's Bridge. I have not done headwaters down. I want to run the full length in the near future in one trip.
  4. akaspecials

    Salt and Verde River Lakes are filling up

    I have river trips planned for both the Upper Salt (60 to 288) and the Verde (Beasley to Horseshoe) in the next few weeks. It's nice to see all this water!
  5. akaspecials

    Effects of the virus scare?

    I work for a Fortune 500 Medical Device company. The corporation sent everyone home until April if they can work remotely. There is a skeleton crew at the office. Manufacturing is still producing at full capacity. The biggest messaging that we are getting is that the healthcare system can't handle all the cases hitting at once, but it can handle the virus spreading slowly. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so there is a unified effort to nip it in the bud. Listen to the epidemiologist, not the news anchors. Also, it's not just elderly that are dying. A lot of the deaths are overweight men 40 to 60, especially smokers. That should resonate around here. Anyways, I'm packing my truck to go shed hunting with the new dog. I'm all for working remotely and doing my part.
  6. akaspecials

    29 palms ca anyone know the area

    When my buddies were stationed there they would drive to us or we would drive to them. If I were you, I'd grind it out and just drive there to pick him up. It's not that bad. Joshua Tree is a heck of a destination too if you care to explore at all. Its right next to 29 palms. Lots of trash in the palms. I wouldn't make him wade through public transport unless you really don't like him.
  7. akaspecials

    ISO Dog Training Birds

    I'm looking for birds for dog training. Anyone have a source? Located in Chandler, but drive to Payson and Tucson regularly.
  8. Does the letter of the law matter if it means you have to go to court or hire a lawyer? Carry nontoxic only on your person when hunting waterfowl to avoid any hassle. If you shoot cranes with lead, don't take waterfowl. Are you running crane dekes next to duck and geese blocks?
  9. akaspecials

    How much water to take, 2 day pack-in

    With all this rain and snow, I wouldn't carry more than a liter on my person. Every seep and bottom in the state is full. I wasn't even filtering after I finished my water from home... That being said, I just did a 2 day trip with moderate hiking and consumed 6 liters with food prep, coffee, and putting out my fire. 3 liters a day minimum in winter; up to 8 in summer.
  10. akaspecials

    Looking for work

    Sent you a text Bill.
  11. akaspecials

    Who brings fire extinguisher in vehicle and camp?

    I carry one. Also always have a set of tools, chains, jumper cables, saw, air compressor, hatchet, and an extra bag of Redman. I've needed everyone except the fire extinguisher thus far...
  12. akaspecials

    South of the Boarder Violence

    Don't forget all the bullet holes in the concrete curbs and palm trees from the cartel vs government shootout in 2013. Lol.
  13. akaspecials

    South of the Boarder Violence

    I've been going down to Sonora for 20 years, dated a woman from Hermosillo, and have spent a season in Cholla Bay. I also stumbled around Juarez between 2006-2008. So I'm no stranger to Mexico. That being said, we had a family trip planned for Feb and both families decided to cancel. Just not worth it with kids. If I was single or the kids were grown, I'd be down there without a second thought.
  14. akaspecials

    AZ back country

    muledeerarea33 is dead on. Keep in mind that the wilderness areas, as all areas, can be very pockety, especially for coues deer. Once you start seeing deer, really pay attention to what the area looks like. Look for other areas like that and you will find more deer. PM me and I can give you a few specific wilderness names if you're willing to hike. That being said, a mile from the road will get you what you want without having to trek into a wilderness. Very few people walk around here, much less go two or three ridges off the road..
  15. akaspecials

    Wood Stove Questions- UL/Backpacking

    I went with the Minipeak XL with the winter 1.5p inner. I got 15 years out of my last Sierra Designs tent before the zippers started to go, so I'm hoping this is as well built and will last 15 to 20 years. I'm probably gonna go with the Lite Outdoors stove, but I'm worried it will be hard to boil water on a cylinder stove as compared to a box stove. The cylinders just seem so much more practical and utilitarian in everything except the cooking department though. Is your 12 or 18 in? I want 12 for weight but was thinking 18 would be a lot easier to load and only a few ounces more. Thoughts?