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  1. doogan

    First coues and awsum shot

    Congrats! Great buck!
  2. That is one heckuva hole in that lion! Congrats!! Thats awesome!
  3. doogan

    6A/22N Rocky here I come

    Congrats Brian! Good luck in Dec.!
  4. doogan

    Mounts are finally up!

    You should have put it up over the piano. Then at least you could enjoy it, if that's where the bedroom decor is headed- you'll be sleeping on the couch! HAHAHA!
  5. How many rounds down the barrel?
  6. doogan

    36c info

    You dont want that tag! That is a horrible hunt. LOL What you really need is to trade me for my 36c Thanksgiving weekend tag! Dec is just terrible- to cold- to many deer running around! You wont enjoy that hunt at all! Good luck! Should be a blast!
  7. doogan

    Where to go?

    There is a public range right next to the Casa Grande Police range that you can shoot out to about 600, there was a steel plate up on the mtn that was about 634. It's set up like Rio Salado with concrete benches, but you'll need to bring your own chair. Its south of Casa Grande, take I-8 off of I-10 and take the first exit and head south. You'll see it down there a ways.
  8. doogan

    first deer hunt more pics

    Sweet bear, and awesome looking country!
  9. doogan

    The Buck I Never Dreamed Of

    Thats AWESOME! Congrats!! Buck of a lifetime there!
  10. doogan

    36c illegal activity

    Congrats man! Post some pics!
  11. doogan

    Bushnell Trophy

    What reticle is in it? Plex, BDC?
  12. doogan

    The One That Got Away

    My dad and i were fishing Big Lake years ago. We were catching pretty good sized rainbows and cutts- 16-18". Then I had one hammer my line, hit it like a freight train! Many long runs later I was dragging him ashore and the line broke! I couldn't believe it, I was crushed. This fish was 23" long! I was standing there swearing like a filthy mouthed trucker and my dad says, "Hey is that your sinker there in the water?" HOLY S!!T IT IS!! Just as we saw this the sinker started to move toward open water. I jumped out into the lake onto the sinker, jammed my hands into the mud and rocks, FOUND THE LINE!! and pulled him in BARE HANDED!! We couldn't believe it and the few people around us were wondering what all the commotion was about, til they saw the size of that trout! That will forever be my best fishing story with my dad. The one that almost got away!
  13. doogan

    Did anyone kill the white Elk in unit 27 ?

    Wow thats awesome! Thanks for sharing that pic!
  14. doogan

    36c illegal activity

    I have that hunt over Thanksgiving, please let me know what you saw this weekend, as far as illegal activity. But most important- GOOD LUCK!!! And have fun!
  15. doogan

    Bear i got last week

    Thats awesome man! Congrats
  16. doogan

    second to last day buck

    Thats a great deer man! Congrats!
  17. doogan

    Southern coues

    LOL Try again
  18. doogan

    Would you rather?

    LOL Pack that in too, then you have motivation to stay out on the mountain!
  19. doogan

    Javelina with a Bad Attitude!!

    Looks great, I've always wanted a full mount. Maybe this year!
  20. doogan


    Dang thats cool!
  21. doogan

    Deer and Cold

    Not sure what separates us from the animals then LMAO!
  22. doogan

    Finally it's my turn

    Good luck Wink, I know it will be a fun trip, and I hope for success for you guys as well!
  23. doogan

    Would you rather?

    LOL I would rather hike back and sleep on a comfy mattress. But sometimes you gotta rough it to get the drop on a big buck, or to get past other hunters. Hiking the water and food in is just another scouting trip in there too. Food for thought.
  24. doogan

    A signed over tag....

    I agree! That is pure joy on that young mans face! You can feel his sense of accomplishment and happiness. THAT is what hunting is all about!