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    Goat tag in 2A

    I sent you a pm, Good luck! I missed a toad in there 12 years ago.
  2. doogan

    11 Yard Archery Antelope! Fight!

    That was AMAZING! Thanks for sharing with us. Great shot too!
  3. doogan

    Dove question

    There is supposed to be a pamphlet at Wal Mart that has the new boundaries marked out, with a map as well. Or maybe check AZGFD website as well.
  4. Congratulations Cade! That was awesome!
  5. I purchased the Danner 453 Hiker in early October. I had an Early November hunt down south, so I wore them every day to work to really get them broken in. They have been the best pair of hunting boots I have ever had. I've had other pairs of Danners, Rockys, and other brands, but this particular boot has been great. It's all about fit, if the boot doesn't fit then it's sh-t! I was going to buy the Pronghorn, but it didn't fit me right. Spend the money on a quality boot ($180 +) and get one that fits, and you wont be sorry.
  6. My brother in laws and I drew our first coues tags in 36c, none of us have hunted that unit and are looking for any info that anyone would be willing to give us. I have heard around the Elkhorn ranch is a good area, and also the bottom third of the unit. We will be scouting in about two weeks, and continue till the hunt starts. Anyone have any other ideas on where to start? Thanks
  7. doogan

    36c november tag

    I hope so too! Git 'R Done! then tell me where his Grandaddy is! hahaha
  8. doogan

    36c november tag

    Hahaha, not asking for gps coordinates, just a decent place to start looking