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    Sound mind? That’s asking a little to much from this crowd haha!
  2. doogan

    Bino Harnesses for sale

    I will take one of them. I’ll pm you about meeting up.
  3. doogan

    Outdoorsman Packs

    Is the Camo pack the optics pack?
  4. doogan


    Any trade interests?
  5. doogan


    What brand is the 6.5 Creedmoor brass?
  6. doogan

    Crickett 22. LR. Youth

    Where are you located?
  7. I’ll take the bottom metal
  8. Where are you located?
  9. doogan

    Bell and Carlson

    What does it weigh?
  10. doogan

    Sold-Remington 300 RUM Brass-Sold

    I’ll take it. PM inbound
  11. doogan

    Why is there so Many Swaro 15’s for sale?

    Everyone’s upgrading to Tascos lol
  12. doogan

    Tent, stove and generator

    Still available?
  13. doogan

    Once fired 300 RUM brass

    Still available?
  14. doogan


    For the baby?! I’ve seen some stuff on here that I’d trade my 14 year old for, but not the baby! Lol
  15. doogan

    Question about knife steel

    Looking at buying my brother in law a new knife for his 40th b-day. Question is, is there a noticeable difference from D2 steel to S30V? Exact same knife only difference is the steel, S30V is $20 more. Ill gladly spend the extra $20 if its going to be a better knife. Appreciate any input.
  16. doogan

    Question about knife steel

    Thanks for the info guys.
  17. doogan

    ER Shaw custom rifles????

    Contact Todd at Southern Xpress Precision Rifles. I know he has a 280 AI on a Savage action for sale. It is a shooter too! 602-677-3791
  18. doogan

    FREE Camper Shell

    That was my plan when I got it 3 years ago lol
  19. doogan

    FREE Camper Shell

    I have a fiberglass camper shell to give away. It is for a long bed, currently on my 2004 Chevy. Its not perfect, there is no front window, but its never gotten wet inside because of that, it needs new struts for the rear window. Im located in East Mesa, Signal Butte and Elliot area. It is heavy so bring help to lift it. Jim 480-283-7032
  20. doogan

    FREE Camper Shell

    Its all yours Couesdeer, see you Saturday
  21. doogan

    Tripod heads **manfrotto sold**

    I’ll take the Manfrotto if SO I HUNT doesn’t
  22. doogan

    Poor bear lol

    Weve all been there buddy! https://www.facebook.com/gwingslive/videos/2031577350460966/
  23. doogan

    Poor bear lol

    Simple solution, don’t watch and scroll on
  24. doogan


    Definitely interested in a wall tent