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    Looking for 280 AI *****found one*****

    Todd South 602-677-3791
  2. doogan

    Looking for 280 AI *****found one*****

    Reach out to SouthernXpress here. He has one and it’s a shooter, and it’s for sale.
  3. doogan

    Blocking FS Road !!!

    I'd call everybody, G&F, Forest service, Sheriffs office, get 'em all out there to ticket this jack wagon. Or just wait for him and serve up some hillbilly justice, that's effective too.
  4. doogan

    San Diego Deep Sea Questions

    Look up Point Loma Sportfishing. The fishing this summer has been amazing from what I've seen. He may have to wait for his present until June. The fish are still pretty far south in March.
  5. doogan

    Gunsmith for muzzle brake

    Southern Xpress in Mesa, Todd 602-677-3791. He does great work!
  6. doogan

    Brunton Eterna and Boyd's Laminate stock

    LA or SA on the stock?
  7. doogan

    Hunting beards

    Always have some kind of beard when hunting! Don't hate me because I'm beautiful! Lol
  8. doogan

    410 snake charmer

    I've got one too, it's got a broken stock and finding a replacement is proving difficult. There have been different manufacturers with different specs. There is a Snakecharmer 2 that Numrich has stocks for. If you find a stock for that one let me know, I'd like one too.
  9. I second Southernexpress, he does great work!
  10. doogan

    Mossberg ,17 HMR

    Why don't you offer the most you'd pay and see if y'all can make a deal?
  11. doogan

    Badlands 2200

    How old is it and where is it located?
  12. doogan

    Vanguard tripod with manfrotto head SOLD

    Thank you Dustin
  13. doogan

    Vanguard tripod with manfrotto head SOLD

    Sounds good, I'll PM you with my info
  14. doogan

    Vanguard tripod with manfrotto head SOLD

    I'll take it if no one has spoken for it yet. Do you still happen to have the original Vanguard head that came with it?
  15. doogan

    Hunting the Old Way

    Very cool! Congrats!
  16. doogan

    Plumbing contractor wanted

    I will give you a call in the morning.
  17. doogan

    Indian Ruins

    We found these on our late elk hunt a few weeks ago in 22N. I love this stuff. So cool having a connection to the past like this. Hunting areas that people did so many years ago.
  18. doogan

    Free ammo

    If for some reason AZGRIZ doesn't take the 32 SWL I will. Thanks
  19. doogan

    Unit 27 Rocky Mountain Bighorn

    Awesome! Congrats!
  20. doogan

    Hunting with muzzle brake?

    If it's a quick shot opportunity then I don't worry about it. But if I have time to set up then I use my lightweight electronic muffs, turn the sound all the way up and you can communicate with someone in hushed tones if your together and still be able to hear everything and not blow out your ears. It's really nice to be able to dress your game without ringing ears also.
  21. doogan

    22N December Bull?

    We have the same hunt, should be a blast! 7 days in the woods chasing elk, can't ask for much more than that. We've scouted some but they will get pushed all over and deeper on this weekends hunt. Just look at the map for a place that would make you say 'I'd hate to pack a bull out of there', that's where you'll find him. Good luck to all, stay safe and shoot straight, but most importantly have a great time!
  22. doogan

    35B here we come

    I can't wait either buddy! See you in camp, I'm almost there.
  23. doogan

    "Good to a thousand" mentality??

    LOL! A buddy of mine said those exact same words this weekend. We went shooting and he hit the target at 650. His first ever attempt at that range. He texted our other buddies yesterday that he was "good to 650" and that I was good to 800 (that's the furthest I shot that day). I had to call him out, you hit 1 target at 650! That does not make you Quigley. I practice those shots and the furthest I've ever shot a deer at is 500, most of the time you can get closer so why not try? Yes the gun can make the shot, and when you are practicing you have perfect conditions and are completely calm. When you put a deer in front of you that all changes, calm goes out the window. Practice the long shots, it makes the closer shots much easier. And be responsible, none of us are perfect and bad shots happen, but do everything you can to prevent it.
  24. doogan

    Model 7 Action $350 New in box

    Just build the Creedmoor, Todd needs another project lol!