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    SOLD .223 CVA single shot for sale

    Sold, thanks guys!
  2. I have a CVA .223 single shot rifle, bull barrel, with a 4x12 Bushnell scope on it for sale. I don't shoot it, and since it's almost rifle Javelina season, I thought someone might like a new piggy popper. This would be a great gun for a junior hunter as well. Asking $250
  3. doogan

    Brother in laws big tom

    Congrats! Good lookin cat
  4. doogan

    Rifle expert help

    Yes, just need to open the bolt face or get a new bolt.
  5. doogan

    223 single shot

    Lets get the .223 sold today!
  6. doogan

    2015 Hoyt nitrum 34 package $650

    Would he take any trades?
  7. doogan

    223 single shot

    Bump for a good buddy. These guns shoot great too! Somebody needs a new piggy/yote/prarie dog popper!
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    Thanks cactusjack!
  9. doogan


    I have a S&W 686 6" .357 with original wood grips for sale. This gun shoots great, has had the trigger lightened and has been drilled and tapped for a Leupold scope mount. It is a one piece base and rings. I will include the scope mount and rings but no scope. A variable 1-4 power would be perfect for this set up. $600. Will consider trades for a nice semi auto shotgun or a Vortex PST 6-24x50 MOA willing to take cash or add cash for the right deal.
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    I already have one, thanks for the offer.
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    Yes it is
  12. doogan


    dang!! Awesome buck!
  13. doogan


    TTT Price drop
  14. With that round, pick a heavier bullet and don't load it as hot. If your trying to save the hide that is. If you can find a bonded bullet, I would shoot that, it would stay together and not vaporize.
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  16. doogan


    Looking for cash right now, but always willing to listen. What do you have in mind?
  17. doogan


    Thanks! This will be a great HAM gun for somebody!
  18. doogan


    Still have the .264 ammo?
  19. doogan

    One's better than nothing

    Wish I could've been there buddy!
  20. doogan

    Colorado 2nd season rifle 6x6

    Congrats Charlie!! Nice bull!
  21. doogan

    New to 36c and to coues

    On that hunt especially, you will need to be at your glassing point long before its light outside. They will be moving to bed early, it will still be pretty warm down there. And get it cleaned and cooled quickly. It's a great hunt!! Have fun man!!