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    Non-Fried Squirrel Recipes?

    We would just roast them over the fire, don't cook it to fast or it'll get tough.
  2. doogan

    Retumbo at Sportsmans Mesa

    Bet you didn't see the ones I hid though!! Lol
  3. Does anybody have any Retumbo for sale?
  4. doogan


    Reloading for a 300 RUM. Never tried RL 33, has anyone used it with any success? Curious now, any recipes? Shooting a 210 Hunting VLD. Thanks guys
  5. doogan

    New life to an old rifle

    Nice! That looks great!
  6. doogan


    Bear Mountain in Mesa is getting a shipment in this week, for any of you that are still in search of unicorn meat. Lol
  7. A pair of tan pants and Kings Desert Shadow long sleeved shirt.
  8. doogan

    Unit 1 late bull

    Finally drew a unit 1 bull tag. It's been 12 years since my last elk tag, and that was a 27 archery bull tag. This will be a great hunt, it was my second choice, first choice was the early rifle hunt so no surprise when I didn't draw that tag. I am super excited for this hunt, congrats to all those that drew tags as well. Shoot straight!
  9. doogan

    ISO Rem Short action

    I'm looking for a Remington 700 short action or complete rifle if the price is right. My buddy and I are going to build a .260 Rem or a 6.5 Creedmoor for his sons first rifle. Let me know what's out there Thanks!
  10. doogan

    2014 Coues Deer Kill Distances Poll

    505- 1 shot
  11. doogan

    3 Remington model 7s

    I may have a buyer for the .260, I'll call you later
  12. doogan

    300 RUM Ammo $50

    I have a box of Nosler Trophy Grade ammo in 300 RUM, 180 grain Accubonds. This is awesome ammo, just doesn't shoot well out of my rifle. Asking $50
  13. doogan

    300 RUM Ammo $50

    TTT Best offer
  14. doogan


    Awesome! Congrats!
  15. doogan

    2014 Antelope down

    I thought you said that was an antelope. That thing is a PIG!!! LOL
  16. doogan

    Redemption Buck!!!!! Good Pics

    Awesome!! Great looking buck!
  17. doogan

    300 RUM Ammo $50

  18. doogan

    Anybody need dies?

    I'll take the 6mm Rem if it's still available.
  19. doogan

    Border units

    I know I can shoot better than any of those guys (terrorists or cartel a-holes). Scared?... no
  20. doogan

    My 2014 antelope

    Congrats man thats awesome!
  21. doogan

    What Church do you attend?

    Meridian Pointe Ward, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Out in east Mesa
  22. doogan

    New life to an old rifle

    I was there as well and watched as Todd shot that rock. Then he coached Jon, myself and another friend of ours on how to do it also. We all hit that rock at 966 yds. Each with our own rifles, mine in 300 RUM, Jons in 270 WSM and Ryans in 270 Win! Thanks Todd for all of your help and gunsmithing.
  23. doogan

    New life to an old rifle

    I had the pleasure of seeing this rifle in person a week or so ago. It is awesome, an absolutely beautiful stock. Todd does great work. I recently had him work on my 300 RUM, she's not all done but really close.