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    WTS: Re-posted Hunting/camping Trailer

    Bump for the weekend.
  2. forepaw

    Cats and bear.

    Forget about it.
  3. Frankford Arsenal, M72 (?) w/ 173 gr. boattail bullet. Arsenal match ammo and brass is known to be very good. I think that is late enough that it is not corrosive primed, but you may want to google it to confirm. Nice thing about arsenal brass is it uses conventional primers, not crimped. Good stuff for handloaders. If you decide to shoot it for accuracy, what the old-timers used to do was run each round into a FL die with seating depth just low enough to crack the seal around the mouth of the case. Arsenal match ammo is meant to have a LONG shelf life. It will shoot just fine out of M1 Garands, in fact, if you know of anyone with a match-conditioned Garand, they might want it. But it is also good, accurate, blasting ammo out of any '06. Pressure is low. Velocity should be around 2,640. I have shot hundreds of rounds of it in competition, including 1000 yd. If you are sure it is reloaded ammo, disregard above, but brass is still good. You might pull a bullet and weigh the powder, just to have that info. IMR 4895 was popular in those days.
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    WTS 1# of Unique powder

    PM sent.
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    Scott pursuit release price drop

    I will take it.
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    Firearm Stolen - Home Owner Beware

    Are you registered with www.hotgunz.com The police report normally gets distributed to pawn shops etc. as long as you had S/N and good description of the firearm.
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    Cable stop alignment

    Man that is WAY out of alignment. Let us know what you find. It could be hole in riser drilled off-center, limb or limbs twisted, limb bolt holes in riser off-center, brackets and holes for cams out of alignment, who knows. Have you contacted Bowtech?
  8. forepaw

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    Correct. There should not be any carryover from one generation to the next. Hard to say what influences characteristics from one area to another.
  9. forepaw

    46A East?

    If it is a true 158 ram, then it could be a tough call for some. That is probably a class 4 ram, but may be borderline. There is nothing at all wrong with a 158, but depends on how handsome of a critter you think it is. How is the mass? Character? Color? Are you seeing other rams? A 158 class ram, taken on a DIY, 100% fair chase hunt, especially someplace with difficult access, would be a fine trophy!
  10. forepaw

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    My thinking also. Coues hybrid. Maybe not first generation? Very nice buck.
  11. https://williamlarkinmoore.com/ These guys can probably do it, or know someone who can. What you are looking for is a stock fitter with a try-gun. This is a mechanical stock with all kinds of points of adjustment to obtain ideal fit. There is also a DIY technique if you just want to see how your existing stock fits. Basically, you need a steel gong about 3' diameter, that is clean and smooth, so you can roll light grease across the surface. You back up 15 yds. or so, and mount your gun and shoot quickly at what you perceive to be the center of the plate. After a few times, you will see how your stock fits as it will be obvious by the impact of the shot charge on the plate. It takes some interpretation by a knowledgeable person, but you could research it and figure it out. Most gun clubs with a trap and skeet range have these, and likely you could find someone who could help out. By the way, you want to repaint the plate after each shot. Take notes or cell phone pics, and after a few shots, you will have a good idea of the fit of that particular shotgun. For upland game, the ideal point of impact is centered left to right, and just slightly high, to account for the rising target. This technique will provide lots of info, but not the ideal dimensions. You will need a try-gun for that, or else mount a lot of guns, and record the dimensions of what fits and what doesn't. Kinda tedious, but shotgun guys like this stuff.
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    Looking for vortex venom red dot

    Buddy who was a sentry dog handler on a missle site on the DMZ in Korea said the way the army taught them to break up a dog fight was to grab the other end. Takes two people though. Not always convenient.
  13. forepaw

    freakin rodents!

    Yep. And don't kill rattlesnakes.
  14. forepaw

    Compilation of Arizona Trail Cam Footage

    Great footage. Thanks for posting.
  15. forepaw

    Good ole days on ammo prices

    Must have been Gryphon Gunworks on 12th St. PSS recommended them to install choke tubes on a Rem. M 11 for me. Those guys were the REAL deal. Top notch gunsmiths and professional quality work - not necessarily rifle builders or barrel fitters, but full journeymen all around gunsmiths. I bought a pre-64 M70 .30-06 from them, and almost bought a couple other guns - one a pre-64 M 70 featherweight in .270. I don't know what happened to them, but I can tell you if there were still gunsmiths like them around, I would have bought a lot more guns over the past 30 yrs.
  16. forepaw

    My Mentor

    Gerry Blair. Jack Cain.
  17. forepaw

    My Mentor

    I looked at my list of ADBSS Charter Members, but no match there. Jack and Bradford O'Connor partially match, but they were known for more than one hunting discipline. I guess I am about to learn something new.
  18. forepaw

    Good ole days on ammo prices

    Here is a blast from the past. One of these guys started a range, one a range was named after him, one was a gunsmith who wrote at least one book on the subject, one owned a gun store that is discussed in this thread. What's your guess kneeling left to right 1-4. Standing left to right 1-6. Sorry the pic isn't the best. Looks like Camp Perry. Gunsmith Roy Dunlap?
  19. forepaw

    Good ole days on ammo prices

    Would it have been Manuel Sinohui?
  20. forepaw

    First hunt for Enoch, 35a second hunt.

    Hey Kev, you are more than welcome! I am always glad to help a young person have a positive hunting or fishing experience and enjoyed it like I would my own hunt. I am glad everything came together, as it was far from a guaranteed outcome. You deserve a lot of credit for coaching and judgement, and keeping Enoch's spirits up. And like you mentioned, it was really touch and go. You both had to race up that hill, with light fading fast, wind blowing, spooky deer dancing around, and get set up and make the shot. Enoch stayed calm and made it happen, which I could tell was not that easy to do under those conditions. I am glad he was pleased with his deer and the hunt. His first thought was making sure he had hit the deer solidly, which says his ethics are on the right track. Great job!
  21. forepaw

    Cold weather tent camping

    Have a way to keep your water thawed. Single digits and below, keep a couple liters in your sleeping bags. Even in cold weather, you have to stay hydrated (clear urine), and it is also nice to have some water to sponge off with. You can easily wash from head to toe with two or three coffee cups full. Use lotion on exposed skin, and powder in socks and skivvies. You may want to set up two tents - one for sleeping, and one for cooking and warming. Also, start your vehicle daily if possible, to keep the battery charged and oil fluid. Another handy trick is to have two each Jone hand warmers and fuel. In bitter cold, it makes a world of difference to have one in your shirt pocket and one in pants pocket. Have a dry pair of socks in your pack at all times, and a dry change of clothes in the tent. Recognize what early hypothermia looks like, and don't let yourself get into that condition. Build a fire, drink something hot, put on extra layers, whatever it takes to avoid uncontrollable shivering. Your menu should include high-calorie, easily digestible food items and snacks. Lots of good comments on this thread re: sleeping warm and portable heaters.
  22. forepaw

    6a Halloween Buck

    Handsome deer. Neck shot at 175 yds. with lightweight sporting rifle and scope. Good shooting. No ruined meat. What caliber and load?