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    Interesting #.. thought they were banned

    Never, ever live anyplace you have to haul water.
  2. I will take them. PM sent.
  3. +1 on Rocket Steelheads, at least the old ones. I printed a long article on penetration testing (independent, not a rep. or mfg.) from a few years ago, and these were rated the best of both fixed and mechanicals - at least for that round of testing. No experience with them on bigger animals, but hopefully anyone who has used them on elk will weigh in and tell us how they performed.
  4. forepaw


    What's the difference between the LEO/Govt stamped mags and civilian mags of the same cap.
  5. forepaw

    Look for advice on boots

    Hanwag Alaska GTX w/ custom footbed from Lathop & Sons Boot Co. Will cost plenty. Plan on Dahlgren socks, or any similar premium sock. Only 1 pr. needed with these boots. forepaw
  6. forepaw

    Can anyone drill and tap a couple casings for me?

    Any reason the Hornady modified case won't serve? Just curious.
  7. PM sent on the Pentax.
  8. forepaw

    Please delete

    Didn't know you had a LH Athens. Which one? Dang. Musta missed that.
  9. forepaw

    Swarovski 15x56 SLC

    Unreal. $1200 for glass of this quality.
  10. forepaw

    Reloading Equipment (complete set)

    PM sent.
  11. forepaw

    Where am I?

    Pretty neat right there, thanks for posting! Looks like an artifact right out of the post - WWII building boom.
  12. forepaw

    Where am I?

    Memorial to Tom Mix? 15 - 18 miles south of Florence?
  13. forepaw

    Ruger .357 magnum $450

    Back in the late '70s Ruger chambered that same gun for 9mm. It was called the Speed Six, and the adjustable sight version was the Security Six. I think the 9mm was in Speed Six only. It didn't use full or 1/2 moon clips as I recall, it headspaced on the case mouth. I really wanted one, unfortunately, I delayed and screwed around and I think most of them got shipped to Israel. Anyway they disappeared from the shelves and dealer displays, and I don't think I have seen one since.
  14. forepaw

    Ruger .357 magnum $450

    These are very good revolvers. They are built like a bank vault and will provide a lifetime of service. They also lend themselves to disassembly and smoothing of the action by just about anyone with decent mechanical ability. Try that with a S&W or Colt.
  15. forepaw

    WTB vehicle for daughter

    PM sent.
  16. forepaw

    Your First Big Game Rifle?

    You're close. The Western auto was about 2 or 3 doors to the east. It was turned into a bar I believe. I recall shooting pool there a few times.
  17. forepaw

    Your First Big Game Rifle?

    I remember that store. They had some neat stuff, and the owner or manager at the time, would dicker to get you out the door with something at a decent price. I bought my wife a Rem. 870 20 ga. there. She still has it. (She wasn't my wife at the time). Came close to buying a Mont. Wards - labeled mauser in '06, believe it was a model 51 or 53. 4x steel-tube Weaver w/post reticle. Pretty good stock and trigger. There was a Holubar store in the same little strip mall. Good backcountry gear, much of it made it the U.S. Remember Smitty's on Baseline and Rural? Bought my dad a 10-22 and scope there. Also got myself a set of .270 dies with birthday money. When us kids would get together on our deer hunts, you would see Santa Barbara mausers, Lee Enfields, Rem. M 722s, Springfields - all faded from the scene nowadays. Another lifetime I guess, at least if feels like it.
  18. forepaw

    Your First Big Game Rifle?

    Lee Enfield No.1 Mk. 4 w/ shortened stock and barrel and recoil pad. Someone had done a pretty nice job on it, especially the front sight, but kept the military 2-stage trigger. Bought at Western Auto in Tempe for $15.00. This would have been about 1967. The flip up rear sight graduated in meters was pretty neat. Wish I still had it. Ditto on the 7x35 Tasco binoculars!
  19. forepaw

    Delorme vs Cell Phone vs GPS

    Thanks Kev. I knew you would have something useful. Good info!
  20. forepaw


    No plain old .243 Win.? Hmm. Pronghorns are not difficult to kill. Folks in WY and MT and ID just reach in the broom closet or gun rack and use whatever they have. I suspect much of the time it is an '06, or a .243 Win. with a record of one-shot kills. Of course they chuckle when they see us out of state hunters drive over a thousand miles each way and spend a small fortune to whack a speedy goat. They do like the money though. forepaw
  21. forepaw

    Delorme vs Cell Phone vs GPS

    Howdy CWT amigos, I just upgraded my android phone, and am considering keeping the old one strictly for navigation using On-X or something similar. I plan to use the new phone for Avenza maps, and keep the old one just for GPS, since it doesn't have a SIM card, and won't do anything without wifi. But I should be able to put in a memory card and download On-X maps and use as a GPS, since that doesn't require wifi or mobile network, only open sky - or am I missing something? I also have a Garmin GPS, but thought it would be really neat to salvage the old phone for use with On-X. Appreciate help from all the phone and GPS gurus on this forum. forepaw
  22. forepaw

    Savage LH 30-06

    Nice range! forepaw
  23. forepaw

    Multiple rifles for sale

    This post is an object lesson in good guns ruined through neglect. Most members on here probably don't know what a Model 61 is, or could care less, but that is a pre-war or early post war (I am pretty sure pre-war), in a classic caliber. It was the finest pump-action rimfire ever made in this country, or anywhere It should be worth 4-5x the asking price, but as it sits, is only useful for parts. A shame. forepaw