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    Filtering Water

    I personally use Katadyn Hiker Pro Filter, then treat the filtered water with a Steripen. The Steripen weighs almost nothing so I don't mind carrying it as well. I also have an MSR Sweetwater as a backup but prefer the Katadyn. Guys who carry the Sawyer stuff need to be careful given that the fibers can freeze and crack. Avoidable by putting it in the sleeping bag at night when you sleep and it gets coldest. For anyone who uses a Nalgene or any other wide mouth bottle, I recommend picking up a HumanGear capCAP. It's only $6, weighs nothing and more importantly it ensures your mouth never touches the lip of the bottle which may be contaminated. Another thing I highly recommend is to carry two methods of capturing water. Personally I always have my Camelbak reservoir, and a Nalgene bottle or Hydroflask (have both). This ensures that I always have a way to gather and keep water if one of them breaks.
  2. jp0212

    Delorme InReach

    Sorry I haven't responded in a bit. Didn't see the updated thread. Battery life has been great. It hasn't died on me yet. I carry a backup battery though just in case, and also plan to pick up a small solar panel. Did you already get the SE? I strongly recommend upgrading to the Explorer. I carry a Garmin Oregon 600, but decided it was well worth the extra $50 to have a backup means of navigation. I may be a bit paranoid, but I have to venture out alone a lot, so I follow the "2 is 1 and 1 is none" philosophy with critical gear. I also carry a map and compass, which I am proficient with.
  3. jp0212

    New Built AR-15 ((SPF))

    Just in case it helps, the iron sights are also Troy Flip Ups. Pretty pricey if you look at their website. Best iron sights on the market IMO. I run them on all my rifles.
  4. jp0212

    Delorme InReach

    You can send preset messages as well as personalized messages. The preset messages get programmed in and can be edited, just not on the fly. It has to be done on your computer directly to the profile and then synced. The preset messages also do not go against monthly limit. Personal messages can be typed directly into the unit and sent, but you are limited on how many you get per the plan you select. The other great thing is that you can put the Earthmate app on your phone, then sync the phone to the unit. You can then use the app on your phone to text and send messages. The Delorme doesn't have a Topo map on it, as it only shows your relative position to waypoints. If you have the app though you can view pretty good topo maps that show hiking trails and trailheads, as well as quite a bit of other good info. I personally HIGHLY recommend the unit.
  5. jp0212

    Delorme InReach

    I'm currently on the monthly plan, which you can cancel at any time. I plan to switch soon to yearly though solely because I'm at 6 months and have canceled it yet. I like having it all the time, even in general hikes, scouting trips, etc. I found I end up using it more often than not so decided to keep it running. I'm on the $34.95 plan ($24.95 contract) and have never exceeded the messages or anything. I believe the plans are the same, with the exception of the price and contract. You are correct thought that every time you pay $34.95 it is good for 30 days. Hooe that helps. I live in Gilbert and work in Tempe, let me know if you'd like to check it out.
  6. I have actually spoken to two separate people who have told me they got shot at while roaming the hills down south very close to the border. One of the guys was hunting alone, the other person I talked to was hiking with a friend. Normally I'd call BS, but I knew both of them pretty well and neither of them was a BS'er. That was a few years ago though. Made me nervous enough that I avoid it down there. Mainly because I have to hunt alone most of the time.
  7. jp0212

    Meat from animals in the rut

    Was the meat sent to a processor? Or did you process it yourselves?
  8. jp0212

    Bino harness

    I'm pretty surprised no one mentioned the Horn Hunter bino harness. I absolutely love that thing. It was tough deciding between the AGC, FHF and Horn Hunter. I might have been sold on the Horn Hunter because I was able to put hands on it locally, but I have been more than happy with it. I would have loved all the pockets on the AGC, but the pocket on the King's is decent enough. It lets me keep my tags, licenses, a lens cleaning pen, lighter, and a couple other small items in it. The biggest selling point was that I can attach the range finder on it in two locations, one for quick access and the other for hiking. I turned away from the FHF solely because I didn't like how much the bino's were exposed on the sides. Coverage is definitely best in the AGC, but I love the range finder feature on the Horn Hutner. Can't go wrong with any of the three though. I'm right there with you Pac8541 on the camo pattern. I'm a total fanboy for Sitka, so it was tough buying one that didn't match up. I actually bought the Sitka bino harness first, but that thing was terrible.
  9. jp0212

    Kifaru Argali

    You honestly can't beat the Kifaru packs, although there are definitely some good ones out there like Stone Glacier and Mystery Ranch. If anyone is thinking about getting a Kifaru pack I would keep an eye out as Father's Day approaches. Last year they had a pretty good sale going. I picked up a Timberline 2 with a Guide Lid, Grab-It II and the Gun Bearer, as well as some various pouches. I absolutely LOVE that pack. I've spent a few days in the backcountry with that thing loaded up about 60 lbs, and it was more than comfortable. I am also more than happy to show mine to anyone considering order a pack from them. I know it wasn't easy to drop that much money on something without being able to touch it first. Actually, Pac8541, maybe we can get them to send us some free stuff if we become a traveling Arizona road show
  10. jp0212

    Delorme InReach

    Sorry, I didn't talk to the subscription plan more previously. What did you need to know about the plans?
  11. jp0212

    Delorme InReach

    I have the Delorme Inreach Explorer. I personally HIGHLY recommend it. I was hesitant to pick one up but my wife was super nervous about me heading out by myself all the time, especially after my 2nd ACL surgery. I would take it over the Spot any day of the week. Better satellite coverage, plus you get the added benefit of being able to communicate. You actually even have a direct line of communication with S&R, so you can explain why you need rescuing. That way they can be better prepared to assist you. You also get the added benefit of knowing they got your message. With the Spot, you actually won't know they got the message until they show up. I also like the fact the the Explorer has backup GPS. They are a little pricey, but I now consider it one of the most important items in my pack. If you'd like, I could let you check mine out at some point since it's a pricey expense.
  12. jp0212

    New from OH, soon to be AZ

    Unfortunately she doesn't dabble into hunting, she won't even let me killing milipedes or spiders in the apartment her quote is "it's not their fault they're scary and that's *insert a human name* btw" What kind of pup are you getting/training it for? If it's for retrieving, if you need any puppy starter videos I have a couple good ones and a digital copy for advanced retriever training with Lardy. I'm hoping I can find some retriever clubs in the area to join up with them. Bummer she doesn't hunt! Hopefully she's at least cool with you heading out. Always feel bad for the dudes I meet at work whose wives/gf's get pissed when they go out and hunt. I am looking to get a German Shorthaired Pointer. Looking at various breeders that are expecting a litter in the next couple months, so 8 weeks after that I will have my little buddy. Hoping around mid-September. The pup will mainly be for Quail, Dove, Pheasant, Waterfowl and Chukar here in Arizona. Will also take him up to WY with me for Grouse and Waterfowl as well. Planning to teach him how to point, flush and retrieve. Basically expecting it do everything How did you like the Lardy videos? I am debating between Mike Lardy and Evan Graham. You should have no problem finding a club here for your retriever. I am planning on joining one as well with my GSP once I get it. Main focus will be on getting him out in the field though. Have you started learning all the hunting units and species yet? If you would like, I have something I put together I can email you. It basically overlays the areas where species live in the state on top of a Game Unit Map. PM me your email if you'd like, I'll shoot it over. I would also recommend looking into Flatline Maps. Best maps I have ever used.
  13. jp0212

    German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone! Greatly appreciated!
  14. So I unfortunately lost one of my dogs recently to lung cancer. She was the most amazing pup I have ever owned, and would give anything to get her back. I have decided the next pup would be a GSP that I could turn into a hunting buddy so I don't have to head out alone anymore, but was really hoping to get some feedback on reputable breeders. I have always adopted from the shelter, so this will be my first go at an actual breed for greatness dog. I have looked into Rugerheim Kennels in NM, and am also talking to someone local who may be expecting pups, but was curious if anyone had any other recommendations for a well bred puppy. Happy to look across the country if needed, but preference is to stay in Arizona or a neighboring state. Any recommendations?
  15. jp0212

    New from OH, soon to be AZ

    You guys are going to love it here! Arizona is, in my opinion, the greatest and most beautiful state in the union. Amazing lakes, rivers and an incredible amount of diversity in the landscape. Not to mention the amazing views the mountains provide. Phoenix isn't much of an amazing city, and Tucson is the WORST ;-) but if you get outside as you likely will as a hunter you will see nothing but beauty. Personally, I could never live anywhere other than the western states of WY, MT, ID, CO, UT, AZ, WA, OR or NM. I also hunt regulary up in WY and love it there, but you can't beat what we have going here in Arizona. Does the GF like to hunt too? Let me know if you want to grab a beer once you guys get down. All of my hunting buddies have moved away to OR, WY, WA and CO, so the last couple seasons have been solo trips. My wife used to be my huntin buddy, but with the recent addition of a baby she hasn't been able to head out. I will be picking up a new pup in the next couple months, and will also be looking to train him to hunt with me.
  16. jp0212

    German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

    I hear you. Her passing took a major toll on me. It was especially hard to watch because she didn't pass very pleasantly. I'd give anything to get that pup back as she was such an amazing dog. My wife and I have been together for 11 1/2 years, and that was the first time she saw tears in my eyes.
  17. jp0212

    Anyone see the Meteorite near Show Low?

    I missed the actual meteor, but snapped this picture as I was walking to my jobsite. Debated running home and grabbing my rifle to fight off the aliens.
  18. jp0212

    Who has the best steak in town?

    I would also say cooking it at home is king. I buy Prime Fillets at AJ's, then season them with Alderwood Smoked Salt, fresh pepper and Rub with Love Steak rub. I sear each side for about 90 seconds per side, then throw it in the oven at 550 degrees for 8 minutes (medium rare) or 8:30 (medium). Let them set for about 8 minutes then dig in. I make it with French Fries and it is the most amazing meal. French Fries seems odd but I love how they soak up the steak juices. Amazing!
  19. jp0212

    WTS: Camelbak BFM

    Hey, sorry for not responding sooner. It is still available if you're still interested.
  20. jp0212

    WTS: Camelbak BFM

    I have a Camelbak BFM pack in Multicam that I am looking to sell. It is great condition, as I have never actually done any hiking with it. It had it full of stuff for a while as it was my BOB. I would take it with me anytime I would go truck camping or on a trip, but never actually threw it on my back. It would pretty much always just sit on the back seat. Great pack with LOTS of pockets for organization. No internal or external frame in the pack. 2810ci plus a 3L reservoir (reservoir not included in volume statement). My favorite thing about the pack is the internal compression straps and horseshoe zipper for easy access. The pack comes with a 100oz reservoir that has never had any water in it other than the initial rinse. $175 OBO.
  21. Well, it has been WAY too long since I made it on the forum to post. Last October I drew a Unit 22 Coues tag, and found myself in a bit of a pickle. I had my 2nd ACL surgery (on the same knee) last February. I thought for certain I would be good to hunt that coming fall, but naturally it didn't work out that way as my recovery was pretty tough. This was my first ever Coues hunt, and I unfortunately only had enough time to get out and scout one spot way back in the Mazatzal Wilderness. I though for sure it was a doozie. After camping back there solo for a few days I made my way home for a night. I ended up posting a thread asking for some help, and never could have imagined how much help I got. The biggest shout outs go to Adam "Big Browns" and Jason "AZ_Sawbuck". Adam spent a ton of time on the phone with me discussing tactics and even sent me to a couple great spots. Unfortunately, as hunting goes, the deerses did not want to play along. Jason even offered up his help and even came out the last day to help me glass. We hiked up a decent mountain and saw some does, but that big buck I wanted never showed. Unfortunately for me, we had to hike out in the dark and the mountain was pretty steep. My legs were cashed out after spending so many days hiking all over the place, so I ended up biting the dust HARD. Jason even went as far as to help me out by carrying my rifle for me because my right leg had turned into jello and my knee was killing me. I owe those guys a ton, and wish I'd have gotten to this sooner. Of course, the hunt was a huge success despite eating tag soup as EVERY hunt is, because of the experience and the great pictures I got to take up on that mountain. Fast forward to today and I got to enjoy one of my favorite moments to date while hunting. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I had to adopt my niece and nephew a few years back. After seeing my wife and I get a couple Antelope last year, they both got extremely interested in hunting. I told them they would have to take a Hunter Safety course before I would allow them to go hunting. As a result of the course, my niece was chosen as one of the lucky few who would get to participate in the 2016 Ken Middleton Memorial Youth Hunt. Today she got herself her very first animal!!! A great looking pheasant! I don't think I have seen that kid so excited in quite some time. It was amazing seeing her call everyone and sending them all the picture showing off her trophy. Can't wait to get that mount back to hang up on the wall with that picture. If there are any members on here that volunteered at that event, thank you so much. Know that you made a HUGE difference in one kids life. It really is great seeing the dollars we spend investing in our wildlife going to a good use. These are the moments that make hunting so addicting! Tomorrow is my nephews 12th birthday, and he asked me to take him out coyote hunting. I am hoping to land him his first animal tomorrow. Planning to try a spot that I KNOW has a ton of yotes, but I haven't had any luck in. Let's hope they play along!
  22. Wells everyone, I'm ashamed to admit it but I need a little help. I've spent the last three days hiking around the Mazatzal Wilderness and haven't seen a dang thing. I have a Coues tag, and I'm really hoping after 8 years of trying in Arizona I'll be able to seal the deal. I haven't seen anything despite glassing from dusk till dawn. Is there anyone that would be able to help me out? I would appreciate it more than words can say. I'm a self taught hunter so unfortunately I don't have the honey holes that were passed down to me.
  23. jp0212

    Help in Unit 22?

    I can't even begin to thank "Big Browns" and "AZ_SAWBUCK" enough for offering to help me out. I sure hope to have a picture to post up here in the next day or two! If you haven't seen my post in the Hunting Fitness section, check it out and let me know if there is ever any way I can return the favor!
  24. jp0212

    Help in Unit 22?

    I've literally spent dusk until dawn glassing each day, then hiked at night.
  25. jp0212

    Unit maps at Sportsmans???

    I second the Flatline Maps. Hands down the best maps I have ever used. I actually use that map just as much as I use my GPS.