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    Let's see ALL the cool stuff you've done with Javelina...

    Here's my Javi mount...little different. Taxi mounted it but I did the habitat surround years ago.
  2. Critter

    **WALL TENT**

    Awesome looking tent
  3. Critter

    Juniper Pub Table

  4. Critter

    Juniper Pub Table

    Juniper wood slab pub table for sale. I made the table but not the stools. Both are very sturdy. Stools are darker than table but could be sanded down and stained to match easily. Very unique piece. Great for garage or mancave. In Prescott valley but it's possible could deliver out of town. $1300 OBO...including bar stools. 928 899 8711 Nate
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    Antleope unit 8 hunt.

    I have a unit 8 flatline map if you were to want to borrow it I'm in Prescott valley
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    Antleope unit 8 hunt.

    I have a unit 8 flatline map if you were to want to borrow it I'm in Prescott valley
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    Juniper Pub Table

  8. Critter

    Juniper Pub Table

    Price reduced $1k obo
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    Juniper Pub Table

    Its maybe about 3 or 3.5ft in diameter. I bought the slab off a guy then just made the table. he harvested out of local forest around Prescott. Price drop - $1100 obo
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    First Bear

  11. Critter

    Sydney's Buck

    Awesome Jeff Nice buck
  12. As much as I hate to part with these items it only makes sense at this point. I have 2 young kids and another one on the way and trapping will likely be put on the backburner for a few years until my kids are a little older and I can take them out. I'll still do a fair share of pred calling in the meantime. Need room in the garage as well. Everything you see in these pics were used about 6 weeks only before my dad got terminally ill and I literally had to abandon my new hobby. It is all basically brand new and the traps work perfectly and still have the paint on them. Again, only used for a few weeks. Save yourself some money if you are planning on getting into trapping as this is a great package deal. Mercer traps are about the best there is out there. So up for sale: Set of 4 Mercer Traps (new are $390) Ausable brand bobcat urine from pcs website x 2 (new $30) Approx 7 different lures, some of it used mostly or half full bottles (new approx $50) 60" briarpatch catchpole (new $45) One Eyed danglers for back of cage (set of 12 $55 new from briarpatch) Bucket/tools/repair wire/wrench for tightening tension/pre cut black plastic/mini shovel rake, misc items (about $50 in gear or more) + Shipping if all this was bought online Basically this is the perfect start up Kit for a new trapper or someone that wants to add cages/equipment to their arsenal. There is literally nothing you need to buy that I can think of. It's all ready to go. If you add up the value of everything new it is around $620 or likely more. I am asking $475 Obo for everything. Trapping season is upon us so now is a good time to get prepared. Was going to post on CL as well but will wait and see if a CWT member is interested. In Prescott Valley ---Nate
  13. Sorry huntnhard was away from the computer i'll reply to your pm now Sent you a text also..
  14. Sorry rarely get to tucson but if youre willing to meet in phx i do get there once in a while...
  15. Thanks rossislider. Trapping is fun, but a lot of work and time also. Ill be getting back into it but will be a few years.
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    Need help pricing gun

    Dont sell it...load it with buckshot, point down and pull trigger
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    Trail Cams for Sale - brand new in the box

    Sold pending funds
  18. I have two brand new cabelas series trail cams for sale. Boxes have never been opened on either one. I had received as gifts a couple years ago and just don't use trail cams much anymore so putting up for sale. I believe they are anywhere from $120 to $160 new each but not completely sure. I'd sell both, including the memory cards shown for $160 and will pay freight to ship anywhere in Az, or you can pick up in Prescott Valley. I will also throw in a tasco trail cam I bought at walmart if I get full asking price. The tasco last time I used it was working on and off and not sure what the issue was - may have just needed new batteries but not positive. It could have something wrong with it. Thanks for looking Nate
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    Trail Cams for Sale - brand new in the box

    Price reduced $140
  20. Critter

    2015 Muley on the Wall

    Awesome buck and good work by troy..jeff ill come by to see it asap. Cant believe you found room on that busy wall. Beast buck.
  21. Critter

    19A Turkey Success

    Thanks Tj! It was great meeting you. Would love to do some hunting or hang out in camp sometime. Im sure we will cross paths again. Nate
  22. Critter

    19A Turkey Success

    Well I drew 19a late turkey tag # 4 out of 4 and as luck would have it we had a baby girl on the way and the due date was Monday April 25th so I was pretty sure my scouting & hunting was going to be limited considering my hunt started Friday 4/29. Sure enough our healthy baby girl, Alivia came on 4/28 the day before my hunt was to start. Im hosed, I thought, regarding the hunt but who cares right? we just had our 2nd child and life is good.. its just a turkey tag. But of course in the back of my mind Im thinking well maybe I can squeeze in one or two quick trips up the mountain. So my mother in law is in town to help a bit and my wife gives me the go ahead to head up for a few hours with fellow cwt member jeffd on Sunday afternoon, few days after baby is born. Long story short Jeff and I end up not hearing any gobbles right off the bat but decide to set up in this little bowl off a meadow where we knew there were birds. Few hours before sundown we set up and start calling and get some Gobbles and all sorts of noise coming our way. They end up skirting just above us and we see them walking through the trees but they wont commit to coming in. Tom is fully henned up. After that we find a bonus fresh spike brown elk shed hiking back out of the meadow. Right at dark we drive back in a ways and locate two gobbles back deep in another meadow. Unfortunately Im unable to head out the next morning to hunt them due to needing to be home for a few days to help out. Well several days pass and I am able to get out again, this time a morning hunt and a heavy rain storm passes through overnight with high winds. Luckily the wind dies off but the morning brings sleet and snow high up but only a trace of snow layered the ground and it melted off quick. This time cwt member upland81 (Seth) is coming with to assist. We agree to meet up 4am and head up the mountain. We first check my two locations (where Jeff and I heard gobbles at sundown several days prior) but cant get a gobble early on out of either spot. So we drive in further to a different location and finally locate a far away gobble down this steep drop off, way down into a basin. We decide to do the hike in to see what comes of it. Two thirds of the way down the steep face we start hearing gobbles all over the place, and not too far away, so we decide to set up and call. Little did we know we had walked under two roost trees on the way in. As we got set up they started gobbling up the hill from exactly where we had hiked in, then two more toms start screaming their heads off within 100yards, then two more toms a little bit further off. It was turkey mayhem! Then a hen flies right over head out of the roost and lands in a tree just below us which we watch for 20min in the tree. Then a Tom flies out of another tree above us towards a different direction. Hens are going crazy and were hearing every turkey sound in the book which was awesome. Were calling but nothing will commit to coming in. The toms are extremely henned up and we can see them circling 70 or more yards out. We thought for sure this was a slam dunk but we were wrong. Its not always that easy to call them in just depends sometimes more on the birds mood and its hen situation. At one point, 6 different toms were sounding off, coyotes were howling I thought to myself this is by far the best, most exciting turkey hunting Ive ever been in. It was almost just too chaotic to call in a Tom as there were so many turkeys making noise. The birds shut up by 7am and the gobbles became distant so we decided to hike after and get ahead of one gobble which turned into a 3hr random hike looking for new gobbles. At one point I had taken out my foxpro to sound off an excited hen just to see if anything would respond. Well I ended up leaving my foxpro next to a random tree not far from where we first began but didnt notice until later on in the hike. By 9:30am or so we make it back to the truck and Im thinking Im screwed as far as losing the foxpro. I figured there was no way to find it but I trekked back down the Mt without seth and after 20 min of looking I actually found it and started back up the steep face to the truck. Considering how much we had zig zagged it was a total shot in the dark at finding the call but it worked out. At this point we both needed to get back to town for certain reasons and on the way out I told Seth lets try calling my first location one more time maybe well get a mid-morning gobble this time. So that we did, pulled the truck over along the road, got out and let out some yelps. Wouldnt you know it a tom responds to us so we gather our stuff and start off hiking back into the woods. We follow the ridgeline above the draw this gobble is coming from and after hiking maybe a half mile in we start down into the draw to get as close as possible. Finally we get to a distance where we know were close and can entice the bird to come our way. After about 20 min of calling finally two toms come walking in to my far right. I re-position, let the bigger lead tom get to about 30 yards and cooled him off. Bird Down! After a few high fives and some pics we pack back to the truck and celebrate and head home. I've got 3 fans on the wall so I figured I'd do a life size mount out of this bird. Overall despite not getting to go out as much as I wanted it still ended up being an awesome hunt. That early morning gobbling we got into was by far the most exciting turkey hunting Ive ever been in. Thanks to jeff and seth for helping out as well. Cant wait for next spring. - nate