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    Best outfitters unit 10

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    Slow Day

    Sweet! Ya id consider that a win not a slow day.
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    Can you help me work on my Wood?

    Thanks non-typ. And yeah naturegirl I agree wood filler wont work right. Would love to see the pics when your done!
  4. Critter

    Can you help me work on my Wood?

    Here's a pic of both fiberglas resin from napa and also a different 2 part epoxy I've used that works well. Also.. another tip. If you want to make your epoxy a bit thicker it might help keep it from oozing out the bottom. A lot of guys save some of the finest sawdust from sanding and mix that in with the epoxy. It will turn your epoxy darker but if it is thicker it will be less likely to drip out the bottom. Here's a pic of what the fiberglass resin looks like once dried and sanded down. This is a current table I'm working on.. it's not oiled yet but I rubbed a wet paper towel over it to simulate how it will bring out the color of the wood. Hope this helps!
  5. Critter

    Can you help me work on my Wood?

    I do a lot of woodworking including slab tables. www.antlersandwoodworks.com for pics. When I have a void I need to fill typically I mask off the bottom of the slab with a good quality painters tape. I basically tape the whole bottom anywhere where there is a crack because when you go to fill in the holes that epoxy will ooze out any hole it can so be sure to mask everything really good on the underside. Then you can either use a two part clear epoxy or a fiberglass resin. I have always used a 2 part clear epoxy (Can google shop it and find it easily) but more recently I started using a fiberglass resin... you can buy a big jug of it at Napa auto parts. It comes with a hardener which is a couple small tubes and be sure to follow the directions for the correct ratio. It will dry very dark/black. Once you fill in your voids with the resin it only takes a few hours to cure but it's better to leave it for a day or so before sanding your top smooth. The fiberglass resin dries rock hard and sands nice. Get it sanded down to 400 grit then come in and wipe on either tung oil, linseed oil, whatever you prefer. If you want a good hard protected surface you can mix in a satin polyurethane with your tung oil. I actually use a 30/30/30 mixture I learned that includes satin poly / tung oil / paint thinner. Lightly rub in a coat of your mixture... let dry for at least 24hrs then do another coat. After several coats you will notice the finish starting to build thicker which will protect the wood. If you keep adding more coats it will eventually get a plastic look if you are using a lot of polyurethane in your mixture. You'll know when to stop. I sometimes do 4 or 5 coats or more of tung oil. In your situation you have some mighty large holes... the weight of the epoxy will be hard to keep from escaping out the bottom. You could pile in a bunch of wood filler in the bottom of the voids to create a base, let harden, still mask it off, then pour your epoxy to make sure the epoxy doesn't all drip out the bottom. Tape might hold it by itself if you mask it off really good on the bottom. Another tip... when it comes time to pour your epoxy put your slab on a level work bench, put a towel down, then put some spacer sticks or something under the slab so that the slab is not directly on your work bench... reason is if epoxy does ooze out it's going to bond the slab to the table then you gotta peel it off and a good chunk may rip off. I learned that the hard way. by giving it a bit of air to breathe underneath any epoxy that may ooze out will drip onto a towel. And yes you could "inlay" they call it... some turquoise or I like to use copper chunks. If you do this it is a little more involved and let me know I can walk you through it. It wouldn't hurt to practice on an older piece of wood before doing this on your actual project... especially when it comes to the final finish that way you know what you are doing. Don't use an old Tshirt or cotton to rub in the finish. Use cheesecloth... if you use old tshirts the fibers gets into your finish and in the right light/angle you will see junk in the finish. That's not good. Here are a few pics of some inlayed copper...
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    I have for sale a new pair of Merrell Mid High Hunting boots (Not sure of exact model) I bought these at Scheels Sports in North Dakota a couple months ago when I was home. At the time I knew I was taking a bit of a risk... they only had size 11.5 and I wanted size 11 which is what I normally wear. They felt so comfortable in the store so I bought them. I put about 6 miles on these boots and realized they are too big for my foot so looking to get into something smaller. However they are a very very comfortable boot if this is your size. They have the reinforcement in the sole that gives you that bounce or spring as you hike. In other words they are pretty sturdy. I paid around $200 for the boots new but like I said used them for about 6-7 miles or so. I'd like to get $140 but make me an offer we'll see where it lands. I'm in Presc Valley but can ship. Thanks for look'n! - nate
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    Thanks Siwash! Yup after googling it they are the Phaser Peaks. Price Reduced also as realized you can buy them new for $170 or so. I'll consider any and all offers if any interest is out there. Basically new, just broke them in for you on 1 shed hunt.
  8. Critter

    article for shed hunting

    That is a great article. I also buy and sell antlers and it is fun. I make chandeliers and other things so I'm able to pick out the antlers I can use and sell the rest. It's interesting some of the antlers I come across. Thanks for sharing!
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    When do you start heading out?

    I buy antlers and had a guy call me out of star valley yesterday - He came across a nice big shed laying in middle of hwy 260 freshly shed two nights ago. Must've been middle of the night and not much traffic or whatever... so it's starting.
  10. I'll take a cruise through there tomorrow
  11. Maybe try putting out a few dishes of his dog food just a ways back in the trees surrounding that lake of whatever kind of dog food it is you feed him... Might sound dumb but if he finds that familiar scent of whatever it is he eats he may stick around he area and keep coming back to the bowls at which point the likelihood of being found increases. I have a buddy that did this up on Mingus...dogs lost for day or two and they put out his food where they lost him and that is where they found him. Dog came back to it. Just a thought... Hope you find him. I would be doing this if I were you though... and a sign on the road going into the lake with his pic/ph#
  12. I'm in. Prayers for Jared sent also. Dealing with this with my dad and late stage brain cancer right now - Cancer sucks.
  13. I'm in Granville east in PV... i'll keep an eye out. You should really post to the Prescott FB page if you're a facebooker as a ton of people see that. Can't imagine losing my own dogs. Have found and returned a few dogs to others. Hopefully you find it.
  14. Critter

    Taxidermist Warning

    Pffft.... March 2013 to Nov 2014... and then had to send a threatening letter. 21 months to get a turkey back?... and then find out its subletted out to an unknown? and all along you thought the taxi you brought it to was mounting it? And the Lopes... uh. Wow. I'm with the original poster on this one. It would not sit right with me - I don't care how the turkey looks.
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    Bye Bye Dish Network!!

    I think like many other large corporations..the call center folks are the problem whereas the delivery guys, installers, maintenance people... your local guys are very much different and are real people. They'll treat you right but once you need to call in for something it's a run-a-round, put you in a headlock sales type scandal. Older people fall for it all and/or don't call in to dispute bogus charges so the corp folks start to think they can get away with it. My fedex guy, directtv installer, etc.. on and on were all excellent but whenever I call into a call center for help it's a nightmare scam.
  16. Critter

    Bye Bye Dish Network!!

    Dish blows but so does directtv. But in today's market you have to choose the lesser of 2 or 3 evils so I'm stuck with directv... SJVCON is correct... you really have to watch directv. Their billing schemes are money makers for them as some people do not call them out on it. When I first signed up I had some ghetto rat talking so fast no one could ever possibly understand everything she said... I don't think she knew what she was saying rather just reading a script. I about flipped out on her... actually I did flip out on her but not as bad as I flipped out on the next rep when I found they started billing me also for NFL ticket after a free trial ran up that I didn't ask for. They removed the NFL ticket after 3 different reps attempted to sell me into keeping it which was annoying. Well then I started getting other random charges... what started off as a $50/month bill after a year quickly became a $110 bill even though we added nothing other than sportsmans channel. I realize the rates go up a bit but there were some bogus random fees. I called and said Reduce my bill or I'm done - They were billing me for extra receivers and all sorts of crap. After 4 different reps none of which could pull their heads out of their ases I finally got a rep that realized they were over charging and all the sudden my bill was back in the $70/mo. range where it should be and has stayed since. It was a nightmare getting them to figure it all out. Their customer service blows. You will get bundled also..
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    Just get there before him... even if that means 3am. And if he comes in, sees you and still climbs into his stand... well you guys can just stare at each other all morning. Just shoot the big buck before he does. Lol.
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    Big Female

    Nice Cat!! I want to call one in like that this winter. If I remember correct the OP was a fox killin machine last season.
  19. Critter

    horn buyers

    I buy a lot of antlers. If you have a full skull that is boiled and cleaned and antlers still attached it is worth more (More than just the poundage of antler alone you would normally get) However if you have a full skull that is rotting/fleshy and smelly most antler buyers will just chop off the antlers anyway (Unless it's a monster 370ish or higher maybe worth having cleaned). Same thing with skull plate... I usually just chop'm and sell off the antlers only. It's not worth my time/money to have a skull cleaned. Most of the antlers go to the end market Chinese/pets market/etc.. where they are consumed so skull does no good there. But there are some buyers out there looking for a big bull with full skull to hang in their cabin or cave.
  20. Critter

    Havalon knife, which one?

    Just skinned bull elk with the outdoor edge... larger handle, larger blade which is better for the big game. I went through a couple blades...probably could've sharpened them but wanted to get it done quick so just switched them out quick. Perfect for big game. I also have the havalon and I prefer it for skinning coyotes and other predators as it is a bit smaller. They are both excellent knives. A hunter should have one of each in their pack Imo. Can't go wrong.
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    Last day bull for Lukeduke

    Very nice! Them late hunts can be tough.
  22. Critter

    Eventfull Late Hunt

    Nice bull - Good story
  23. Critter

    G+F hunter survey

    You might be creating the opposite effect by doing that. If G&F sees high harvest rates they might think the unit holds more deer than it really does since guys are doing so well... thus increasing the amount of tags. Who knows. I always fill it out honestly. I prefer to have accurate info when I review success rates for a particular hunt or when browsing through the MRS in eastmans. Does more harm than good to lie on the survey.