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  1. Nice job Adam and fam!
  2. Critter

    Sydney's First Deer

    Way to go Sydney. Excellent shot also.
  3. Critter

    Opening day at Silver Creek

    Wow! Good work! Big'ns for sure.
  4. Critter

    Is it against the law to kill my dog

    A taxidermist can rebuild that tine for you. Once it is re-built send it off to research mannikins (Google them they have a website) and they can patch in artificial velvet to match. They do a really good job with artificial velvet and are probably the biggest name when it comes to this. They have different shades of velvet and can match up the color. I actually sent a buck there where the velvet was ruined and they re-velveted the buck for me and turned out really nice. If you don't want to re-build the tine first you could round off the Nub and have the nub re-velveted only. You likely won't even be able to tell unless you are really close. Artificial velvet is never perfect but they can get it very close and considering it is only one tine you shouldn't notice it too much. As for the dog... he's just bein a dog. Don't be too hard on him
  5. Critter

    My First Elk

    Wow... awesome 6x7
  6. Critter

    Attn Taxidermists - Cool Manzanita Piece

    Was nice meeting with ya. That Coues buck you shot is sweet. BTW - Have someone saying they want the large chunk of manzanita but hasn't showed up. Still available at this point.
  7. I have a gnarly piece of manzanita that would work great mounting 2 or 3 bucks on and assembling with a base as a pedestal type mount. Nice large piece with the red still on and in good condition. Would just need to cut, fit, and trim as needed. The dangler branch off the side could be snipped off easily. I've been doing a lot of woodworking with manzanita and do not have a use for this piece and want it out of my yard. Not sure what it would be worth but if anyone is interested make an offer.
  8. Critter

    Attn Taxidermists - Cool Manzanita Piece

    No prob. You don't have to pay me anything. I'm using the piece I paid for so we're good! Come on by. I work tmrw but expect to get off real early (Unless I end up getting sent out of town) but at this point I should be off around noon. I'll Pm you my address.
  9. Critter

    Attn Taxidermists - Cool Manzanita Piece

    Almost, Yeah the pics show what I plan to cut off. The lower half of that upper half is nice and thick and gets thinner towards the top so you could do a pretty neat coues mount with it if your taxi cuts it up right. You have to use your imagination and picture the best section cut off with a nice buck pedestal mounted on it. It's also kind of neat to bring your own piece of wood to the taxi for him to use... he might even give you a small break on price. Honestly I bought it for the lower half and was going to cut it up anyway. If you want to come and get it I'll give it to you for free. I'm in PV/Granville. That way if you choose to use it great... if not then you can do something else with it at no loss. And.. by the time your mount is done I may have some other pieces to select from. I'm buying this stuff every once in a while.
  10. Critter

    Attn Taxidermists - Cool Manzanita Piece

    The only other piece I am willing to sell is the top half of this piece in the photo below. I'm using the lower half for a table and would cut the upper half off and if anyone needs it I'll part with it. I have about 8 nice pieces but I bought them for making furniture and plan on using them. However I have access to a lot more of it also....all cut off a private ranch so is fully legal.
  11. Critter

    Attn Taxidermists - Cool Manzanita Piece

    Let me look at which piece that is when i get home in a bit. I have a bunch of different pieces but had plans for some of them.
  12. Critter

    Attn Taxidermists - Cool Manzanita Piece

    I don't know.. make an offer. Have one other interested party that say they want it. I'm in Prescott Valley. Bought a lot of manzanita few weeks ago for projects... I took this piece off the guys hands knowing I couldn't use it but that someone could use it for taxidermy work. Now it's in my yard and looking to get rid of it.
  13. Critter

    Bear hunt

    That is really cool. Good to see them old pics. Seems like back then people didn't take nearly as many pics due to the lack of technology so it's great seeing some.
  14. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=92c_1407249904 Pretty cool how animals can improvise when injured. We've all seen pics of bears standing up briefly but to walk like this... crazy. I like how he stops at the garbage can to check it out for food. Sasquatch comes to mind. Can you imagine calling in a walking bear... I think I'd freak out.
  15. Critter

    Woodworking tools

    Do you have any pics? That you can post on cwt
  16. Critter

    Where do you store your tag before hunting season?

    I put mine in my gun safe. The real question is what am I going to do with all my un-filled tags? Mostly old bear, lion, turkey tags. I've been saving them for quite a few years and will maybe plaster something with them someday. I've seen where guys plaster a fridge or work bench or something with old tags.
  17. Critter

    Archery bear back from the taxidermist

    Looks great Pine Donkey. You have a nice wall goin on also. I have a half bear mount I did very similar but your bear is bigger. Nice work.
  18. Critter

    Manzanita End Table Set

    I have a beautiful match set of manzanita end tables that would go great in any cabin or rustic setting. They have a ton of character and pictures do not do them justice. These are one of a kind and difficult to find and when you do they ask over a thousand dollars for something like this. I would like to get $600 for the set but would consider any offers. Need to sell. In Prescott Valley. Thanks for looking.
  19. Critter

    Manzanita End Table Set

    They are about 32" tall and the tops are approx. 20" by 16" / Still for sale.
  20. Critter

    Manzanita End Table Set

    the tops are Myrtle wood burl, stems are Manzanita obviously, and the lower bases are Mesquite.
  21. Critter

    Manzanita End Table Set

    Thanks guys. Yeah muledeerarea I made them.
  22. Critter

    Upright Walking Bear Vid

    Hah. Looks legit to me. I think it's a real bear. Injured front paw, stumbles too much when on all 4.
  23. Critter

    12a otc lion tag

    I have a 2ft thin metal stake.. something that you can poke into the ground easy. Just use some twine and electrical tape and tie on turkey feathers or whatever feathers you can get your hands on. (Craft stores like hobby lobby/michaels sell fake feathers if you don't have any old turkey feathers) Just something simple like that is all you need. The light feathers will blow in any breeze indicating a wounded critter. I've taken a few bobcats with this simple decoy and in my opinion much more effective than the annoying twirling electric decoy spinners that you can buy. I've always thought the twirling decoys are a bit much and can even be too intimidating for smaller critters like fox or bobcat. I'll see if I can round up a pic of the one I made for ya. Good luck
  24. Critter

    Mady's Bull

    Unbelievable bull! Nice job Mady and crew.
  25. Critter

    12a otc lion tag

    Jack rabbit in distress, cottontail in distress, woodpecker in distress (hand call or E-caller). Anything could work. can buy them at walmart, calranch, sportsmans, etc.. Just get back against a good bush or tree and squeal on it for 45 min. or more per stand. They can take a long time to come in and if nothing comes in then move to a different area. A good feather decoy would be handy also... and easy to make. Set it out about 30 yards or so in front of you where you can see it and anything approaching it. The decoy takes their attention off you and onto the wounded animal instead.