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  1. I don't mean to sound like a dick but I live up north and see all the B.S. every weekend, campfire, automatic weapons, tannerite and yes even fire works just this last weekend, all of this is currently unlawful to be doing right now. I'm sure you are responsible and I feel responsible people should be able to celebrate with their family, fireworks or not. My point is that there are a lot of dumb azz people that will read about places to get fire works and they wont put any though into the location they are lighting them off in. 

    1. rossislider


      I appreciate you taking the time to to clarify this. I assure you that I am extremely responsible when I venture up north and consider the mountains and forests to be sacred ground. I wouldn't be caught camping on a weekend like this because, as you mentioned, the mountains are full of idiots right now, and not just ones from the valley. We're it my choice, the forests would be closed this weekend. While we have our share of idiots, stupidity certainly isn't unique to people who live in urban areas. I hope we make it through the weekend without any new fires.

      Thanks again 



      You are correct idiots are everywhere even up north, if your are ever around the Flagstaff area and need help with something call me, Derrick (928)-607-3679, I wish more people thought the way you do.