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  1. lucky2hunt

    Lady Luck on the Kiabab, bull down 2018

    That's fantastic! Congratulations!!!
  2. lucky2hunt

    My Sheep Hunt

    Great write up! Fun to hear "The rest of the story" Congrats on a great hunt and beautiful ram!
  3. lucky2hunt

    A Walk In The Park!

    Fantastic bulls for everyone! Congrats!!! Great write-up also... Thanks
  4. lucky2hunt

    Brother in laws first bull (video link added)

    Amazing! Congrats!!!
  5. lucky2hunt

    First archery buck!

    Fantastic buck! Congrats!!!
  6. lucky2hunt

    Opening Day buck

    Anxiously waiting for the story... Absolutely beautiful buck!
  7. lucky2hunt

    2017 HR Bull

    Amazing beast! Congrats!!!
  8. lucky2hunt

    2017 House Rock hunt success!

    Well done!
  9. lucky2hunt

    Kaibab tags

    Shelvin, when are you going up there? We will be up there next week to help on a buff hunt.
  10. lucky2hunt

    Happy Birthday lucky2hunt

    Thanks guys! I had an excellent weekend camping south of Williams... Perfect way to spend a birthday!!!
  11. lucky2hunt

    A good man

    My heart is shattered... A friend and mentor. They don't come any better!
  12. lucky2hunt

    Utah General Rifle Success!!!!!!

    Beautiful buck... Congrats!
  13. lucky2hunt

    An incredible elk season!

    Wow! I am envious at the amount of time you were able to devote to these hunts. That being said....I am also well aware of how exhausting and draining it is. Way to hang in there and work hard, the outcome obviously evident of your effort. Congrats to all on your beautiful bulls! 78 yards Chef?!?! Excellent shooting! Well done And Jaycie...... 537 yards! Spectacular! p.s. Just watched the video. Outstanding!
  14. lucky2hunt

    5 for 5 on the Jr Kaibab hunt

    That's fantastic! Congrats to all the young hunters!!!