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  1. ForkHorn

    Frustrated newbie seeking advice

    They may be a long way off. Does will bed closer to water than bucks and bucks don't necessarily need water every day and may water in multiple places. My suggestion is to get somewhere where you can see A LOT. Like a mile in every direction. Glass the obvious stuff and opens and then work a grid starting close to you and working away. You may only find a handful of deer in that square mile grid but you will start seeing deer eventually. And that's the most fun part!
  2. ForkHorn

    Frustrated newbie seeking advice

    I've spent a ton of time in 24A and there are very few hillsides that don't have deer on them. This time of year though really focus on shady spots and stuff near water. If a cold front rolls through close to your hunt and the temperature drops you might catch them out on the sunny slopes in the morning. Get to a spot where you can see so much it scares you a little bit and sit there and glass all day. You'll find deer.
  3. ForkHorn

    Trail Cameras a violation in the Coronado NF??

    Stuff like this drives me nuts. Just like people that take trail cameras or say taking trail cameras is legal by saying it's "abandoned property". Do you have any idea how hard that is to prove? You have to be able to prove without a doubt that nobody visited the camera for 72 consecutive hours. That's impossible without a multiple person shift. Even another trail camera won't work because I can visit it and never physically touch it
  4. I wanted a ultra 7 but they were backordered so I ended up with a Q Trash Panda. You're basically looking for something likely titanium.
  5. ForkHorn

    First Lite Clothing - Need input

    I've been eyeballing the sawbuck pant. I figure if it's not warm enough I can wear thermals underneath and be fine. Jackets seem a bit more confusing. There are puffy jackets and hybrid jackets. Are most guys running a puffy jacket in their pack to put on when needed? And a more mid jacket for the rest of the day?
  6. I've never owned any of the fancy camos but figured it's time to get some better stuff. Of the major brands out there I can get the best deal on First Lite so that's why I'm sticking with them. I need a good set of pants - brush busting and can be warm. Think Coues Country central AZ in the winter, if they could double time as October pants that'd be great. I figure I need a decent jacket for those cold windy glassing days. What else if you're starting from scratch? Layers? I want to be able to sit on a windy hill side in December and not freeze. Anything that doubles as an October hunt clothing is even better. I'm coming from jeans with thermals when necessary and a Carhartt jacket when it's cold. Not great to hike in but it's worked. I've been curious about the nicer gear for awhile and it's time to make the leap.
  7. ForkHorn

    Updating portal

    Oh man now I won't get any sleep.
  8. ForkHorn

    Recurve bow

    Looks like a samick sage. What lb are the limbs?
  9. ForkHorn

    Bed in a box beds?

    We went Brooklyn Bedding and are very happy. What's nice about them is they are an AZ company with showrooms sprinkled throughout the state so you can check out their different models. Then you get the box sent to your house like everyone else
  10. ForkHorn

    How Long Do You Glass?

    I like to sit in one spot all morning and through lunch where I can see a lot of country or where I've seen a big buck during scouting trips. If you have confidence in a spot and aren't seeing deer it's usually because they haven't stood up yet or haven't worked around a mountain face, etc. Coues Deer have small enough home ranges that you just have to trust yourself and fight the urge to move when you're in a great spot.
  11. ForkHorn

    Navajo rifle tag

    They recently cut the tags by a bunch because of lower deer numbers. Something like 20 tags per unit to only 5.
  12. ForkHorn


    Any idea on round count? Or barrel twist?
  13. ForkHorn

    Unit 22 Youth Hunt

    Congratulations! Awesome stuff.
  14. ForkHorn

    Bi-pod recommendation.

    The claw or even just a v that can be swapped for your head. I like to go even more minimalist and just tilt my pan head all the way over and rest the forend of the gun in the little notch that is formed. It works pretty well. You can do it prone or shoot while sitting down. I'd mess around with your current tripod setup and just see how it works. Tilt that sucker all the way to one side and see if there is a natural spot for a rifle forend to lay. Good luck!
  15. ForkHorn

    Bi-pod recommendation.

    Might not be for you, but I've given up on bipods and shoot off my tripod. Very versatile and stable