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  1. ForkHorn

    Ruger Predator 6mmCreedmore

    Any idea on the weight? That's a neat setup
  2. ForkHorn

    Popcorn thread

    Federal funds = money taxed on hunting (guns) and fishing equipment, etc. Not general public funds. I wonder how many stolen trail cameras it takes to pay for a lawyer these days... Everything seems to be getting more expensive anymore.
  3. ForkHorn

    New setup for filming

    I'm looking forward to your results! Thanks for being the pioneer
  4. ForkHorn

    New setup for filming

    Cool setup! Is the video with a dedicated camcorder like that better or worse than say a phoneskope through a spotter? Looking for Max clarity and detail on a buck at 1000 yards?
  5. ForkHorn


    Any hits today are from declined cards
  6. ForkHorn


    Likely Friday but hopefully today.
  7. ForkHorn

    Spotter Upgrade?

    For the Meopta S2 guys... Which eyepiece did you go with? 20-70 vs 20-60 WA?
  8. ForkHorn

    Navajo Nation Elk Hunt?

    I know guys that have archery hunted it and went a full week without seeing an elk. Limited scouting though. My understanding is that the elk are in pockets. Some units are much easier than others to find them, and the nation guides have a tight leash on the pockets of elk making competition sometimes tough. Their experience has deterred me from applying. It's a long drive and a decent enough chunk of change for the tag that I haven't worked up the courage. Hopefully you hear something more encouraging from others
  9. ForkHorn

    Which Scope? Backpacking rifle

    Leupold vx3i CDS 4.5- 14.5 is right around 14.5 ounces. About as light as you're gonna get for that magnification. Also has an moa elevation turret. For a bunch more money that Swaro looks to be perfect for not much more weight
  10. ForkHorn


  11. ForkHorn

    FAST .224's for Coues

    And less kick, powder, in a short action. Not to mention the 115 berger is about as good of a BC as possible currently in the .257. Thats middle of the pack in current .224 bullets. I love the .257 weatherby and it is certainly more versatile for other big game species, but I think this concept is extremely valid for our little Coues deer.
  12. ForkHorn

    FAST .224's for Coues

    Why has the ship sailed? Heavier bullets that don't get pushed around in the wind as much?
  13. ForkHorn

    FAST .224's for Coues

    Think mountain gun with no turrets, and the best maximum point blank range possible. IE flat Lazer beam shooting. It sounds very possible and pretty awesome based off what these guys are saying
  14. ForkHorn

    FAST .224's for Coues

    Casey, the biggest why is because I have a model 7 action to build off of. As far as I know this concept is the best thing going in a short action/model 7. The end goal is a lightweight gun.
  15. What experience is out there with FAST (3400+) .224 caliber heavy ish (70 to 80gr) bullet performance on Coues? I'm looking at building a 22 creedmoor, 22-250AI or 22-243AI twisted fast enough to run the heavier bullets. This would be a Coues only gun. The idea of a flat shooting, light recoiling, Lazer beam of a round intrigues the heck out of me. Speed kills in my experience.