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  1. ForkHorn

    Navajo rifle tag

    They recently cut the tags by a bunch because of lower deer numbers. Something like 20 tags per unit to only 5.
  2. ForkHorn


    Any idea on round count? Or barrel twist?
  3. ForkHorn

    Unit 22 Youth Hunt

    Congratulations! Awesome stuff.
  4. ForkHorn

    Bi-pod recommendation.

    The claw or even just a v that can be swapped for your head. I like to go even more minimalist and just tilt my pan head all the way over and rest the forend of the gun in the little notch that is formed. It works pretty well. You can do it prone or shoot while sitting down. I'd mess around with your current tripod setup and just see how it works. Tilt that sucker all the way to one side and see if there is a natural spot for a rifle forend to lay. Good luck!
  5. ForkHorn

    Bi-pod recommendation.

    Might not be for you, but I've given up on bipods and shoot off my tripod. Very versatile and stable
  6. ForkHorn

    Scouting a new area

    For that October hunt, look for North facing bowls and slopes. It's not a hard and fast rule but that hunt is hot and you'll usually find more deer in the shade. Once that sun gets up high enough deer will rotate into the shade.
  7. ForkHorn

    2019 Coues Video

    I've always loved the videos. And cool setup! How far out can you effectively video animals at?
  8. ForkHorn

    Unit 22 Youth Hunt

    The 22/23 youth camp is a great camp and there will be people more than happy to help you look for deer in 22 and get you started off on the right foot.
  9. This might be my favorite thread in years. Rooting for you man.
  10. ForkHorn

    Ruger Predator 6mmCreedmore

    Any idea on the weight? That's a neat setup
  11. ForkHorn

    Popcorn thread

    Federal funds = money taxed on hunting (guns) and fishing equipment, etc. Not general public funds. I wonder how many stolen trail cameras it takes to pay for a lawyer these days... Everything seems to be getting more expensive anymore.
  12. ForkHorn

    New setup for filming

    I'm looking forward to your results! Thanks for being the pioneer
  13. ForkHorn

    New setup for filming

    Cool setup! Is the video with a dedicated camcorder like that better or worse than say a phoneskope through a spotter? Looking for Max clarity and detail on a buck at 1000 yards?
  14. ForkHorn


    Any hits today are from declined cards
  15. ForkHorn


    Likely Friday but hopefully today.